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Crowds Head to the Stonewall in Wake of High Court Ruling

Hundreds turned out for a rally at the site of the 1969 Stonewall riots, which marked the start of the modern LGBT rights movement, to celebrate the US Supreme Court’s ruling that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. Comment
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Savoring the Capstone of More than Half a Life of Work

For Evan Wolfson, the US Supreme Court decision that required every state to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and to recognize the marriage licenses issued to such couples from other states capped decades of work. Comment
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Justice Kennedy Focuses on Fundamental Right to Marry, Protected Liberty

The Supreme Court ruled today that “same-sex couples may exercise the right to marry” and that “there is no lawful basis for a State to refuse to recognize a lawful same-sex marriage performed in another State on the ground of its same-sex character.” Comment
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Obama Hails "Justice that Arrives Like a Thunderbolt"

Less than 90 minutes after the Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling recognizing a federal constitutional right to marriage for same-sex couples, President Barack Obama appeared in the White House Rose Garden to comment on the decision. Comment
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The Governors Respond

When the Supreme Court ruled on marriage equality on June 26, state law continued to bar same-sex couples from marrying in 13 states and in Puerto Rico –– and Alabama was continuing to resist a federal court order that the Supreme Court had earlier declined to stay. Comments (6)
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Marriage Equality Triumphs at the Supreme Court

BREAKING BY PAUL SCHINDLER | The United States Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling on June 26, declared that gay and lesbian couples have a federal constitutional right to marry. Comments (4)
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Heart Gallery NYC Hosts Second Pride Show

Heart Gallery NYC, an innovative initiative that harnesses the power of photography to help connect young people 24 and younger who lack permanent homes with “forever families,” hosted its second Pride event on June 1 at the New Victory Theater in Times Square. Comments (1)
From the Editor

Expectations Unbound

By the end of this month –– and quite possibly before we’ve had the chance to get this newspaper into your hands –– the US Supreme Court will have ruled on marriage equality. The court –– which since October has passively allowed lower court rulings to go into effect doubling the number of gay marriage states –– has given every indication its decision will be a happy Comment

Mad About the Boys  

You know what you are Michael? You’re a real person.” Comments (4)

National Park Outside the Stonewall in the Works

Christopher Park across from the just-landmarked sites of the Stonewall Inn could become a national park if a campaign underway from the National Parks Conservation Association, a private advocacy group for parks, is successful. Comments (4)

Black Leaders Still Frustrated By Lack of Voice in Plan to End AIDS     

Activists who have led HIV prevention and community-building efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender African Americans continue to express frustration that this population is not getting sufficient attention or resources in New York State’s Plan to End AIDS. Comments (1)

With Striking Global Solidarity, Europride Shines in Latvia    

The Europride March had come just a few paces from its stepping off point in the lushly green Vermanes Darzs, a park near Riga’s Old City adorned this day with balloons, rainbows, and banners in a multitude of languages. Abba’s disco classic “Dancing Queen” blared from loudspeakers as Kaspars Zalitis, co-chair of R Comment

Carrying His Uncle’s Torch Undimmed  

Among the high-profile international figures who headlined the rally and other events at this past weekend’s Europride in Riga, Latvia, was Stuart Milk, the nephew of assassinated LGBT activist Harvey Milk, a San Francisco city supervisor gunned down in 1978. The younger Milk, born in 1960, now works to maintain and build on his uncle’s l Comment

Kate Kendell to Honor Barbara Gittings 

If there were ever a fitting tribute from one renowned LGBT civil rights leader to another, we’ll get to hear it this summer in Philadelphia. Outside Independence Hall on the Fourth of July, Kate Kendell, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Right Comment
Media Circus

Celebrating Sexuality Does Not Reduce You

It’s a dirty business, this media criticism thing. You not only have to be willing to — you should pardon the expression — troll through some really nasty, crankish writing, but you […] Comments (2)

Sidney Was a Right-on Woman      

Sidney Abbott, author with her then-partner Barbara Love of the groundbreaking “Sappho Was a Right-on Woman: A Liberated View of Lesbianism” in 1971, died in a tragic fire in her Southold, Long Island home on April 15 at the age of 77. Her life and work — “the complex mosaic called Sidney Abbott,” her friend Artemis March said — was cele Comments (8)

A Groundbreaking Gay Voice of Faith      

If optimism is rooted in love, then the Reverend Robert Wood is a beacon of hope. Wood has been part of the LGBT civil rights movement since its early days in the 1950s, investing the love he found as a husband and pastor in the greater pursuit of equal rights over the past six decades. Comment

A Quick Chat During a Victory Lap      

Rory O’Neill and his alter ego, Ireland’s “national fucking treasure” drag queen Panti Bliss, had some adventures onstage and off in their recent sojourn in New York City, less than a month after Ireland went to the polls and voted a resounding “yes” in Comments (8)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Ending White Terror

Last week, a young white terrorist massacred nine African Americans in Charleston, South Carolina where the Confederate flag still flies over the State House. It’s time to pull it down. Not as a quick fix, but as one more step in the fight against racism. Comments (1)

Pride Plays — And Musicals and Spectacles  

Welcome to our fifth annual round-up of what’s on, what you should see, and how you can get in if you plan to make a trip to the theater part of your Pride celebration — and you haven’t planned ahead. Comments (2)
Susie Day

