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Maybe She's Crazy

Bob can be seen all over town — check her out at Barracuda Lounge, 275 W. 22nd St., on Monday nights; showtime at midnight. Comment

OUT of Their Minds

Abject apologies, posted on Facebook on April 26, from the two gay Manhattan developers who last week hosted a highly publicized dinner and “fireside chat” with Texas Senator Ted Cruz did little to calm an explosion of online fury. Nor did they prevent a crowd of more than 100 protesters from descending on the West Side hotel they jointly own the following evening. Comments (5)

Advocates Rally With Cuomo as He Accepts Plan to End AIDS Blueprint   

While some participants on the 63-member task force that wrote a plan to end the AIDS epidemic in New York by 2020 were Comments (1)
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Kennedy Alternately Passionate and Coy During Supreme Court Arguments

Marriage equality’s day of reckoning finally arrived at the United States Supreme Court when, on April 28, it he Comments (3)

From Manhattan to DC, New Yorkers Ready for Marriage

The routes two Manhattan gay men took to their seat in the Supreme Court chambers on April 28 listening to the historic marriage equality arguments could not have been more different. Comment

New Country for Old Men

“Gerontophilia” is not the typical radical, pornographic film experience offered up by Canadian enfant terrible Bruce LaBruce. This unexpectedly sweet film depicts the unconventional love affair between a handsome recent college grad, Lake (Pier-Gabriel Lajoie), and Mr. Peabod Comment

Diversity Celebrated at Publishing Triangle Awards  

It was a mix of old and new at the 27th annual Publishing Triangle Awards, an event that honors the best in LGBT publishing. Many stalwarts and icons of the gay literary community were in attendance and celebrated during the course of the evening, but the Apr Comments (7)
New York State

A Gay Basketball Coach’s Winning Season  

If success as a coach involves confidence, honesty, and forging mutual dedication with your players, Anthony Nicodemo is a champion. The head boys’ basketball coach at Saunders High School in Yonkers may not be overloaded with trophies, but he does have his team’s utmost Comments (23)

Still on Stage at 90

Women in the public eye face tremendous pressure to look beautiful and sexy. You’d think that by the time they reach their 80s, this demand would relent, but I just read a newspaper article critiquing 89-year-old Angela Lansbury’s appearance. If actresses turn to plastic surgery to look eternally youthful, they run t Comment

Four Gay Council Members Push Subsidy for Anti-Gay Schools    

Four out gay members of the City Council are siding with anti-gay lobbyists in their quest to secure tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars in city funds to pay for school safety officers Comments (8)
From the Editor

More Dollars Than Sense

As Out Hotel developers and owners Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass planned their April 20 dinner/ fireside chat with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a long-shot Republican presidential candidate, they clearly had convinced themselves they were players. A week before, a similar event — this one a reelection fundraiser — was held at chez Reisner-Weiderpass on Central Park South for Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who heads the Homeland Security Comments (3)

Get Her

About 17 million people watched Bruce Jenner come out as transgender on “20/20 — Bruce Jenner: The Interview” on April 24, earning the news show its highest rating in 15 years. But it was hardly news. Comment

City Request for Health Services Bids Shows Shift to PrEP, TasP Funding 

City contracts that were recently put out for bids add further evidence that government HIV prevention dollars are favoring biomedical interventions that prevent HIV infections, such as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and moving away from behavioral interventions that seek to alter sexual behavior. Comments (1)
News Briefs

Brooklyn Pride Center Gathers For Sixth Anniversary

In celebration of its sixth anniversary, the Brooklyn Community Pride Center, which served more than 5,000 LGBTQ residents of the borough last year, held its Community Leadership Awards & Gala on April 23. Comment

Three Manhattan Essentials

The latest edition of the 92 Street Y’s Lyric and Lyricists series is “All Dancing! All Singing! Irving Berlin in Hollywood” and the special guest star is Sandy Duncan, who told me, “My husband of 35 years, Don Coreia, and I are doing ‘A Couple of Swells’ from ‘Easter Parade.’ Berlin’s music is just timeless for f Comment
Guest Perspective

Sixteen is the New Six

When Walt Disney was 16 he forged his parents’ signatures and lied about his age so he could join the American Ambulance Corps, which was part of the Red Cross. That’s how he found himself in Europe, just after World War I ended, driving ambulances. Comments (9)

