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Navy to Name Ship in Harvey Milk’s Honor

US Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has notified Congress of the Navy’s intention to name a Military Sealift Command fleet oiler the USNS Harvey Milk, in honor of the LGBT rights leader and San Francisco city supervisor who was assassinated in 1978. Comments (12)

When Home Is No Sanctuary

Lesbian writer and director Patricia Rozema’s “Into the Forest” is an intense apocalyptic drama adapted from Jean Hegland’s celebrated novel. In the near future, two sisters, Nell (Ellen Page) and Eva (Evan Rache Comments (4)
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"The Most Anti-LGBT Platform" Ever

In a year when the Human Rights Campaign argues, “The Trump-Pence ticket is the gravest threat the LGBTQ community has ever faced in a presidential election,” even the Log Cabin Republicans, who for decades have struggled to make lemonade out of the lemons in front of them, declared the platform adopted at the national convention in Cleveland “the most anti-LGBT platform in the party’s 162-year history.” (See Comments (11)
From the Editor

GOP to Gays: Drop Dead

On issue after issue, he has employed a dizzying combination of hyperbole, exaggerations, outright misstatements, even lies, changed and abandoned positions, and contradictory ideas – those last often delivered in the very same speech, even sometimes in the very same sentence. Comments (5)

Citing 2011-2014 Data, Cuomo Says Post-14 End AIDS Plan Working

Citing an increase in the number of HIV-positive people who have no detectable virus in their blood and an estimated decline in the number of new HIV infections in New York that occurred b Comments (4)

Bringing LGBT Healthcare to the Boroughs

Through a cooperative partnership as well as expansion and planned expansion beyond Manhattan, the city’s two non-profit LGBT-focused healthcare pr Comments (2)
Guest Perspective

Mental Health Challenges Can Be Addressed — And Surmounted

Earlier this month, I met Picasso. Comments (5)
Media Circus

On the Lighter Side

My most recent Media Circus column — about a complicated essay by the brilliant bioethicist and philosopher Brian Earp — was pretty heavy duty, so this time I’ve purposely gone light. Comments (1)

When Feelin’ Good Was Easy

Even the best films about lesbians directed by men, such as Robert Aldrich’s “The Killing of Sister George” and David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive,” tend to end unhappily, if not tragically. A new French film directed by a lesbia Comment
Nathan Riley

After Dallas and Baton Rouge

After former soldiers have twice in recent days launched lethal attacks on police, the Republicans are testing the national civil rights coalition’s ability to turn adversity into advantage. Comments (5)

Exploring the Wilderness in Search of Love

The search for love is a central drive in life and art. Love can take us into unfamiliar places — both in the wilds of Comments (8)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Anti-Queer Terrorism, What a Joke

Listen to this. It’s hilarious. So a guy walks into a bar. A gay bar in Orlando on Latino night. He has an MCX and a 9mm — No, you haven’t heard this one before. That was a pipe bomb and New York. No, not that either. That was New Orleans and fire. Let me finish. — So a guy walks into the bar where all these Puerto Rican fags are dancing and drinking, maybe even kissing or something, and he starts shooting. Comments (13)

Maryland, Michigan Differ on Key Co-Parent Issue Pending In NYS

Appellate courts in Maryland and Michigan reached opposing conclusions in decisions announced on July 7 about whether a biological mother’s lesbian partner can seek visitation with the child they were raising together before their relationship broke up. Comments (1)

Addicted to Likes

There is no pre-show announcement at “Privacy” demanding the silencing of cell phones. In fact, they urge you to keep them switched on and to fiddle with them throughout the play. Comment

Nature Under Surveillance

For far too long, the uncanny has been missing from American independent cinema. It has a long and venerable tradition in our literature, from Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft to Thomas Ligotti and lesbian transgender author Caitlin Kiernan. But while indie h Comments (13)

Defying Gravity

The legendary actress Mary Martin (1913-1990) was a very private person at a time when it was still possible to be an internationally beloved star and live that way. That poses a unique challenge to a biographer. Happily, author David Kaufman proves himself more than up to the task, and his new book, “Some Enchanted Evenings: The Glittering Life and Times of Mary Martin,” provides a rich portrait of Martin’s life an Comments (2)

Barrie Chase Remembers

For those of us forever enraptured by Hollywood’s Golden Age and its indelible personalities, chasing memories is a race against time, as each passing year sees fewer and fewer of them alive and well enough to tell their tales. Comment

Pitch Imperfect

You won’t go see “The Marvelous Wonderettes” for its plot, that’s for sure. It’s a forced, paper-thin tale of a high school girl group recruited to entertain at their Comment
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As Cleveland Conclave Opens, Protesters Target Trump Tower

“They woke a sleeping giant with the LGBT community,” said Glenn Zuraw about the National Rifle Association, as he stood outside Trump Tower o Comment


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