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A Grossly Indecent Betrayal

For years, R Comment
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Judge May Limit Dallas BBQ Defendant's Ability to Argue Self-Defense

Bayna-Lekheim El-Amin may be allowed to claim self-defense for only a portion of his actions during a 2015 fight with two gay men for which he is on trial on felony assault charges. Comment
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Dallas BBQ Accuser Says He Didn’t Know Who Called Him “Faggot”

Jonathan Snipes believed that he and his boyfriend had been the victims of an anti-gay hate crime in a Chelsea restaurant last year. He told that he was attacked after confronting two men who called him a “faggot.” Comments (1)
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Defendant in 2015 Dallas BBQ Assault Case Claims Self-Defense

The trial of a man accused of assault on two gay men in a Chelsea restaurant last year opened with the defense arguing that the man acted in self-defense after he was set upon by one of the two, who had been drinkin Comments (2)
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Clinton Broadly Embraces Agenda for Fighting AIDS in Meeting With Activists

Hillary Clinton made a number of promises to advance the fight against HIV and offered critiques of some of the current responses in that fight during a May 12 meeting with leading AIDS groups. Comments (3)

Becoming Carlos Danger

The curse of Anthony Weiner’s life is that it can be so easily reduced to a tabloid headline about sexting. Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg’s documentary “Weiner” tries to mount a defense of the politician, but it too succumbs to the inevitability of making his online sex life the most inter Comment

Stonewall National Park Now In Obama’s Hands

The momentum for declaring the area outside the Stonewall Inn a national monument overseen by the National Park Service seems headed for an inevitable conclusion, with all the political, LGBT rights movement, and community forces aligned in its favor at a May 9 public hearing at PS 41 in Greenwich Village. Comments (2)
From the Editor

Andrew Sullivan, Ever the Tory

Gay writer and erstwhile blogger Andrew Sullivan, in a roughly 7,000-word cover story in New York magazine, offers an analysis of the Trump phenomenon he perhaps believes is suitably apocalyptic for his return to long-form journalism. Comments (52)

City/ State Distrust, Underfunding Imperil Plan to End AIDS

In late May of last year, AIDS activists asked Mayor Bill de Blasio to add $10 million to the city’s budget for the Plan to End AIDS to match Governor Andrew Cuomo’s $10 million contribution to that plan in the state budget. The city’s Off Comments (1)

Resistance on Bathrooms, Marriage Sparks Flood of Litigation

May has brought a flood of litigation over LGBT rights in the federal courts. With the month not even at its mid-point, half a dozen lawsuits have been filed in US district courts related to either the transgend Comments (10)

Attorney General "Stands With" Transgender Americans

The North Carolina General Assembly passed House Bill 2 in special session on March 23 of this year. The bill sought to strike down an Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Vampires, Activists, and the Return of “The Gilda Stories”

When “The Gilda Stories” came out in 1991, vampires weren’t such a big thing, and black, lesbian ones were unheard of. But that didn’t matter to Jewelle Gomez, who at first was just writing for revenge. Cat-call her, harass her on the street and she would rip your throat out & Comments (1)
Media Circus

The Pissoirs of Crackpot Alley

Toilets, toilets, toilets! If it weren’t for the farcical but terrifying triumph of the billionaire buffoon Spy magazine used to call “the short-fingered vulgarian,” the news would be dominated by bathroom chatter. That coverage of Donald Trump — news, analyses, endorsements, denunciations — has managed to render secondary America’s creepy fixation on who goes where demonstrates the inexplicable power “the developer from Queens” (another of Spy’s endlessly repeated tags) has managed to accrue over the past 11 months since he declared his candidacy in the hideous rose-marbled lobby of Trump Tower. Comments (3)

Conviction Nixed, But No Wrongful Imprisonment Suit for Poz Man

In an unfortunate turnabout, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously ruled on April 15 that Nick Rhoades, whose guilty-plea conviction to one count of criminal transmission of HIV was reversed Comments (1)

Fantasy Encounters with Dessert

Fantasy plays an enormous role in eating. But in the realm of pastry it is off the charts. At Cronut creator Dominique Ansel’s two bakeries in Manhattan, I saw a pastry made of sesame and cherry imitating a Japanese paper crane. I saw another confection made to look and taste like a giant black Comments (1)

Earning Those Emotions  

Gay filmmaker Terence Davies’ latest film, “Sunset Song,” is a handsomely mounted period epic. Based on the novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon, the film is a coming of age tale set in rural Scotland in the early 1900s. Chris (Agyness Deyn), a schoolgirl, lives a hardscrabble life. Her father, Jo Comment

Post-Punk Architecture

The late, great British writer J. G. Ballard combined radical and conservative streaks, although he moved farther to the left with age. His 1975 nove Comments (17)

75 Years for Poz Man’s Unprotected Sex With Gay Teen Upheld

On April 19, the Court of Appeals of Mississippi affirmed a 75-year prison sentence for Timothy Allen McCoy, who was convicted of four counts of sexual battery and one count of exposing another to HIV. Comments (1)

Bordonada Assoluta

A protean, largely unknown talent just hit town. I am talking about Carla Bordonada, who, before a packed, cheering May 8 house, won the Rising Star vocal competition at Hell’s Kitchen’ Comments (29)

Crazy for You

The best satire has truth at its core. If you want to plumb the source of today’s narcissistically isolated and social media-obsessed Comment

Season Closers

James Levine got hero’s welcomes before, after, and during April 13’s Met “Simon Boccanegra.” That has become standard for the music director as he is — w Comment


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