Syphilis “Surge” in Chelsea Dates Back to 2007    

While some recent press reports claimed syphilis is surging among gay and bisexual men in Chelsea, the higher case rate in that neighborhood has existed for roughly eight years and shows no signs of declining. Comment
Nathan Riley

Reisner, Weiderpass, and the GOP Bid for Jewish Votes

The LGBT community has, in recent decades, made itself a major factor in presidential politics, not least when large sums of money have been raised at gala events for Democratic candidates. To the extent that Republican hopefuls have engaged gays and lesbians at all, it has been at considerable distance, often in quiet meetings with the Log Cabin Republicans attended only by campaign staff. So, it was striking when a particularly unlikely candidate, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, reached out last week to gay men as part of a larger drive to pull Jewish voters into the GOP fold. Comment

Tough Times in the Big Easy

A couple of years back, Lisa D’Amour’s “Detroit” was a breakout hit at Playwrights Horizons, winning the Obie Award for Best New American Play and named a Pulitzer finalist. The four-character work w Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Dyke-Baiting, Trans-Hating, and the MichFest Debacle

Early last week, Lisa Vogel announced that the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival would close after this year’s 40th anniversary event. The response was tears in some quarters, and from some “good riddance.” I’m ashamed to admit that I put off weighing in because I’m not thick-skinned and I hate getting trolled. Comments (59)
Media Circus

The Ozark Culture Wars

Eureka!,” Archimedes cried after stepping into the bath — “I have found it!” The ancient Greek scholar was not referring to a fellow bather’s perfect scrotum but rather to his own observation that the bathwater had risen in direct proportion to the mass that had just been inserted into it, namely Archimedes. Comment

A Buddhist Pedestrian in Paris

Out gay Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-liang has never had much American commercial success. Yet the critical kudos he’s received seem to be building momentum for his work. His film “Stray Dogs” was one of the Comment

Flying High

If there is such a thing as a “perfect” musical, then “An American in Paris” surely qualifies. This sumptuous production, based on the classic 1951 movie, flawlessly synthesizes song, story, and dance in a stunning and emotionally rich experience likely to take up near-permanent residence at the Palace Theatre. Comment

Paris in the Springtime

Trips to Paris always put matters operatic in perspective. Opera’s capital in the 19th century, the city drew international composers and singers to much in Comment
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Faced With Cancellations, Threatened Protest, One of Ted Cruz's NYC Gay Hotelier Hosts Apologizes

In the face of a protest planned for April 27, one of two gay Manhattan developers who last week hosted a highly publicized dinner and “fireside chat” with Texas Senator Ted Cruz –– a Republican presidential candidate long outspoken in his opposition to LGBT equality –– has issued Comments (8)
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In Press Briefing, Next Week's Supreme Court Marriage Litigators Cautious, Focused

As the States of Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, and Kentucky head to the US Supreme Court on April 28 to defend their policies barring marriage by same-sex couples and the legal recognition of such unions from other jurisdictions, one of their key arguments is that the question should not be settled by the courts but is instead the unique province of their st Comments (4)

A Father Comes Home as a Son Comes Out

With “Blackbird,” out gay director Patrik-Ian Polk — co-writing with Rikki Beadle-Blair, also gay — has loosely adapted Larry Duplechan’s celebrated novel about an African-Americ Comment

New Voices Make their Mark

It used to be that when cancellations occurred at the Metropolitan Opera it was a cause for disappointment and concern; lately it has become a cause for celebration. This season has seen numerous cast changes –– “La Bohème” had 15 performance Comment

Paris. The One in Texas.

He sure has come a long way — Seth Sikes performed his third sold-out performance at 54 Below on Thursday, April 16, aptly titled “Seth Sikes is Still Singing Judy Garland.” Sikes kicked off the evening with a medley of “Lucky Day,” “I Got Rhythm,” and “Everybody Sing&# Comment

Home Is Where the Hurt Is

A rueful graphic novelist recalls her awkward first lesbian encounter. Distraught parents argue at the top of their lungs. A suicidal, closeted funeral director hits on underage boys. Not exactly the typical stuff of hit Broadway shows, that’s for sure. Comment


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