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Flash of Brilliance

After seeing “The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey,” James Lecesne’s gripping solo show recounting the tragic disappearance of a flamboyant gay teen in a t Comments (2)

Tidal Rhythms

Out gay filmmaker Karim Aïnouz’s superb new film “Futuro Beach” is a gripping three-part drama that begins in dangerous ocean waters. Konrad (Clemens Schick) is swimming with his friend Heiko (Fred Lima) at a Brazilian beach when Heiko suddenly disappears. Donato (Wagner Moura), a hunky lifeg Comment

Getting Beyond Gare du Nord

The outstanding French drama “Eastern Boys” opens as if it’s a sex-drenched film about exploited undocumented immigrant hustlers. A cluster of young, attractive Eastern European youths congregate outside of Paris’ Gare du Nord. In a hypnotic sequence that unf Comment

LA Overkill

For the first two thirds of his career, Canadian director David Cronenberg was known as the king of “body-horror.” Who can forget the phallic appendages grown by Marilyn Chambers in “Rabid” or the quasi-vaginal VCR slit in James Woods’ stomach in “Videodrome”? While not queer himself, Crone Comments (1)
Breaking News

Alabama: Will Dixie Defiance Crumble?

With the Supreme Court’s refusal, since last October, to block marriage equality rulings from federal appeals courts as well as some US district courts, 18 new states have been added to the roster of places same-sex couples can legally wed. Officials in several states were outspoken about their unhappiness Comments (3)

When a Straight Irishman Stumbles into a Gay Parade

It all started with the big drum. Comment

Activists Renew Call for St. Pat’s Boycott    

While the organizers of New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade have allowed Comment

Still Hearing Jerry Hoose’s Voice    

Jerry Hoose, a Christopher Street resident and gay rights movement fixture for generations, died on February 11 in Beth Israel hospice care, after a battle with stage IV pancreatic cancer. Jerry was one of the first people I met in the Gay Liberation Front after joining in November 1969, shortly after Stonewall. He had been at Stonewall on that fateful evening five months before. Comments (6)

Third Strike Against Andrew Shirvell    

Just weeks ago, Michigan’s Court of Appeals dealt t Comment

Cinema Succor in a Cold Season

January and February are usually deserts for cinephiles, although this is less true in a city with a still-thriving film repertory scene like New York. Granted, 2015 has already brought us worthwhile films like Bruno Dumont’s “Li’l Quinquin,” Desiree Akhvan’s “Ap Comment
New York State

Out Hotel Developer Scores Fire Island Bargain    

Talk about bargains. Some of the most famous real estate in gay history recently sold at auction for only 40 percent of its original asking price, falling into the hands of real estate developer Ian Reisner, owner of the Out Hotel, the g Comments (9)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

A Voice from Gay Ghana

Ghana may be one of Africa’s more democratic countries, but not for queers. Thanks in part to anti-gay campaigns encouraged — and financed — across West Africa by US evangelicals, 98 percent of people in Ghana believe that homosexuality is “morally unacceptable.” Politicians openly denounce lesbians and gay men as foreigners and abominations. They blame us for AIDS, even demand that we be rounded up and jailed, not just under colonial-era laws prohibiting “unnatural acts” but anything they can think of, even through genocide. In 2010, more than 1,000 protesters in the Western Region of Takoradi rallied against our mere existence. Comment
New York City

A New Generation Helms LGBT Expo

The Original LGBT Expo, a trade show aimed at both the consumer and business-to-business markets, has been a late winter mainstay at Manhattan’s Jacob Javits Convention Center since 1993. On February 28 and March 1, however, it will take its first bow under new management. Comments (14)
Media Circus

Jenneration Gap

From the New York Post’s unavoidable Page Six, which was compelled to cover Bruce Jenner’s transitioning by interviewing one of the Village People: “Randy Jones — aka the Cowboy from the ‘Macho Man’ band — was spotted at John and Tommy Greco’s K*Rico in Hell’s Kitchen, exclaiming, ‘I need a cocktail! I can’t wrap my mind around the news on Bruce!’… Jones concluded: ‘In the animal kingdom, there are patriarchal societies, like gorillas, and ones where females rule, li Comments (4)

Early ‘50s British Complacency Fails to Fire

Film Forum preceded the opening of British director John Boorman’s “Queen & Country” with a weeklong retrospective of his earlier films. The retro closes with “Hope and Gl Comment

Party Girl

Lady Elsie Mendl, nee De Wolfe, (1859-1950) — at various times in her life an actress, author, inveterate party hostess, and pioneering interior decorator — was universally considered one of the chicest women of her time. She enjoyed her Comments (3)

Song and Story

One tends to think of “political theater” as heavy, pedantic, angry, and obscure, a kind of dramati Comments (1)

Snowy Lincoln Center Nights

The Metropolitan’s seemingly endless run of the 1982 Zeffirelli “Bohème” resumed January 15 after more than a month’s lapse. Riccardo Frizza had trouble holding together ensemble; rehearsals for cast members new Comment
Nathan Riley

Medical Marijuana Advocates Press to Ease New York’s New Regs

Advocates for medical marijuana, aggravated by the narrowness of New York State’s path to date on the plan adopted into law last year, remain doggedly hopeful about the possibility of positive changes after the state health commissioner completes review of public comments. Comments (7)
New York City

Georgia Couple to Wed at the Javits!

Val and Chelsey are lesbians who both grew up in small-town Georgia. In addition to the typical struggles faced by young couples — they met four years ago — they were also dogged by lack of fa Comments (9)

Long Night’s Journey into Death

“The Iceman Cometh” starring Nathan Lane and Brian Dennehy in top form along with a flawless e Comments (1)

Color Commentary

We live in a post-racial society. At least that’s what the average American wants to believe. Ask anyone if they’re guilty of racism and chances are they’ll be galled and fiercely Comment
Breaking News

Hoylman, Colleagues, Advocates Rally to Boost Homeless Youth Spending

Stepping up the effort to press the Cuomo administration to provide more funding to shelter homeless youth, State Senator Brad Hoylman, an out gay Manhattan Democrat, appeared with fellow elected officials and advocates outside of City Hall on February 12 to make the case. Comments (1)
From the Editor

We've Nearly Arrived in Dothan

As a crimson tide of same-sex marriage rolls across Alabama, lives are being transformed right before our eyes. This week marks another huge stage in the paradigm shift that has remade that state in the past 50 years. And if racial progress upended a way of life in Alabama centuries old, gay marriage manages to go beyond race, straight to the core of every family, black and white. Comments (5)

Mayor’s Proposed Budget Includes No New Dollars for Plan to End AIDS

The two city agencies that are most likely to contribute resources to a plan to substantially reduce new HIV infections in New York saw their funding cut in the city’s preliminary Comments (2)
Breaking News UPDATED

As State Supreme Court Chief Justice Orders Resistance, US High Court Declines to Block Alabama Marriages

As it has done consistently since early October, the United States Supreme Court this morning denied the State of Alabama’s petition to extend the stay on two federal court marriage equality rulings while the state prepares to appeal them. Comments (4)


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