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Protest Against Raid Targets Brooklyn Courthouse

Some 70 people turned out to the federal courthouse in downtown Brooklyn to protest the raid on and the arrests of the gay escorting web Comments (1)
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Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Jailed For Contempt of Court

Kim Davis, a defiant Kentucky county clerk who is refusing to issue any marriage licenses rather than authorize licenses for same-sex couples, was jailed today on the order of US District Judge David L. Bunning. Comments (10)
From the Editor

Homeland Security Must Put Up or Shut Up

The Manhattan raid was carried out midday, with newspaper photographers and TV camera crews conveniently on hand to record law enforcement agents exiting’s 14th Street office, evidence in hand. Homeland Security led the charge, and the NYPD backed them up. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was quoted as shocked, sh Comments (4)
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The Security Inked Deepthroat Found at

Inked Deepthroat was with his uncle, who is gay and worldly wise, when a text flashed on his cell phone announcing the raid on –– and that his world had been turned upside down. Comments (3)
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Why the Raid Hit Such a Nerve    

The outraged reaction to the federal government’s raid on and the arrests of seven staffers there, including the escort website’s chief executive, reflects the positive status that escorts and for-hire sex have in the gay community. Comments (3)

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Life Matters  

"The girl with the long dreads lived in a house with a man, a Howard professor, who was married to a white woman. The Howard professor slept with men. His wife slept with women. An Comments (1)

The Essence of Estes  

The breathtakingly assured, masterfully crafted, and painstakingly detailed paintings of Richard Comments (1)
New York City

Ready! Set! It’s Best of Gay City 2015!

Between now and October 20, we want to hear from you. And we want other readers to hear from you, as well. Comments (1)

Lay Over?

In writer/ director Neil LaBute’s new comedy-drama, work colleagues Natalie Havington (Alice Eve) and Les Moore (Matthew Broderick) have their LA to Dallas flight grounded in Albuquerque. Les, uptight and with his righ Comments (1)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Long Live the Lezzie –– In the Post-Label Era

Every couple of months, I read an article in HuffPost or Buzzfeed or some other hipster rag about how all these actresses and singers and whatnot have come out as… nothing, really… because they’re so fucking cool, they’re post-label, as fluid as their $129 lip gloss, which is perfectly applied, no matter how gender-neutral. Do I even need to say that they’re all stinking rich and nearly always white? It’s easiest to believe you’re above “labels,” which other people just call “words,” when you’re not only in the top one percent, but the top .05 percent. Comments (2)

When the Feds Punish Tougher for the Same Crime   

Depending on the charges they eventually face, the seven defendants in the case could face significantly increased prison sentences under federal law as compared to the sentences for the state laws that form the basis for the prosecution of the popular escort website. Comments (1)

Town Hall Reflects Growing Anger Over City STD Efforts   

A town hall organized by ACT UP and the Tr Comments (3)

No Day Like an Evening at 54 Below

Anthony Rapp performed an intimate set at 54 Below on September 1 that included a mix of popular showtunes paired with a handful of original tracks. Comments (2)

Has Gay Broadway Couple Taken Too Much on Faith?    

It took religious conservatives six months to discover a Playbill interview with actor Josh Canfield in which he d Comments (5)

“The Wreckers,” Long Submerged, Sails Again  

Dame Ethel Smyth (1858-1944) a feminist, suffragette, openly bisexual composer with prominent lesbian affairs, was a woman with a mission. The trailblazing Engli Comments (2)
Media Circus

Mennonites and Men Monday Nights

One evening during my freshman year at Haverford College, I was hunched over a book in the library when a most unusual vision appeared seemingly out of nowhere. I blinked hard; the vision remained. “Don’t […] Comments (4)
Guest Perspective

With Much Work Remaining, First Transgender White House Official Signals Great Progress

The White House has appointed the first openly transgender person to serve as a staff member there, as director of Outreach and Recruitment for the White House Personnel Office. As an attorney and a transgender woman who fights employment discrimination against our community, Comments (3)

Rocking 'n' Rolling… And Stalling  

Hamilton” has moved to Broadway with all the atte Comments (2)
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Cy Vance: Don't Blame Me for Raid

The Manhattan district attorney’s office had its name removed from the press release issued by the Brooklyn-based Office of the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York that announced the raid on and the Comments (6)
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As LGBT Groups Call For Decriminalizing Sex Work, Government Moves on

Leading LGBT rights legal organizations in the US, on August 20, issued a joint statement supporting Amnesty International’s recent resolution advocating for the human rights of sex workers, including the repeal of laws against prostitution. Comments (3)
Nathan Riley

Homeland Security’s Rentboy Raid All Too Predictable

The raid on by the US Department of Homeland Security is no fluke. It follows the April passage of the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act by lopsided majorities in Washington. Comments (4)
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UN Security Council Gets Briefing on ISIS Murders of Gays

In what was a first in international diplomacy, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) appeared before the United Nations Security Council to discuss what it termed the “careful targeting” Comments (3)
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Raid on Leaves Many Wondering How this Became a Priority

The arrests of’s chief executive and six employees of the leading gay escort website are drawing fire from some corners of the LGBT community that see the raid as a waste of federal dollars in pursuit of a victimless crime. Comments (9)

Lily Tomlin’s Lower East Side Black Eye

As the title character in “Grandma,” now out in theaters, Lily Tomlin is sensational. The actress and comedian plays Elle, a poet who is in mourning for her partner, Violet. As the film opens, Elle is breaking up with her current girlfriend Comments (26)


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