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Playing ‘Possum’ for Laughs  

Known by comedy, theater, and LGBT benefit audiences –– from our town to Provincetown –– for her profane Molly “Equality” Dykeman character, Andrea Alton added another potent cr Comments (1)

Nailing the Riots, But Not Their Meaning

Generally, trailers are intended to promote films and get people excited about them. The release of the trailer for Roland Emmerich’s “Stonewall” had the exa Comments (4)

Big Ben

Consummate showman and ultimate survivor Ben Comments (1)

Figaro Here, Figaro There… Figaro Everywhere!  

Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais’ trilogy of “Figaro” plays (& Comments (3)

A Trumped Up Take on Mexican Drug Wars  

The world has been director Denis Villeneuve’s oyster. He’s abandoned his native Quebec after completing his best film, “Polytechnique,” going on to set his follow-up, “Inc Comments (13)

A Subway Station to Stir Your Spirit    

BY LENORE SKENAZY | Do yourself — and your soul — a favor. Hop on the 7 train and go to the last stop in Manhattan, the brand- spanking-new one: 34th Street Hudson Yards. Comments (5)

Sex Work in the Wake of the Raid

BY NATHAN RILEY | What happens now that is gone? Will the federal Department of Homeland Security follow up with additional raids on similar businesses? Comments (1)

New God’s Love HQ Doubles Its Space, Features 10,000-Square-Foot Kitchen    

God’s Love We Deliver recently took this repor Comment

Altruism: Viral & More Dangerous than ISIS

BY SUSIE DAY | Early this month in Germany, a few thousand refugees from war-torn Syria and neighboring countries spilled out of a train station and into Munich. Rather than being tripped by the locals, or thrown inside cargo trucks, or sorted out according to skin color (as per quaint Old World custom), the migrants were actually welcomed by droves of German citizens. Comments (2)

Shock and Awe  

There is a kind of violent lyricism in Philip Ridley’s “Mercury Fur,” now getting a first-rate New Group production that is — and should be — profoundly unsettling. In a dystopian New York City on the verge of destruction, a group of survivors a Comments (5)

When the Clothes Make the Man  

I’ve never done drag in my life,” explained Matthew Lopez, 38, sitting cross-legged in shorts and a T-shirt on the grass at the Hudson River Park’s Christopher Street pier recently. His first exposure to drag, the playwright (“The Whipping Man”) and screenwriter (HBO’s “The Newsroom”) said came ̶ Comment

Boys Will Be Girls  

Nothing is what it seems in cheeky gay French filmmaker François Comment

Hating Kim Davis

Good ole Kim Davis, how we love to hate her. Long after she got sprung from jail and same-sex couples were issued their marriage licenses, it’s still Kim Davis as a lead on half the gay rags of the country and beyond. Mostly because she’s so easy to hate. She’s a woman, after all, and from rural Kentucky. Comments (7)

Democrats Support Marriage Equality… Big Deal!

In its late August Summer Meeting in Minneapolis, the Democratic National Committee passed a resolution “in support of” the June 26 marriage equality ruling by the Supreme Court. Comments (3)

Locker Room Kiss

It was a lazy weeknight in the men’s locker room at the Prospect Park Y. “Have a good workout,” a lanky man changing next to me said, as the squat, gym-attired guy he was talking to kissed him on the lips. Comments (3)

The Homophobia that Never Disappears

This past June 5-7 promised to be a special weekend. In particular the sixth of June would be a red-letter day for me and my partner. On that day he would celebrate his 59th birthday and we, as a couple, would observe the 33rd anniversary of our relationship, having met more than three decades earlier in Southeast Asia where he is from. Comments (11)

Kim Davis Keeps Throwing Dust In Our Eyes   

More than a week after a federal judge released her from jail over her refusal to issue marriage licenses, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis continues to resist an order that she do her job. Comment

Pope to LGBT Catholics: No “In” at the Room    

BY ANDY HUMM | Pope Francis’ US visit September 22-27 will not include a meeting much sought-after by LGBT Catholics, nor will Catholics who affirm gay love be given any voice Comments (4)

Is Fiction the Best Route to the Truth?

BY DUNCAN OSBORNE | There are moments in “Stonewall,” Roland Emmerich’s film about the 1969 riots that launched the modern LGBT rights movement, that look more like a set on a stage than a movie. Comments (3)

Asbestos Delayed Chelsea Clinic Renovation

While AIDS groups and activists remain focused on replacing the services that were Comments (4)

Drag Destiny


Bushwig Jumps to Ridgewood

BY KEVIN ZIMMERMAN | The queens are heading to Queens. Comments (1)

Her Hairdo(n’t) Is Hardly the Problem

“FREE KIM DAVIS: Kentucky County Clerk Jailed by a Gaystapo Judge for Refusing to Sanction and Sign Gay Marriage Licenses” is the headline of George Lujack’s hilarious spoof on the website CowgerNation about the crank right’s latest poster bigot, Kim Davis, and the issues surrounding her weeken Comments (4)

Appeals Court Finds Transgender Mexican Refugees Entitled to US Protection

BY ARTHUR S. LEONARD | A federal appeals court has found that conditions for transgender women are so dire in Mexico that they may qualify for protection in the US under the international Convention Against Torture (CAT) based on the likelihood they would face torture if deported. On September 3, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled on cases involving Edin Carey Avendano-Hernandez, Fidel Mondragon-Alday, and Daniel Godoy-Ramirez, each identified as an immigrant transgender woman. Comment

Anti-Gay Flyers Surface on Jackson Heights Cars

The NYPD’s 115th precinct in Queens is investigating the appearance of anti-gay flyers discovered on cars around Jackson Heights the weekend of August 29-30. The hate literature, written in English and Spanish, quotes Romans 1:18-32. Comments (2)

Antonio’s Way  

BY DAVID NOH | I’m more man than you’ll ever be and more woman than you’ll ever get!” This ultimate putdown was ferociously spat out in 1976’s “Carwash” by Antonio Fargas as take-no-prisoners drag queen Lindy. The line not only became a gay cult favorite, but has forever enshrined Farga Comments (3)

Brazilian Dreams  

German director Edgar Reitz has been exploring the meaning of “home” (“heimat” in German) for more than 30 years. He’s d Comments (2)


BY GARY M. KRAMER | Nominated for the Queer Palm last year at Cannes, “Breathe” is actress-turned-director Mélanie Laurent’s intense film about the fr Comments (3)

Breaking Intersectional

Through contemporary performance and visual art curated from around the world, Queer New York International examines and broadens Comments (5)


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