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Woodside Rallies for Trans Woman Attacked in Hate Crime

Gaby (in red T-shirt), who was attacked with a hammer on August 17, with Public Advocate Letitia James, City Council Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer, Gaby's translator, City Comptroller Scott Stringer, […] Comments (1)

Crushing Midlife Crisis

“Does something happen soon? It’s pretty dull, this.” Comment

Boxed In

I am not a fan of company “team building” exercises. And — full disclosure — I used to put together Comment
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Texas AG Wins Temporary Halt to Obama Order Giving Trans Students Access to Bathrooms Nationwide

A federal district judge in Wichita Falls, Texas, has issued a nationwide preliminary injunction against the Obama administration’s requirement that schools allow transgender students to use restroom facilities consistent with their gender identity – in a ruling that straightjackets curr Comments (1)
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Broadway Dancer, Charged in Boyfriend’s Murder, Asked Forgiveness on Facebook

A man charged in the August 19 strangulation murder of his boyfriend in the Bronx took to Facebook in the immediate aftermath of the violence with a series of posts that amounted to a cryptic confession of sorts. Comments (5)

Thumping Trump, Larry Kramer A Lion Once More

Most people opposing Donald Trump figure his supporters are beyond conversion therapy and are focusing on getting out the vote for their side. Comments (3)

In Wake of Student Suicide, Dromm Demands Long’s Ouster

Out gay City Councilmember Daniel Dromm, who chairs the Education Committee, is calling for Michael Long, who heads the state’s Conservative Party, to step down as board chair of Holy Angels Catholic Academy in Brooklyn after a 13-year-old student there, Daniel Fitzpatrick, hanged himself on August 11. Comments (6)

An Invader in the Pleasure Dome

This past March, I received a call from Dr. Art Rastinehad, the young urologist who had just performed the latest prostate biopsy on me — the fifth done on me over the last decade — informing me I have prostate cancer. Though for years I had faced the possibility of this diagnosis, no one ever is really prepared for it. Comments (14)

Supreme Court Blocks Virginia Trans Boy’s Bathroom Access

The US Supreme Court, in granting a Virginia school district a stay of a federal district court’s June 23 preliminary injunction, has blocked, for now, a transgender boy’s access to appropriate restroom facilities at the high school he attends. The August 3 decision by the high court fre Comment

LGBT Anti-Gun Activists Target Asset Manager BlackRock

LGBT activists affiliated with Gays Against Guns (GAG) took their message to the headquarters of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management firm, to protest its holdings in two gun manufacturers, Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger. Comments (1)
Media Circus

Back to Rio’s Daily Grindr, This Beast Goes Ugly

Straight men can be so oblivious! Comments (6)

The Fog of Desire

“Spa Night” is a complex, quietly powerful drama about ethnicity and gay identity, written and directed by Andrew Ahn. David (Joe Seo) is a shy, closeted young man who lives in LA’s Koreatown with his father Jin (Youn Ho Cho), and his mother Soyoung (Haerry Kim). When Jin loses the family restaurant, David secretly takes a job Comments (2)
From the Editor

Trump’s Cynical Talk About Gays & Immigration

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump took a break this week from his daily routine of outrageous unscripted outbursts to make something of a serious — read: teleprompter-assisted — speech, this one about national security. His mission, though, was much the same as with his spontaneous utterings — to stir fear among voters — but in this setting, his remarks were organized, fleshed out in full sentences (at least in the official transcript), and, crucially, vetted by advisors. Comments (4)

Madonna and Michael’s Main Man

The director and choreographer Vince Paterson may not be known to you by name, but you definitely know his work. The dazzling dance moves you’ve seen in the most iconic music videos — from Michael Jackson and Madonna to films like “Dancer in the Dark,” “Evita,” and “The Birdcage,” am Comments (4)

A Mother’s Voice Eclipsed

For her first feature, actor/ writer/ director Natalie Portman took on a very ambitious project. Working in Israel, she adapted the childhood memoir o Comment

Bow Ties and C-Sharps

I’ll come right out and say it, although he’d hate it: Aaron Weinstein is a genius. The first time I saw the musician enter a stage — the ultimate long, lean, bespectacled, bow-tied, and quite adorable nerdling — whip out his violin, and proceed to share his intense, elegant, and drily witty l Comments (2)

The Fur is Flying

As Gus the theater cat sings in the splendid revival of “Cats” now back on Broadway, “The theater is certainly not what it was.” Aging Gus’ glory days were a highpoint in art, quite lost in all the modernity of a world that, not incidentally, has pass Comments (1)

A Stale Immigrant Narrative

In the “Musings” blog, critic Ryan Wu recently pondered why there have been so many films about the white immigrant experience and so few about Latino or Asian immigrants. He came to the conclusion that a film like “The Namesake” is expected to speak for all Asian immigrants, while “The Comment

Forgotten Treasures of Bel Canto

One of the ironies of music — and art in general — is that today’s popular sensation may be tomorrow’s historical foot Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

The Politics of Fear

It’s time to quit blaming poor white people for the rise of Donald Trump and his immigrant-hating, misogynist, racist, anti-everything minions. No, according to a huge study by Jonathan Rothwell of 87,000 Gallup poll responses, Trump supporters include a lot of white men with blue-collar jobs, but they aren’t poor. In fact, their incomes are a little bit above average even if they don’t have college degrees. Comments (3)
Susie Day

Police Shoot Another Rich White Man

Darien, CT — Only days before he was to enter Yale Law School, Trey Von Der Brown, 22, was mowed down behind the wheel of his powder-blue 2016 Mini Cooper convertible in a hail of police bullets. In the passenger seat, Wentworth MacFarquhar, 19, a second-year student at Yale Business School, was critically wounded. Comments (18)

Gay Jamaican Immigrant Gets Deportation Reprieve

A gay immigrant from Jamaica, who was subject to deportation based on state law convictions in Connecticut, now has a second chance to win a reprieve based on an August 9 federal appeals court decision. Comments (2)

Texas Denies Trans Man’s Request for Legal Gender Change

A Texas appeals court, finding no specific state law or regulation authorizing the “gender designation change” requested by a transgender man, has upheld the trial judge’s original denial of his petition. Comment


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