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If Selma Taught Us Anything, It’s That Our Work Is Never Done

In a remarkable 32-minute speech in Selma, Alabama, the scene of bloody conflicts 50 years ago on the road to establishing the right of African Americans to vote, President Barack Obama paid tribute to the Civil Rights heroes of that era while tying their efforts to the broader push for dignity for black Americans over the past 150 years –– and also to the nation's expanding frontiers of equality across the board. The March 7 speech was a direct rejoinder to critics who have charged that the president is unappreciative of American "exceptionalism." Comments (1)

All-American Dream

Steve Grand may well have felt that lightning struck. In July 2013, the songwriter, singer, piano player, and guitarist from the Chicago suburbs released a self-produced debut single, “All American Boy,” that went viral in a matter of days. The country-infused song soon scored him appearances on “Good Morning America,” CNN, and Larry King&# Comments (15)

Snowy Streets, Silent Trains Don’t Dampen St. Pat’s For All  

With both the MTA and the weather working against the 16th annual St. Pat’s for All Parade in Sunnyside, a stalwart contingent still made its way to Queens on Sunday to march through a snowstorm in an inclusive celebration of Ireland’s national saint. Comments (3)

GLAAD Lowers Its Profile in Fifth Avenue Parade Controversy    

In 2014, GLAAD leapt into the controversy over the continued exclusion of LGBT Irish groups from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade when it persuaded Guinness, the beer brand owned by Diageo, the liquor giant, to end its sponsorship of the Fifth Avenue parade. Comment

San Francisco Study Suggests Scope of PrEP Need in New York

A study presented at the Conference o Comments (3)

Kerry Kennedy Lauds “Celebration” Over “Tolerance”  

Kerry Kennedy minced no words in characterizing the longstanding policy of Manhattan’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Comments (2)

Magician Challenging Magical Thinking

There’s a sucker born every minute, perhaps, but there are all too few people who try to expose the swindlers, charlatans, and con men who deceive them. Magician James “The Amazing” Randi, the subject of the fantastic documentary “An Honest Liar,” is one such debunker. Directors Tyler Measom and Justin Weinst Comment
From the Editor

De Blasio Staying the Course

Marching in the inclusive St. Pat’s for All Parade in Sunnyside, Queens this past Sunday, Mayor Bill de Blasio was asked if the decision by the organizers of the annual March 17 parade on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue to a Comments (8)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Sex, Bondage, and Equality

I ’ve been thinking about sex lately. Sex and equality. Mostly because I’m trying to write a screenplay, and when I asked a bunch of bi and lesbian girls in Istanbul recently if they had any requests for a theme, they all said, “Intimacy.” One person specifically wanted to see BDSM. It was the first thing she said all night, so I knew it meant something. Comments (1)

Two Fresh Voices

I always welcome a truly fresh and talented voice in the theater — they are all too rare, but Sheila Callaghan definitely is one. Her enthralling, ultra-glamorous, but equally deep play “Everythin Comments (3)

Relations, Revival, Regrets

The fragile, fragmented story of a lesbian couple’s 25-year relationship is the focus of Tanya Barfield’s “Bright Half Life,” now at the Women’s Project. Comment


Some gay men refer to women’s bodies as “fish” or “sushi,” and as a foodie, part of me is shocked they don’t mean it as a compliment. To me, sushi, in the form of naked, unadorned salmon, tuna, or shrimp surrounding vinegared rice and a dab of wasabi, is one of the sexiest foods there is. Lobster, oysters, clams, and scallops are ev Comments (2)
Susie Day

In Bad Repair: An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Zeitgeist

It isn’t often a marginalized countercultural journalist such as myself gets to interview America’s Mr. Big. But finally they let me in to see Mr. Zeitgeist. Like most of us, Mr. Zeitgeist comes from immigrant stock. His name combines the German words for “time” (zeit) with “spirit” (geist).” Mr. Zeitgeist is, indeed, the Spirit of Our American Times. Comments (2)
Media Circus

Better Ingredients, Better Terrorists — Papa Abu’s

The inter-national jihadist comedy troupe ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) took a break from filming its ongoing series of beheading videos to announce on Twitter its plan to attack Rome and hurl gay Romans off the city’s “leaning tower of pizza.” Comments (1)

The Swan of Pesaro’s Highland Fling

The standard mid 20th century critical trope regarding Gioachino Rossini was that his genius was limited to opera buffa and his musical legacy would consist of the “The Barber of Seville” and the “William Tell Overt Comments (1)
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Alabama Supreme Court Orders Halt to Same-Sex Marriages

The Alabama Supreme Court, in a 7-1 ruling that will likely sow the very confusion the court claims to be trying to counter, has ordered probate court judges in that state’s 67 counties to stop issuing what the majority combatively referred to as "purported 'marriage licenses'" to same-sex couples, despite rulings from a federal district court striking down that state’s ban on gay marriage. Comments (3)
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Indictment in Islan Nettles’ 2013 Harlem Slaying

Roughly 18 months after Islan Nettles died from injuries she suffered during an assault in Harlem, the Manhattan district attorney announced an indictment on manslaughter and assault charges in the killing. Comment
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Federal Judge Orders Nebraska to End Marriage Ban; Delays Order Eight Days

Finding that Nebraska’s constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage violates the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause, a federal district court has granted a motion by seven same-sex couples for a preliminary injunc Comment

Geek Power

Move over Gotham, there’s a hip new hangout for superheroes: Brooklyn. Comment

Corey Johnson, Advocates Press to Broaden HIV Housing Eligibility

Legislation that would give the benefits currently provided to people with AIDS by the city’s HIV/ AIDS Services Administration (HASA) to people who are HIV-positive but asymptomatic was introduc Comments (1)

NJ Court Finds Conversion Therapy Group Violated Consumer Fraud Law

A New Jersey judge issued two pretrial rulings in February that increased the likelihood that an organization providing so-called conversion therapy to “assist individuals to purge unwanted same-sex attractions” will be found liable for consumer fraud. The suit, brought on behalf of six individuals against JONAH, Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing, claims they were defrauded and demands both reimbursement of the fees paid and compensation for the costs of therapy they had to undergo to undo the damage caused by JONAH’s treatment. Comment

“Oscar” Winning, But Not for Best Score

It is never a happy task to criticize a work which is created out of love for the best artistic and social reasons by gifted people –– but good intentions do not automatically make great a Comment

Highest Military Court Jettisons 22-Year HIV Transmission Precedent

Reversing the conviction of an HIV-positive serviceman on charges of aggravated assault for engaging in unprotected oral and vaginal sex with women during swingers’ parties, the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces ruled unanimously on February 23 that the statistical likelihood of transmitting HIV under such circumstances would not support a conviction under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Aggravated assault is defined under the UCMJ as “assault with a dangerous weapon or other means or force likely to produce death or grievous bodily harm.” Comments (2)

State’s Highest Bench Approves Reduced Charges for HIV Transmission

New York State’s highest court has ruled that a trial judge appropriately granted a defendant’s motion to reduce charges against him from felony to misdemeanor reckless endangerment in a case where the defendant apparently transmitted HIV to another man through unprotected anal sex without disclosing his HIV status, reassuring his partner that it was “okay.” Comment


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