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From the Editor

Post-Houston, Our Obligations to Our Trans Brothers & Sisters

In 1977, when gospel singer and Orange Juice pitchperson Anita Bryant took aim at the Miami-Dade gay rights ordinance, she didn’t opt for subtlety. The group she founded to mount a repeal effort at the ballot box she called Save Our Children. Her claim was that in sanctioning legal rights for gay and lesbian people, her right to instill Christian values in her children was compromised. Comments (3)

Doctors’ Embrace, Knowledge of PrEP Seen as Obstacle to Uptake

Suggesting that medical providers may be an obstacle to the wider use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), panelists at a town hall noted that there is reluctance on the part of some doctors to prescribe the HIV prevention drug regimen and there is an ongoing challenge for patients to find providers who know what PrEP is. Comments (3)

Stigma Around PrEP Takes on Several Forms

Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, a senior city health department official, makes a point during a November 19 town hall about PrEP at the LGBT Community Center, as (on l.) Michael Slater, […] Comments (2)

New Report Quantifies Disparities for Transgender New Yorkers    

A new survey-based assessment of the educational, employment, income, housing, and health status of transgender residents of New York State demonstrates startling disparities in their Comments (6)
From the Editor

Upstate Maloney’s Egregious Refugee Vote

Anyone who wonders whether Congressmember Sean Patrick Maloney regrets having given up his days and evenings as a Manhattan attorney in exchange for the life of a minority party House member sitting through long DC committee hearings and weekending in his upstate district to attend pancake breakfasts and ribbon-cuttings should consider just what the out gay Democrat is willing to do to keep his job. Comments (6)

Transgender Day of Remembrance on City Hall Steps

In the twilight hour on November 20, a group of about 75 people gathered with candles on the steps of City Hall to commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance. The annual worldwide event comes as advocates here in the US note that at least 23 transgender people across the nat Comments (7)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

The Paris Attacks

|I’ve been trying to write a piece about Paris since the attacks happened here 10 days ago. I’m not sure what I can add. Or if I should. Silence is underrated. Especially these days when even the posts by people who lost sisters or brothers or lovers begin to sound the same, but somehow still get you in the guts. Comments (3)

World AIDS Day 2015

The Callen-Lorde Community Health Center and Amida Care have developed a six-part video series detailing what people should know about PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, a regimen Comments (10)

Steamed, Grilled, or Raw    

We cracked the lobster’s claws together and shoved the meat in our mouths. There was drawn butter all over the table and my hands. My wif Comments (5)

It’s a Dog’s Life  

Annaleigh Ashford, the brilliant linchpin of “Sylvia,” current on stage, returns to 54 Below on New Year’s Eve for a reprise and refresh of her lauded cabaret show there. | MATT MURPHY […] Comment

Emotional Rescue  

Mary Lambert is not afraid to get real with you. Nor does she care if her show makes you uncomfortable — or even leaves you in tears. Fortunately, the singer-songwriter is also quick to follow up with a good fart joke. It might sound crass, but the effect is, in t Comment
Guest Perspective

A Chelsea Clinic for the 21st Century

Numbers released last week from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that we are experiencing a major explosion in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) across the country. At the same time, STD clinics in too many communities have been permanently shuttered due to budget cuts while incorrect assumptions are being made that the expansion of insurance coverage makes publicly funded STD clinics unnecessary. Thankfully, in New York City, the health department is going through a process of renovating STD clinics, doubling down on ensuring they don't just survive, but that they become centers of excellence providing the highest quality sexual health care to patients in need. Comments (2)

Raves All Around

The images created on stage by director Ivo van Hove Comments (1)
Nathan Riley

Drug Reformers Take Stock of Attitudes Moving Their Way

Underneath the jubilant mood that swept through last week’s Drug Policy Alliance international conference in Washington was a realization that the campaign to respect the human rights of drug users is proceeding slowly, even as marijuana legalization picks up speed. Comments (31)

Oklahoma High Court Gives Lesbian Co-Parent Standing in Custody Dispute 

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that a woman who spent 10 years raising a child with her former same-sex partner can use a legal approach known as the equitable doctrine of “in loco parentis” to get standing to sue for custody or visitation of the child. Comments (7)

Small Companies, Big Ambitions  

The demise of the New York City Opera left a huge vacuum in the city’s musical life Comment

Lesbian Adoptive Mom Turns to US Supreme Court After Alabama Defeat   

Attorneys for the adoptive mother of children born to her former same-sex partner have asked the US Supreme Court to review a decision by the Alabama Supreme Court that refused recognition of the adoption, which was approved by the Georgia Superior Court. The attorneys also asked the high court to restore her visitation rights while the appeal is pending by suspending the Alabama Supreme Court’s order in the case. Comment

US Judge Lets Michigan Transgender ID Challenge Go Forward    

A federal judge has refused to dismiss a claim by six transgender Michiganders that a state policy governing changes of sex designation on driver’s licenses and personal identification cards violates their constitutional privacy rights. Comments (2)
Breaking News

Council Details $6.6 Million Funding for Plan to End AIDS

Moving on the Plan to End AIDS, the City Council will spend $6.6 million to fund pre-exposure and post-exposure prophylaxis programs and efforts to aid people with HIV in staying on anti-HIV drugs so they remain non-infect Comments (8)

Today Is Transgender Day of Remembrance

November 20 is the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance to honor and mourn those lost to violence based on hatred of their gender identity, expression, or nonconformity. Comment

Midlife Crisis, with Music

“Steve” Comments (21)

A Gradually Smoldering Passion

Is “Carol,” Todd Haynes’ outstanding adaption of Patricia Highsmith's classic lesbian novel “The Price of Salt,” a piercing study of the title character (Cate Bla Comment

Too Easy a Shot at Turkish Sexual Mores

Mustang” director Deniz Gamze Ergüven is Turkish. So is her entire cast, and that coun Comments (2)
Breaking News

Manhattan Fed Judge Says Trans Equal Protection Claim Merits Heightened Scrutiny

For the first time within the US Second Circuit, a district court judge has ruled that a transgender person’s equal protection claim will receive “heightened scrutiny.” The November 15 ruling by Senior Judge Jed Rakoff of the Southern District of New York, in Adkins v. City of New York, relied Comment

Terms of Internment

“Allegiance,” a bold, heart-stirring musical starring George Takei, shines a light on a dark chapter in American history, tracing the conflict of identity that confronted people of Japanese heritage living in America during World War II. While the book Comments (4)
Media Circus

GOP Hopefuls Cozy Up to Kill-the-Gays Pastor: Where’s the Outrage?

“Earlier this month, in Des Moines, the prominent home-schooling advocate and pastor Kevin Swanson again called for the punishment of homosexuality by death. To be clear, he added that the time for eliminating America’s gay population was ‘not yet’ at hand. We must wait for the nation to embr Comments (8)


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