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With Pence Pick, Trump Bets on Hard Right

Following news that the Republican Party may have produced its most socially conservative platform ever, Donald Trump, the party’s presumptive nominee for Comments (1)

Win on NYS Medicaid Paying for Gender Transition “Cosmetic Surgery”

A US district judge has granted summary judgment to four transgender plaintiffs on a claim that the New York State Medicaid program’s categorical ban on “cosmetic surgery” related to ge Comments (2)

US Park Officials Rebut Riis Beach Gay Arrestee's Claims

The National Park Service and the US Park Police are telling a decidedly different version of a July 4 arrest for public nudity at Jacob Riis Park in Queens than the gay man they took into custody, photographer Krys Fox. Comments (5)

Iconic Photographer, Both Chatty and Cagey

Laura Israel’s jazzy, inspiring documentary “Don’t Blink — Robert Frank” is a nifty portrait of the iconic Swiss-born photographer. Through artfully assembled interviews, home Comments (2)

Caught Short by Cuomo HIV Mandate, Absent Money

While a Cuomo administration order requiring New York City’s HIV/ AIDS Services Administration (HASA) to enroll people with HIV in its benefits program won praise from LGBT and AIDS groups, Mayor Bill de Blasio was surprised by the announcement and non-committal when asked if the city would support extending HASA services to HIV-positive people and not just those with an AIDS diagnosis. Comments (4)

In Brooklyn and the Bronx, SAGE Moves on Senior Housing

Seventeen months after outlining a bold plan to remake the housing opportunities for queer seniors nationwide, SAGE or Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders announced it has the financing in place to put shovel to earth on two affordable housing developments — one in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, and the other on Crotona Park North in the Bronx. Comments (47)

Yazbek & McClure

When I met my favorite living musical composer, David Yazbek, at the June 21 press preview at 54 Below for its upcoming shows, I threw a very unfamiliar name at him. Comment

Sisterhood Rhapsody

There are Americans who live in a world made entirely of Japanese culture: anime, manga, outrageous fashion. The frequency with which Japanese settings are used in cyberpunk science fiction suggests that many writers see Comment

Federal Court Blocks Anti-LGBT Mississippi Law

Just minutes before Mississippi’s anti-LGBT H.B. 1523 was scheduled to go into effect on July 1, US District Judge Carlton W. Reev Comment

Equal Marriage Rights Means Two Moms

Finding that Indiana was failing to comply with the Supreme Court’s mandate for marriage equality in refusing to list the same-sex spouses of birth mothers on their children’s birth certificates, US District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt, in cases brought by several same-sex couples married before their children were born, ordered that both moms’ names be identified in such cases. Comments (1)
New York City

In Orlando’s Wake, Outpouring on Pride Sunday

The Orlando massacre of June 12 could well have cast a pall over LGBT pride celebrations across the country, giving us pause about parading down the street when there are those out there who wish us harm. Instead, the community and our allies were defiant, coming out in palpably greater numbers than ever before. Some activists who had skipped the march in recent years returned, and it was peppered with more immediate mean Comment

Getting Fancy

The words “fancy food” make my heart swell, for better or worse. In 1970, “fancy food” is what we called it when my father got a gift basket from his boss full of special jams, cheeses that weren’t Kraft Singles, and chocolates that were not from Hershey. That basket thrilled me. (The cheeses were still Comments (7)
Media Circus

The Urgent Case for Agreeing to Disagree

The magnificent Dan Savage recently tweeted a link to a seriously complicated essay about, well, many things, especially the intolerance of ambivalence in contemporary political and social discourse. Written by Brian D. Earp and published on the website, which bills itself as “a platform for free thought,” the essay is a model of well-reasoned, high-level argumentation. Earp is no intellectual slo Comments (5)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Income and Equality on Independence Day

Another Fourth of July, and Independence Day in the US seems especially ironic this year since Britain, the country we won our independence from, just voted to sever ties with the European Union and is already regretting it. Comments (1)

Trans Day of Action With Old-Time Radical Feel

Being in Washington Square the afternoon of Friday, June 24 for the 12th annual Trans Day of Action was like being thrust into what an LGBT march looked like in 1969, the year of the Stonewall Rebellion: a crowd of 2,000 that was diverse, countercultural, fierce, and dedicated to a range of progre Comment

Autos and an Auto-da-Fe

It’s delightful to be in San Francisco in June, with Frameline’s massive LGBTQ film festival just the pinnacle of Bay Area cultural events for a diverse community. This year’s San Franci Comments (1)
New York City

The Unbridled Fierceness of Dykes

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | On June 25, the afternoon before the LGBT Pride March, lesbians took the whole pride matter into their own hands with their annual exuberant, noisy, colorful, and un-permitted march down Fifth Avenue, from the Public Library to the cool fountain found 35 blocks south in Washington Square Park. Comments (3)
Guest Perspective

Ending the HIV/ AIDS Epidemic in the Transgender Community

In recent years, there have been great strides in treating and preventing HIV and in reducing the number of new HIV infections in New York. Yet HIV is an ongoing crisis in the transgender community, and it often goes unacknowledged. Comments (4)
Guest Perspective

Playing Politics on Immigration Rights Hurts LGBT Lives

To say I am deeply disappointed would be an understatement. We at the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) are aggrieved as a badly divided US Supreme Court issued a 4-4 decision in the case US v Texas on June 23. The decision upholds a lower court’s ruling to block President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration, which expanded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and crea Comments (1)

Gender Bent and Broken

Rape on campus is much in the news. From the cases at Vanderbilt and the University of Virginia to recent controversies over sentences handed down in rapes at Indiana University and Stanford, it’s a subject that’s fraught with tension. While court proceedings, reactions to them, and protests are widely covered, t Comment


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