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Freedom to Marry: The Party

The US Supreme Court’s decision opening marriage to same-sex couples in all 50 states has mostly been celebrated two-by-two as long-denied rights were granted in clerks’ offices across the South and Midwest. Comments (6)

“Still Queer” Message Floods the Pride Parade    

A manifesto reading “Still here. Still Queer.” on one side quickly became the must-have accessory during Manhattan’s June 28 Pride Parade. The distributors, a mix of volunteer and paid, were careful to display that side as they traveled the length of Fifth Avenue handing out 7,500 copies. The broadsheet was quickly hung on the barricades that Comments (5)
From the Editor

The Lift of a Driving Dream

Comforted by the insight that even a broken clock is right twice a day, I’ve chosen a quote from Richard Nixon to frame my thoughts about the contributions one member of the LGBT community made to the successful fight for marriage equality. Comment

Transgender Challenge to NYS Medicaid Regs Survives Motion to Dismiss    

US District Judge Jed Rakoff in Manhattan has denied most of New York State’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit challenging a variety of limitations in the state’s Medicaid program handling of gender dysphoria treatment. Rakoff did not immediately issue a written opinion supporting his June 26 ruling, but indicated one would be forthcoming. Comments (1)

Tears for Julio Rivera 25 Years After his Murder    

The brutal 1990 murder of Julio Rivera, 29, by three skinheads “hunting homos” in Jackson Heights was marked by an emotional vigil near the site of Comments (1)

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Case May Lack Needed Specifics, Judge Suggests

Comments made by a federal judge at a June 10 hearing suggest that a False Claims Act lawsuit brought by three former employees of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) against the AIDS agency is struggling. Comments (1)

Sex and Park Slope’s New Italian    

The waitress welcomed us as though she had been waiting all her life just to ply us with glasses of nerello mascalese and plates of pasta alla chitarra with tuna, chilies, and mint. Comment

Aiming for Realness on LA’s Gritty Streets  

Tangerine,” Sean Baker’s funky little comedy — shot entirely on an iPhone — is full of dram-ah as motor-mouthed transgender sex worker Sin-dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) finds Comments (2)

Trans Inmate’s Sex Reassignment Suit Revived    

The Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision was not the only case of consequence for LGBT rights decided on June 26. On the opposite coast, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco unanimously revived a California inmate’s lawsuit seeking sex reassignment surgery. That case had earlier been dismissed at the screening stage by Chief Judge Ralph R. Beistline of California’s Eastern District Court. Comment

Europride Conferences Highlight Eastern European Issues

Rights, religion, and Russia weighed heavily on the Comments (2)

Well, Do I?

Filmmaker David Thorpe thinks he “sounds gay.” So he made a documentary “Do I Sound Gay?” that chronicles him hiring speech and voice coaches to help him lose his sibilant S, gain confidence, and get rid of what he sees as his vocal effeminateness. His film nimbly chronicles this mission, and features clips of Paul Lynde and “The Boys in the Band& Comment
Media Circus

When Hippies Walked the Earth

Hurry up, Sherman!,” Mr. Peabody cried. “Climb into the Wayback Machine! We’re going back in time to the 1960s!” Comment

Three New Yorkers Who Prevailed at the Supreme Court on June 26    

Appearing on MSNBC shortly after the Supreme Court handed down its historic June 26 marriage equality ruling, Manhattanite Robert Talmas said, “It’s a whale of a decision and a day, and we’re overjoyed.” Comment

On Independence Day, Philly Fêtes Half-Century of Activism

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | In a Fourth of July Weekend celebration, the city of Philadelphia marked the 50th anniversary of the first Annual Reminder demonstration. Organized by gay and lesbian activists from that city, New York, and Washington, the Reminders, Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Gay Marriage and Burning Black Churches

After the Supreme Court announced that lesbian and gay people had the right to marry everywhere in the US, some Southern states announced their intent to ignore or otherwise resist the ruling. Comment

San Francisco Treats  

While attending Pride Week and the fabulous Frameline film festival in San Francisco, there’s much opera to enjoy every June. Berlioz’s sublime “Les troyens” represents a monu Comments (3)

Ellen’s Back  

Real theater comebacks — the kind that incite an electric buzz of anticipation and, when truly triumphant in performance, drive an enslaved audience mad — are rare, indeed. But the long-unseen Ellen Greene, who just recreated her role of Audrey, the haple Comment

A Radiant Day of Joy & Celebration

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO & MICHAEL LUONGO | Despite occasional drizzles, New York’s LGBT community, on June 28, staged the largest Pride March in memory, running roughly eight hours from the initial noon step-off at 36th Street until the final contingents arrived in the West Village. Comment

Snapshots of Pride & Marriage    

As many as two million people lined Fifth Avenue and clogged West Village sidewalks for June 28’s LGBT Pride March — always an occasion for solidary and celebration, but especially this year coming just two days after the landmark Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. Gay City News spoke with parade-goers about what the decision means to them. Comment

The Mayor's Excellent Pop-Up Wedding Bash

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | About five hours after the Supreme Court handed down its big marriage ruling on June 26, Mayor Bill de Blasio was on the steps of City Hall officiating the weddings of two couples and the reaffirmation of the vows of a third. Comments (2)

His Roots Are Showing

Playwright Douglas Carter Beane may have made it big, with a pack of works on Broadway in recent years, but he hasn’t forgotten his roots. His latest comedy, “Shows for Days,” inspired by his own adolescence in the early 1970s, recalls finding refuge Comment
Guest Perspective

