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#Rentboy Raid Town Hall Concludes Real Problem Is Street Worker Harassment

Toward the end of a more than hour-long panel discussion at the #Rentboy Raid town hall, Mitchyll Mora, the moderator, asked the three panelists to comment on the August 25 raid that shut down the male escort website and resulted in the arrests of its seven employ Comments (4)

Prayers, Love for Paris Fill Washington Square Park

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | In the 24 hours after at least 129 people were killed in Paris in coordinated terrorist attacks for which ISIS has claimed responsibility, thousands surged into Manhattan's Washington Square Park to show support for the people of France and to mourn those lost. For the most part, the gathering was quiet, except for when the crowd raised their fists and sang La Marseillaise, the French national anthem. Comments (11)

Gentle, Inside Look at Ingrid Bergman’s Life

BY DAVID NOH | Ingrid Bergman was nothing less than the greatest English-speaking actress in sound films. Having received solid stage and film training and experience in her native Sweden, she came to Hollywood in 1939 and at first struck audiences with her luminously natural, fr Comments (2)

Dark Drama, Silly, Sweet Send-Up, and a Real Dog

Zola’s “Thérèse Raquin” was a very dark novel, and in the new adaptation b Comment

I’m an Editor; Whom Are You?

Who says us white leftists have no feeling for High Art? Hundreds of thousands of capitalist imperialist museum-going, opera-loving, overly literate fuck-faces, that’s who. Comments (18)

Civil Union Property Is Not Marital Property, New York Court Finds 

A State Supreme Court justice has found that New York property purchased by a lesbian partner in a Vermont civil union prior to the couple’s Canadian marriage is not subject to equitable distribution in the their current divorce proceeding. Comments (24)

Women on the Verge

BY DAVID SHENGOLD | The Boston Symphony, on October 21, gave a Carnegie Hall performance of Richard Strauss’ mighty “Elektra” that can surely be termed “historic& Comments (2)

HIPAA Mystery at Harlem United

In October of 2013, two outreach workers from the New York Harm Reduction Educators (NYHRE) were walking past a Harlem United housing facility on Lexington Avenue and they came upon a dumpster on the sidewalk that they said held records including “the full name, HIV diagnosis, secondary diagnosis of MAI, medication list, CD4 count, Viral Load, Social Security card, and New York State Benefit ID Card” of Harlem United clients. Comments (9)

Jury May Have to Weigh Chest Hair Patterns, Torso Tattoos  

Will a Manhattan jury have to figure out whether a gay man can be identified by the pattern of his chest hair? Maybe, if the lawsuit brought by Doug Hill and James Moritz against plastic surgeon Douglas Steinbrech for the unauthorized use of their images in advertising material actually goes to trial in New York County Supreme Court. Comments (29)

PrEP Can Help Bring an End to AIDS

BY LETITIA JAMES & BENJAMIN BASHEIN | Thirty years ago, the world was still trying to figure out what HIV was –– let alone how to prevent it. Comments (1)

The State of the Queer Cuban Nation

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Late in October, a handful of independent activists appeared for the first time before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington reporting on the state of the LGBTI community in Cuba and asking the commission to pressure the Castro regime not just on behalf of queers, but of any independent group trying to work for human rights on the island. Comments (1)

At the End of the Road  

This coming week, Anthology Film Archives features several fascinating representations of queer life. Comments (1)

A Capitale Night for the Women

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | In its 18th annual Women’s Event, the LGBT Community Center honored recording artist Janelle Monáe, longtime “Late Night with David Letterman” producer Barbara Gaines, and Lisa Davis, Citi’s global head of enterprise services. Comment

When Gay Couple Breaks Up, Who Gets the Pooch?    

BY ARTHUR S. LEONARD | Douglas Gellenbeck and Michael Whitton, who had a 13-year relationship, bou Comment

A Scaredy Cat Climbs Higher  

There’s no good way to talk about normal. We’re all the same monkeys walking around in the same suits. Almost.” Comments (2)

The Inside Story of Edie Windsor’s Win    

BY DUNCAN OSBORNE | More than 200 pages into “Then Comes Marriage: United States v. Windsor and the Defeat of DOMA,” Roberta Kaplan, the attorney who won the 2013 case before the Supreme Court that struck down the most significant part of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, describes one of many moot court sessions she participated in as she prepared fo Comment

US Judge Embraces EEOC Equating of Sexual Orientation, Sex Discrimination    

At last, a federal district judge has expressly relied on the July 15 ruling from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that sexual orientation discrimination claims can be brought under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Comment

Hetrick-Martin Launches Comprehensive Youth Services Initiative Citywide

Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI), the nation’s oldest social service agency for lesbian, gay, bisexua Comments (4)

This Weekend MIX It Up in Brooklyn

MIX NYC, the 28th Queer Experimental Film Festival unspools in Brooklyn through November 15. Comments (1)

Greater Focus on PEP Urged    

BY ANDY HUMM | More and more sexually active gay men have gone on Truvada or PrEP, the pre-exposure prophylaxis drug, to prevent getting HIV. But for those not on the drug who experience exposure to HIV, there has long been Comments (1)

Building Community in Harlem

An overflow crowd numbering well over 100 –– with more than 100 more turned away by security staff at the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building on West 125th Street –– was testament to the hunger in Harlem for forging stronger social, political, and support ties among a diverse and growing LGBT population there. Comments (16)

Providing a Better Life for Our Veterans

Veterans Day is a time to pay tribute to the service and sacrifices of all US military veterans. But acknowledging what these amazing men and women have done for our country is not enough. We must do more. Comment

Sex Work Decriminalization Town Hall Set for November 11

BY NATHAN RILEY | A new organization d Comment

The Dark Recesses of the Austrian Soul

These days, it’s tough to get anyone to come and physically protest your movie. Although boycotts were declared against “Stonewall,” I don’t think anyone went to the Angelika and picketed it during its one-week run there. Austr Comment

The Front Page

Tom McCarthy’s “Spotlight” is the kind of film that’s likely to be both underrated and overrated. It’s not hip or flashy, and it doesn’t have much visual style Comments (28)

Losing and Finding Herself in the Dominican Republic

"Sand Dollars” is a sensitive and authentic romantic drama, loosely adap Comments (1)

Oh, Gimme a (Bathroom) Break!

Civil rights in Houston went down the toilet –– excuse me, that was vulgar; I meant to write the commode –– on Election Day when voters resoundingly overturned an ordinance that […] Comments (2)


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