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In Oklahoma Marriage Appeal Arguments, Side Issues Grab Center Stage

A three-judge panel of the US 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, on April 17, heard arguments in the Oklahoma marriage case, just a week after considering arguments in the State of Utah’s appeal of the marriage equality ruling there. In a January decision, Comment

Genre Bender


Best Laid Schemes 

Surely James Franco has a lavish walk-in closet to store his many hats. A hyperactive, red-hot celebrity mostly known for his film and television roles, he is also a cutting-edge director, screenwriter, producer, book author, poet Comments (2)
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City Might Be Ready to Settle With Robert Pinter

With a trial date set for a gay man’s lawsuit against New York City stemming from his 2008 arrest outside an adult video store on prostitution charges, there are signs the city might be prepared to settle the case. Comments (1)

Is ENDA Necessary?     

Even with the marriage equality movement appearing to gain unstoppable momentum, the LGBT community has not yet won simple employment nondiscrimination protections at the federal level. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a measure barring bias in the workplace based on sexual orientation and gender identity –– which has been kicking around for two decades, after the abandonment of earlier efforts to push a broader non-discrimination measure –– won bipartisan support in the Senate last year, but Republican Speaker John Boehner has made clear he opposes any action in the House this year. Comments (9)

Judge Says Surrogacy Ban No Bar to Second-Parent Adoption

Ruling on a previously-undecided question under New York Comments (5)

A Neighborhood Full of History Where So Much is New

Go West: Not so many years ago, it might have been unimaginable for someone to suggest living in Hell’s Kitchen. Today, the gentrification of what was once a rough and tumble swath of tenements, factories, warehouses, and parking structures into a white-hot neighborhood –– from Eighth Avenue west to the Hudson River, be Comments (5)

On-Duty Military Units Also Marched in St. Pat’s Parade    

Protests this year against New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which for decades has banned identifiable Irish LGBT groups from participating, targeted the city’s decision to continue allowin Comments (3)

Our Gay Playwright Laureate Ponders Our History

Terrence McNally is keenly aware of how change happens –– slowly, one person or event at a time. Yet it also happens in a moment. Rosa Parks, he observed, didn’t wake up one day and say she was going to change the world. Gandhi stood firm on the fact that he had bought a first-class train ticket. Edie Windsor wasn’t going to quietly pay an unfair tax Comment
From the Editor

Recognized for the Right Things

It was certainly gratifying that, at the re Comments (1)

So Many Movies, So Few Tickets 

With the annual Tribeca Film Festival running through April 27, it’s worth remembering that you’re better off arriving at a screening just in time and with a ticket, rather than terribly early but with nothing more than cash in hand and good intentions. Advance purch Comment
New York City

On Point

The Point Foundation, the largest scholarship organization working to support talented LGBT students, held its annual Point Honors Gala April 7 at the New York Public Library. Founded in 2001, the foundation provides financial support, comprehensive mentorship programs, leadership training, and community service opportunities. Comment

California Dreaming

As snow hung tough into March, I visited San Diego and Los Angeles, both cities with notable LGBT scenes as well as first-class theaters. San Diego’s beautiful park-girt Old Globe Theater was playing ̶ Comment

Recreation Rocks on the River

Restored and reimagined piers, dazzling water views, lush grassy expanses, and a 32-mile bikeway –– the nation’s most heavily used –– are among the highlights at Hudson River Park, which has become the elegant front lawn for Manhattan’s West Side neighborhoods Comments (4)

Business Improvement District Takes Shape

As a neighborhood rises from the ground up, the Hudson Yards/ Hell’s Kitchen Business Improvement District (HYHK BID), in mid-March, announced an interim board of directors, a significant step toward becoming fully operational. The BID, created under legislation signed by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg in December, covers more than 450 businesses between West 30th Street and West 42nd Street, from Ninth Avenue to the east side of 11th Avenue. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Against Religion –– Again

I noticed nobody in the queer community is rushing to chastise Brandeis University for caving in to pressure from religious groups and right-leaning academics in deciding not to give Ayaan Hirsi Ali the honorary degree it had promised. Apparently all our high-mindedness about free speech and academic independence doesn’t apply when we’re dealing with a Somali-Dutch woman with a decidedly un-PC stance on Islam, once calling the religion “a destructive, nihilistic cult of death.” Comment

Oh, Diana!

News Briefs

From Debutante to Defendant

Veteran LGBT rights and AIDS activist Ann Northrop, a Vassar graduate whose work as a journalist included reporting on the Washington scene for the National Journal and producing responsibilities on “The CBS Morning News,” delivered the 2014 Irving H. Jurow Lecture at NYU’s College of Arts and Science. The April 10 address, titled “From Debutante to Comment
News Briefs

Our First Married Tax Day

Maloney –– pictured with Eunic Ortiz, president of the Stonewall Democrats of Comment

Disenchanted Evenings

It’s probably battle fatigue. “Les Misérables” is easily the most over-exposed musical of the past three decades. Long run on Broadway, two revivals, concert versions, major motion picture, tours, high school productions, and so forth. That could Comment
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US Court Says Ohio Recognition Ban Unconstitutional on its Face

Having ruled in December that Ohio’s ban on recognizing same-sex marriages from other states was unconstitutional in the narrow context of recording marital status and surviving spouses on death certificates, a federal district court judge has expanded his ruling in response to a second lawsuit brought by married same-sex couples seeking recognition for purposes of their children’s birth certificates. Comment

Judges Hint at Disagreements, Procedural Hurdles in Utah Marriage Appeal

As is typically the case, oral arguments in Utah’s appeal of a December US district court decision ordering the state to allow same-sex coupl Comment

This Week Marriage Equality Litigation Amps Up to Full Throttle

As anticipation builds for the first federal appellate arguments on marriage equality since last June’s Supreme Court decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act’s ban on federal recognition of legal same-sex marriages, new developments in litigation efforts across the nation continue to pile up. Comments (1)

Vintage Cool  

For 30 years, Jim Jarmusch has remained one of the cool kids. His 1984 breakthrough “Stranger Than Paradise” epitomized the East Village post-punk sensibility at a time when it was still genuinely edgy. While Jarmusch has continued to refer to rock music &# Comment

Love in All Its Unlikelihood  

Sometimes filmmakers suddenly burst into the spotlight after years of neglect. In America, 2014 is turning out to be Alain Guiraudie’s year. His latest film, “Stranger by the Lake,” has been a modest commercial success and a major critical hit. I Comments (14)
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De Blasio Won’t Back His Chancellor on Dangers of Worship in Schools

In comments on April 8, Mayor Bill de Blasio continued on a path toward keeping regular Sunday worship services in public schools, despite a federal appeals court ruling last week that upheld a longstanding Department of Education (DOE) ban on such services. The mayor's opposition to the policy th Comments (4)

How the US Second Circuit Decided the NYC Churches in Schools Case

Ruling in a long-running case that may not yet be at an end, a federal appeals panel has found that a New York City policy barring the rental of public school space for “religious worship services” does not violate the First Amendment. Comments (1)


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