NY State Codifies Fair Treatment for Trans Students 

Transgender students are entitled to respect for their preferred names and pronouns, confidentiality, and access to restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity under a new guidance issued by the New York State Education Department. Comments (2)

NYC St. Pat’s Parade to Add Second LGBT Group  

New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which has been subject to protests for 25 years over its refusal to include an Irish LGBT group, may be on the verge of admitting such a group in the 2016 parade. Comment

Slow Start on Equality Act   

When the Equality Act was introduced in Congress on July 23, it was a compelling settin Comments (1)

Ali Forney Expands Services for Trans Clients    

A leading group that serves homeless LGBT youth has begun providing hormone therapy for its transgender clients at its West 125th Street drop in center. Comments (3)

Federal Court Delivers Against UPS 

Rejecting motions to set aside a jury verdict, order a new trial, or reduce damages, Judge Jack B. Weinstein upheld a federal jury’s award of $100,000 in damages to Tameeka Roberts, an employee at a UPS facility in Queens, who complained that the company tolerated a hos Comment

Swankier Than Ever, Excelsior to reopen in Park Slope    

August 3 marked one year since Excelsior closed its doors on Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets. The building that housed the bar was sold. That was just days af Comments (1)
From the Editor

Equality = Economic Justice

The introduction of the Equality Act in Congress is notable for its record number of co-sponsors in the House and Senate. Outside of Capitol Hill, few voices support the legislation, and one group, GetEQUAL, opposes it after demanding such a law for five years. Comments (10)


The last bastion has fallen. The two-pronged crackdown on Fire Island — banning nudity on the beach between Cherry Grove and The Pines and ticketing men engaged in sexual activity in the Meat Rack — marks the end of an era. Comments (5)
Media Circus

Lauding the Times, But Not Forgetting its Past

Gavin Grimm sat quietly in the audience last November as dozens of parents at a school board meeting in Gloucester County, Va., demanded that he be barred from using the boys’ restrooms at school. They discussed the transgender boy’s genitals, expressed concern that he might expose himself and cautioned that being in a men’s room would make the teenager vulnerable to rape. One person called him a ‘freak.’ When Gavin, 16, got his turn at the podium, he was remarkably composed. ‘I didn’t ask to be this way,’ Gavin said. ‘All I want to do is be a normal child and use the restroom in peace.’” Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

My Life as a Girl, Experiment 1: Lipstick

Last Saturday, I decided to put on some lipstick for the first time in yonks, partly in solidarity with the drag performers who were recently banned from a Scottish alternative pride event, and then re-allowed, but mostly because I've been hearing so much about women lately I've been wondering what it is like to be one. Comments (8)

The Allure of Whole Foods   

I wanted to not be moved. I wanted to have no feelings. But there, it had happened: Whole Foods Brooklyn excited me. "Take the orange juice taste test," sang a man in the fruit and vegetables section, proffering tiny free samples of special Whole Foods orange juice. "What are the different catego Comments (3)

Reality Theater: The crazy-quilt that is FringeNYC is darker and bolder than ever before

At 19, the New York International Fringe Festival has come of age. The sprawling fest, know Comments (3)

Terry Baum on Lorena Hickok  

Talking to the Oregonian last year, Ken Burns said his 14-hour documentary, “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History,” was just that, “an intimate history, not a tabloid history." Comments (4)

From the 50th State to the Fringe  

What inspired Yilong Liu to write “Joker?” Comment

Documenting the Sudan

Wim Wenders told me earlier this year that he insists on framing poor people attractively; this granted them a measure of dignity, he argued. Comment

Crimes of the Art  

Even a cursory reading of history reveals that the story of slave trader turned evangelist John Newton as portrayed in the new musical “Amazing Grace” is incorrect. The show posits that, as a result of a spiritual experience in the middle of a near-shipwreck, Newton became a devout Chri Comment

Dolan's "Tom at the Farm" Fails to Engage  

Gay Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan’s fourth film, “Tom at the Farm,” was made in 2013, but it is getting a belated release now. While fans of the director’s work (or completists) may feel compelled to see this pretentious thriller about Tom (Dolan), a gay man visiting his late boyfriend’s family, most viewers should steer cle Comments (1)

Oh, Donna! The evergreen “A Chorus Line” legend at 54 Below

With all the white hot fever surrounding the Broadway opening of “Hamilton,” I can’t help flashing back to another monster hit that made this same journey from the Public Theater — “A Chorus Line.” Comment

Virginal and Marginal: the Operatic Heroine as Outsider

Most operatic heroines are defined by their romantic relationships with men. In the 20th century, new operatic Comment

Purrfectly Amusing

If you want to be successfully silly, you have to be really smart. And David Hanbury qualifies on both counts. His new show, “Mrs. Smith’s Broadway Cat-Tacular,” is the perfect diversio Comments (1)

Gay Baiting in Queens City Council Race

A candidate for a Queens City Council seat is charging that supporters of one of his opponents are trying to smear him among Muslim voters by telling them about his support for LGBT rights and same sex marriage. Comments (8)

A Pastor Converted

Rob Bell threw his arms wide for a hug upon greeting a reporter from Gay City News outside Town Hall in Midtown Manhattan where he was scheduled to appear as part of his 31-city “Everything is Spiritual” tour. The embrace was a surprise. As the pastor emeritus at Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan, Bell was once identified in some Comment


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