A Child’s Garden of Perverseness

Are you a living quagmire of sexual guilt and obsession? Do you go to sleep, dreaming of Captain Hook’s hook, then wake up in a cold sweat at 4 in the morning, terrified that someone just pushed you down an elevator shaft, but you can’t remember if it was Tinker Bell or Snow White? Is it impossible for you to find a Pride T-shirt slogan that even comes close to expressing the many vagaries of your libido? Comments (8)
New York City

The West Village Changes, the Christopher Street Pier Remains    

BY ALICIA GREEN| America’s LGBT civil rights movement may have found its flashpoint at the Stonewall Inn, but it’s at the far end of Christopher Street where many of New York’s queer youth found acceptance without demands and struggle. Frequented decades ago by young people for whom the 1969 riots were fresh in their memory — and known today as Hudson River Park’s Pier 45 — the Christopher Street Pier, at West Street Comments (8)

Romance With Ambiguity  

Gay Argentine Matías Piñeiro is one of the most exciting film directors and writers to emerge out of the South American nation in the past decade. His films are intimate romances that involve repetition and role-pl Comment

Rare New York Bounty of Asian Film  

In the early ‘90s, there were two Chinatown theaters that offered double bills of the latest films from Hong Kong. While one had to put up with their lax enforcement of smoking regulations, I have fond memories of seeing John Woo’s “Hard Boiled” an Comments (11)

After Hearing and Quick Vote, Stonewall Now Has City Landmark Status, Protection

The Landmarks Preservation Commission heard testimony June 23 on whether to designate the adjoining sites of the original Stonewall Inn, which launched the Rebellion sparking the modern LGBT rights movement, as an offi Comments (4)
News Briefs

Leaders in the Drive for Marriage Equality

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | At a June 16 cocktail reception that featured two of the activists who have helped herald in the nation’s growing embrace of marriage equality, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, […] Comment

Sunny Festivities & A Parade Under the Stars

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | The annual Brooklyn LGBT Pride Festival and Parade enjoyed extraordinary early summer weather in Park Slope on Saturday June 13. After a morning 5k run in Prospect Park, […] Comment

Weekend Warriors

For most people, a weekend getaway in the country with good friends is a slice of heaven — a carefree break from the demands of workaday life, sipping wine, sharing good meals and conversation, and taking in the fresh air. Comments (2)

Jonathan’s New Brain

Though actor Jonathan Groff’s HBO show “Looking” was recently canceled after just two seasons, he has definitely landed butter side up, with the fun and juicy role of King George in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s brilliantly soulful Comments (2)
News Briefs

Public Advocacy

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | In a June 15 ceremony produced in tandem with Harlem Pride, Public Advocate Letitia James honored three LGBT leaders for their community service. Above is Brooke Guinan, the FDNY’s first openly transgender female firefighter, seen with her father, FDNY Lieutenant George Guinan, James, and (from l.), George’s girlfriend Lynne and FDNY Assistant Commissioner Michele J. Maglione. Below, James is with Carl Siciliano, founder and executive director of the Ali Forney Center, which provides housing and social ser Comment

Preserving LGBT History Theme of the Day June 23

Those concerned with preserving LGBT history will have a busy Tuesday on June 23. Comments (1)
News Briefs

Comptroller Scott Stringer Releases New Edition of LGBTQ Resource Guide

Timed to coincide with Pride Week in Manhattan, New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer this week is releasing the 2015 edition of the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Guide of Services & Resources,” as well as the guide’s accompanying website. Comments (1)

Dream Lover Come Rescue Me

Red-hot playwright Joshua Harmon (his “Bad Jews” is currently the third most-produced play in the US) has insisted his characters are not based on actual people, not even himself. Which is all the more impressive given that Comment

Big Too Small in “Doctor Faustus”

Is this the play that launch’d modern theater? Classic Stage Company provides a very interesting essay on tha Comment
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De Blasio Faces Advocates’ Demand for $10 Million for Plan to End AIDS

AIDS groups gathered on the steps of City Hall to demand that the de Blasio administration contribute $10 million towards the Plan to End AIDS in the city budget fo Comment
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Dallas BBQ Suspect’s Attorney Says Client’s Sexuality “Not an Issue”

The attorney for the man arrested June 16 for the assaults on two gay men in a Chelsea restaurant told Gay City News, “His sexuality is not an issue in this case.” Comment
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City, Activists Reach Agreement on Replacing Services Lost at Shuttered Chelsea STD Clinic

Roughly three months after the closing of the city’s Chelsea sexually transmitted disease clinic for a two-year renovation touched off protests, the city health department and community activists reached an agreement that will replace the services lost when the clinic was shuttered on March 21. Comments (3)
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Suspect Surrenders to Police in Dallas BBQ Assault

The NYPD has announced the arrest of a suspect sought in assaults on two gay men at the Dallas BBQ in Chelsea on May 5. Comment

Size Matters, But Get Over It   

The awkward comedy of manners “The Overnight” has Alex (Adam Scott) and Emily (Taylor Schilling) anxious about having to make new friends in Los Angeles, where they recently moved. When their son RJ (RJ Hermes) befriends Max (Max Moritt) at the playgrou Comment

Staying in the Garage   

"Eden” is the story of 20 years in the life of a house music DJ, inspired by the biography of its co-writer Sven Hansen-Løve, whose sister Mia directed it Comment


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