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Activists Recall the “Push” Needed to Move Liberal Lion

Former Governor Mario Cuomo, who died New Year’s Day at 82, was famously labeled “Hamlet on the Hudson” for his indecision about entering the presidential contests of 1988 and 1992, but it was the late Gay City News journalist Doug Ireland who first dubbed him Hamlet, even before his election as governor in Comments (23)

Yep. Another Bisexual Persian in Brooklyn Story

Openly bisexual writer and director Desiree Akhavan has crafted a laugh out loud deadpan comedy with her fabulous feature debut, “Appropriate Behavior.” Brooklynite Shirin (Akhavan), who is not out to her Persian immigrant parents, has just broken up with her girlfriend Maxine (Rebecca Henderson). Underemployed, she takes a job teaching filmmaking to five-year-olds, which is as funny and dread Comments (4)
From the Editor

The Blood Stigma Continues

More than 30 years ago, when the nation was in the grips of hysteria about the dangers AIDS posed to Americans, the federal government imposed a ban on donating blood on any man who had engaged in sex with another man since 1977. The “deferral” was lifetime. Comments (1)

Danny Garvin, a Critical Witness to History, Is Dead

Danny Garvin, who was a 20-year-old gay hippie when he arrived at the Stonewall Inn on the night of the famous June 1969 raid — just as the first club patrons who had been detained inside were being relea Comments (2)

A Queer Pastoral  

There are too few films about rural queer life, and the very fine drama “It’s All So Quiet,” in capturing the experiences of Helmer (Jeroen Willems), a big, beefy, 50-ish repressed gay farmer in the Netherlands, distinguishes itself. This compelling film is a quiet, contemplative character study that yields in Comments (1)

Healthy Respite in the West Village    

A “restaurant” originally meant a place where you go to be restored. The first use of the term was in 18th century Paris, where a man named Boulanger had a shop selling healthful broths (restaurants) that were supposed to res Comments (3)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Death by Gender: Leelah Alcorn  

When I try to think about gender, I have to go lie down with smelling salts, my head swirling with all the complications that we pull on like clothes over our biological sex. Even if you stick to binary territory, gender expression is constantly shifting. A big-haired, white trash girl like my sister has bigger balls than this Bengali upper-class straight guy poet I used to know. I’d dismissed a French-Asian waiter in Paris as generically masculine until his friends turned up and he became a total swish. Comment
Nathan Riley

AIDS Policy Shows Where de Blasio’s New York is Succeeding

I could plant a big wet kiss on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s cheek for putting Dr. Demetre Daskalakis in charge of AIDS policy. Daskalakis is a persuader, an exciting man who understands his subject. Before he became a deputy commissioner in the city health department, he led a team that visited New York City bathhouses to test for HIV and STDs. He’s a public health professional who helps people where they are. Comments (17)


Remember those paperback pulp gay porn novels that used to be semi-discreetly sold in drugstores and random magazine stands in the 1960s and early 1970s? They had deliriously suggestive covers and titles like “The Number on the John Wall,” “Chamber of Homos,” “Tailpipe Truckers, “ “Hot Asset!,” “The Male Maulers.” Comments (4)

Lesbian Palimony Claim Can Proceed in Illinois    

The Appellate Court of Illinois has found that a state court judge who is a physician’s former same-sex partner can assert an unjust enrichment legal claim — that is, a palimony claim — to seek compensation for her financial contributions toward both the home they shared and the physician’s professional practice. The court’s December 19 opinion found that legislative and common law developments in recent decades rendered obsolete a 1979 Illinois Supreme Court decision that barred such lawsuits between former unmarried partners. Comments (1)

Marriage Arrives in the Sunshine State

In 1977, Florida more or less gave birth to the modern anti-gay movement when t Comment

Biological Mom Who Won Child Support Can’t Deny Visitation    

A unanimous state appeals court panel has ruled that a birth mother who successfully sued her former same-sex partner for child support cannot now argue the partner lacks standing to seek visitation rights with the child. Comment

No Religious Out for Firefighters Staffing Engine in Pride Parade

The Rhode Island Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that two Providence firefighters with religious objections to homosexuality did not enjoy a First Amendment right to decline an assignment to staff a fire truck participating in the that city’s LGBT Pride Parade. Comment

Eclectic in Elements and Imagery

Chris Ofili’s 1997 “Pimpin' ain't easy”: oil, polyester resin, paper collage, glitter, map pins, and elephant dung on linen, 96 x 72 in. | © CHRIS OFILI. COURTESY THE ARTIST, […] Comment

Party with Pa and Ma Ubu

Finding an ample supply of flesh on display at the Slipper Room is a given — but whether it’s shocking or sexy is purely in the eye, and quite often the groin, of the beholder. That’s what makes the decadent burlesque venue such a good match for the brief run of  Comment
Susie Day

Outing Torture Queen Bikowsky

Dear Alfreda Frances Bikowsky, Comment

New Year’s Eve’s Last Waltz

Franz Lehár in his 1905 operetta masterpiece “The Merry Widow” used the waltz as a metaphor for the Comment


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