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Kelsey Louie, a Top Harlem United Official, Set to Helm GMHC

At Harlem United, Kelsey Louie is the boss in every way except his title. He was made the chief operating officer last year, and every function at the AIDS services agency reports to him, but he reports to Steven Bussey, the chief executive officer. With a background in management consulting and on Wall Street, Bussey c Comments (3)

A Contested Account of the Marriage Spring

Let me first say what Jo Becker’s book, “Forcing the Spring: Inside the Fight For Marriage Equality,” is not. Its title, promotional materials, and a few bits of errant prose notwithstanding, this book is not a history of the movement to win marriage rights for same-sex couples in America. Comments (7)
Elections 2012

2012 Data Suggest Gay Marriage Issue Helped Obama    

With public opinion shifting over the past decade to greater support for same-sex marriage, a study published in Political Research Quarterly suggests that just as anti-same-sex marriage ballot initiatives drew conservativ Comment
Love & Marriage

New York Couple Defend Their Adopted Son in Ohio    

It was only in the immediate aftermath of finalizing the adoption of their infant son, Cooper, on January 17 of this year that Joseph Vitale and Robert Talmas became aware that a significant — and unwelcome — Comment

A Sweeping Win for Transgender Rights in India    

In an historic decision, a two-judge bench of the Supreme Court of India, ruling on a petition brought on behalf of transgender community members by the National Legal Services Authority, has declared that among the human rights protected by the nation’s Constitution are the right to state recognition of Comment

PFLAG Founders Honored on Suburban Queens Corner    

Councilmen Paul Vallone (l.) and Daniel Dromm hold up the sign designating the honor for the Manfords, as family members –– includ […] Comment

The Beauty of Men

If you are a gay man of a certain age, magazines with titles like Honcho, Mandate, Torso, Drummer, Inches, and the gold standard — the Vogue of the genre, if you will — Blueboy will be familiar to you, maybe once stuffed under your mattress or hid away on a top closet shelf if Comments (12)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Dirty Words

Since my book “Eating Fire: My Life as a Lesbian Avenger” came out, I’ve had people getting all freaked about how often I use the word “dyke,” which in my vocabulary is almost interchangeable with lesbian. It’s not just straight people that get squeamish. There was this young — gay woman? — that apparently had only heard bigots use “dyke.” Though for the record, she could barely utter the word “lesbian” either, and just talked vaguely about girls. Comment
New York City

No Parking Departs, Washington Heights Loses Unique Venue     

Named for its location inside of a parking garage, the gay and lesbian bar No Parking opened in 2006 in Washington Heights at a time when the neighborhood, beginning to gentrify, remained largely Dominican. Lo Comment

Dressed to Thrill

Last week two shows examining the politics of gender identity opened on Broadway, yet they are polar opposites on nearly every level. Comments (35)

A Vibrant Queerness

"I feel like I am on my way somewhere really exciting,” explained transfeminist painter and illustrator Ketch Wehr, whose latest exhibit, aptly titled “Split + Growing,” is on display at the Bureau of General Services — Queer Division. This new body of work explores the artist’s growth as well as the experience of coming into one’s own — literally, coming into one’s self. Comment
Love & Marriage

Same-Sex Couples Win Tax Benefit Parity in Alaska

The Alaska Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, has found that same-sex couples there are entitled to the same real estate tax break under state law given to married couples, despite Alaska’s marriage amendment, which provides that same-sex marriages are neither legal nor recognized there. Comment
News Briefs

GMHC Names New Leader

On April 29, as Gay City News was going to press, the Gay Men’s Health Crisis announced the hiring of Kelsey Louie as its new chief executive officer. Louie, who was the agency’s coordinator of counseling and education in 2006, has since worked at the Harlem United Community AIDS Center, where he most recently served as chief operating officer. A native New Yorker, he earned his master’s degree in social work at NYU Comment
News Briefs

Public Exhibit to Celebrate Stonewall Riots' 45th Anniversary

A Greenwich Village resident and community leader plans to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots by creating a public exhibit along Christopher Street, which she hopes will help revitalize the many small businesses around the famous site. Comment

Gems and Paste

The engrossing revival of “A Raisin in the Sun,” now on Broadway, gains much of its power from its q Comment


Music critic Simon Reynolds coined the term “retromania” to describe artists whose work draws entirely on the past. Singers like Adele and the late Amy Winehouse, whose music mimics R&B from 50 years ago, are perfect examples. Comment

Tribeca Mixes Up Gender, Sexuality

In a queer year at the Tribeca Film Festival, one of the highlights was the arresting Swedish film “Something Must Break,” written and directed by Ester Martin Bergsmark. Sebastian (Saga Becker) is an effeminate man whose roomm Comment

Closeting the Past

Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski’s “Ida” is a strangely lopsided film. The story of its title character (Agata Trzebuchowska), a young woman raised in a convent who suddenly discovers she’s Jewish, it’s a road movie depicting her relationship with her aunt (Agata Kulesza) for mo Comment

Transforming Affordable From a Slogan into a Residence

Our city’s biggest challenge is the growing disparity between affordable and market-rate housing,” according to Jonathan Miller, the president and CEO of Miller Samuel Inc., a New York-based real estate appraisal Comments (1)

The 411 on Affordability

New York City’s affordability housing programs come in a variety of permutations, but in general terms eligibility is based on: household income falling between a particular development’s upper and lower limits; a household’s members meeting program guidelines; credit history that meets the developer’s standards; and absence of housing, legal, or criminal obstacles. Comment

Starless Turns, Turning Stars

Certain operas — Puccini’s “La Bohème” for example — can withstand non-star casting because the opera itself is the star. Less durable repertory items serve as vehicles for established stars with unique vocal qualities. Three star-dependent operas were revived this Comment

Ellen and Jessica

Few American actresses have been so honored or enjoyed such a lengthy and illustrious career as Ellen Burstyn, who at 81 shows no signs of slowing down. She works constantly and serves, with Al Pacino, as president of the Actor’s Studio, where she found her chops as a performer and still moderates Comment
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City Settles Robert Pinter’s Porn Shop False Arrest Claim for $450,000

A gay man who charged he was falsely arrested for prostitution in a Lower East Side porn shop in 2008 has settled the federal civil rights lawsuit he brought against New York City for $450,000. Comments (9)

At 17

Young & Beautiful,” the latest film from prolific gay writer/ director François Ozon, is an exquisitely made drama that chronicles a year in the life of 17-year-old Isabelle (Marine Vacth). After losing her virginity at the beach during the summer, she returns to Paris and secretly works as a prostitute after school. Comment


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