A Morning-After Pill for HIV; But Seriously, the Morning After

In the past few years, we have experienced a revolution in the prevention of HIV. Gone are the days when approaches based on changing behavior were the only options. Biomedical technologies have provided us another set of tools in the arsenal to fight AIDS. Comments (19)

Memories of Madeline  

From “Young Frankenstein”: “Penny for your thoughts... Oh... Where you going?... Oh, you men are all alike. Seven or eight quick ones and then you’re out with the boys to boast and brag. YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. Oh... I think I love him!” Comments (2)

A Forgotten Masterful Gay Auteur 

For all you lovers of movie musicals, imagine “Meet Me in St. Louis” without the ebullient “ Trolley Song” number, or “Summer Stock,” without Judy Garland’s iconic “Get Happy” celebration. What about “Easter Parade” without the raffishly amusing “We’re a Couple of Swells,& Comments (1)

Season’s Finale

My last Met show this season was Verdi’s “Un ballo in maschera,” very well conducted by veteran James Levine two days after he did an equally impressive “Rake’s Progress.” Perhaps these days it’s best to Comment

Sounds and Sweet Airs

“The Tempest” is a difficult play, to say the least. A great grab bag of Shakespeare’s recurring themes, it encompasses the argument bet Comment

The Winehouses We’ll Never Know

To anyone who’d been following British singer Amy Winehouse’s life and career, her 2011 death from alcohol poisoning at age 27 didn’t come as a surprise. Her last few years seemed like one long downward spiral, culminating in an infamous Belgrade appearance where she was too drunk to sing. Comment

This Year, What Activists, the Community Marched For

Joseph Vitale and Robert Talmas, plaintiffs in the Ohio marriage case decided by the Supreme Court on June 26, with their son Cooper, whom they adopted in Ohio; the couple went to court to have both […] Comments (7)
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Even With 30 Percent AIDS Rent Cap, Eligibility Limited to People Earning Less than $12.50/ Day

A long-sought cap on rent paid by people with AIDS living in Comments (2)

Julio Rivera's 1990 Murder to Be Remembered in Jackson Heights

Queens residents will join City Councilmember Daniel Dromm, a gay Jackson Heights Democrat, and LGBT activists for a candlelight vigil to mark the 25th anniversary of Julio Rivera’s anti-gay murder. Comments (2)

Geeking Out at Flame Con      

It seems strange that an event like Flame Con — New York City’s first-ever queer comic convention — did not exist before now. But fear not — the folks at Geeks Out not only responded to the call, they delivered. And the unique Victorian splendor afforded by Brookl Comments (29)

Putting the "T" In Geek      

In decades past, geek media like comic books and video games avoided direct mention of LGBT themes. While Geek media was often seen as childish, LGBT representation was viewed as inherently sexual and unsuitable for kids. In recent years, a new generation of gay and t Comments (6)

Court Says US Housing Law May Allow Sexual Orientation Bias Claims    

A federal judge in Alabama has ruled that some sexual orientation discrimination claims may be made under the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA), a statute that forbids sex discrimination by owners and operators of residential housing facilities. District Judge William M. Acker, Jr., ruling on June 16, rejected the argument that the court would not have jurisdiction over any sexual orientation discrimination claim under the FHA. Comment

M For Midnighter

Warren Ellis originally created Midnighter in 1998 as part of the “Stormwatch” series for DC Comics. Midnighter, along with fellow super hero Apollo, would go on to be among DC’s strongest gay protagonists — the two even got married in 2002’s “Transfer of Power” graphic novel. Comment

New York’s Dyke March Still Bucks the Status Quo

Stormy weather seemed somehow fitting for the 23rd annual New York City Dyke March. Rather than easing on down the road, throngs of queer women streamed through the center of Manhattan unified in the fight to claim our own equality — so committed that even summer showers could not deter us. If anything Comments (1)

A Beautiful Night on the River

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | The LGBT Community Center has always been able to pinch itself for its good luck in getting stunningly clear weather for its annual Monday evening Garden Party kicking off Pride Week. June 22 proved no exception, as thousands turned out at Pier 84 at West 44th Street for a night of speeches, entertainment, and tastings from some of New York’s most famed restaurants. Comments (2)

You Were Warned

PHOTO ESSAY BY MICHAEL SHIREY | Weather forecasters had warned of thunderstorms, but instead the afternoon was sunny and felt tropically humid. Perfect for the 18th annual Folsom Street East festival, held Sunday, June 21. Celebrating “the rebellious spirit” of the “kink and fetish scene,” the block party this year billed itself as “the New York you were warned about.” Comment

Days Well Spent     

Barbara Police and Pat Slone have been together for 40 years and have a problem that many couples can relate to — temperature wars. Comment

Upstate Lesbian Co-Parent Denied Standing to Seek Custody   

Relying on a quarter-century-old New York Court of Appeals precedent under which a same-sex co-parent is considered a “legal stranger” to a child she was raising with her former partner, the Appellate Division’s Fourth Department has affirmed a Chautauqua County Family Court decision dismissing a custody and visitation petition from one such ex-partner. The appeals panel upheld Judge Judith S. Claire’s dismissal of Brooke S. Barone’s petition on June 19. Comment

New York Court Rejects Challenge to Gay Man’s Will    

A Manhattan Surrogate Court has rejected a challenge to the will of a gay man who had designated his then-lover as its executor and a principal beneficiary several years before they broke up. Comment


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