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Pre-Middle Age Angst

Everybody knows the tragic backstory of “Rent,” where the show’s 35-year old creator Jonathan Lars Comment
From the Editor

Trust in Honest Elections Fundamental to Our Democracy

The latest dispiriting turn in a toxic presidential campaign has been Republican Donald Trump’s insistence that the results on November 8 may be fatally undermined by widespread […] Comments (30)

The Man He Becomes

“Moonlight” is Barry Jenkins’ extraordinary film adaptation of Tarell Alvin McCraney’s play “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue,” which takes its title from a nighttime scene of teenage sexual experimentation on a Miami be Comments (1)

Desire, Power & Greed

“King Cobra” is a juicy true crime story — set in the gay porn world — about murder and money, lawsuits and scandals. Sean Paul Lockhart (Garrett Clayton) is first seen auditioning for producer Stephen (Christian Slater) on a castin Comments (2)

False Equivalencies

Imagine a film about the Hiroshima bombing that spent two thirds of its running time depicting the son of the American pilot who destroyed that city. Sounds like a strange decision, huh? I felt much the same way about Italian documentarian Gianfranco Rosi’s “Fire At Sea,&# Comment
Guest Perspective

You May Be Due A Rent Freeze

New Yorkers can argue about almost anything. The Yankees or the Mets. Taking the local or waiting for the express train. Toasting your bagel or eating it untoasted. Comments (1)

Love’s Second Chance

“I lived with a spectacular woman for 40 years, and now I live with another one. It didn’t occur to me that I would find another person in my life. It didn’t occur to me that I would have another such love in my life.” Comments (6)
Guest Perspective

On LGBT Rights, HIV/ AIDS, the Battles Aren’t Over

More than half a century ago, at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, participants at the first Annual Reminder march picketed, chanted, and sang. They did this to show their fellow Americans that the LGBT community lacked fundamental civil rights. Four years later, the Stonewall Rebellion took place in Greenwich Vill Comments (2)

Tovey’s Always Shirtless & the Paris Sex Is Real

This year’s NewFest, New York City’s LGBT film festival, boasts its largest program to date, with more than 100 features, documentaries, and shorts. If the entries are a bit of a mixed bag, at least there is an effort to screen something for everyone. Comment

What’s the Harm?

At 58, the indefatigable lesbian writer, academic, and activist Sarah Schulman is producing a set of works astonishing for their diversity of thought and form as well as for their depth of feeling and content. What all these works have in common is that they speak directly to some of the most important issues of our time, especially for t Comments (3)

Jay Kallio, Model Activist to the End, Dead at 61

Jay Kallio, who died September 30 at age 61 in New York, was an activist’s activist on the front lines of the grassroots LGBT movement and other social justice causes for more than 40 years. Comments (4)

Phil Donahue Seeks Inclusiveness, Pope Sticks to Doctrine

In a week when Pope Francis cloaked his Church’s continued condemnation of homosexuality and transgenderism with Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Our America

I was following my Twitter feed and channel surfing during the “debate” the other night when I heard a news anchor announce the police were looking for a serial groper. When I glanced up I really did expect to see Donald Trump’s pink butthole of a mouth and flabby sulking face, but it was a photo of a normal-looking white guy with ear buds in and a greenish gray T-shirt hanging over his skinny chest. Which is what most sexual predators look like. As ordinary as anything. Comments (2)
Media Circus

Trump Tape Changes the Times

The big media news of the week is that the New York Times actually printed the word fuck in a front page story — above the fold! The subject, of course, was Donald Trump, about whom nothing more needs to be said. According to Politico, the Times has printed a variation of the word before (which surprised me). But that earlier fuck, or more accurately fucking, was in the paper’s so-called style magazine, T, not the newspaper proper. Comments (61)

Eclectic Piano Man, Ebullient Tony-Winner

Classical pianist Simon Ghraichy returns to Carnegie Hall on October 14 with a concert entitled “My Hispanic Heritage.” The gay, toweringly tall, lean, multi-ethnic musician with a tumbleweed of hair made quite a visual impression when I interviewed him, but it was nothi Comments (6)

Married to Jesus in Brooklyn

Zach Clark’s “Little Sister” doesn’t offer much grand spectacle. It’s comic, but more often weird than laugh-out-loud funny. (My view may be colored by the fact that only one other person turned up to the screening I attended.) Mumblecore pioneer Joe Swanberg is an executive producer, and his company Forager Films is Comment

Out for a Ramble

Intellectual sloppiness in the service of theatricality, unfortunately, is nothing new in on stage. Playing into the emotional biases, real or presumed, of an audience can be effective in political theater or agitprop, Comment

Love Boat, Death Boat

The Metropolitan Opera opened its 50th season at Lincoln Center on September 26th with a musically powerful new produ Comments (1)
Susie Day

The Mad Activist Refrains From Offing Donald Trump

Dear Peace Diary, Comments (1)
News Briefs


A sold out crowd of fans swarmed the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center this past weekend for New York City Comic Con, one of the biggest conventions of its kind. Comment

Trans Man’s Complaint of NYPD Hostility Rejected

In a decision notable for its lack of empathy for transgender people and the slights and humiliations they suffer on a regular basis, US District Judge Gregory H. Woods granted New York City’s motion to dismiss a complaint from a man of transgender experience that his 14th Amendment rights were violated when police declined to take action despite ongoing transphobic verbal harassment of the man. Comment

Gay and Trans Plaintiffs Advance on Title VII Claims

Two federal trial courts have allowed Title VII employment discrimination claims by law enforcement officers, one gay and the other transgender, to proceed over the protests of the government agencies where they worked. Comment
News Briefs

SAGE's Bronx Senior Housing Wins State Senate Support

In an event marking National Coming Out Day on October 11, SAGE, or Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders, welcomed State Senator Jeffrey Klein and City Councilmember Ritchie Torres, to its Bronx Center on East 188th Street. Klein was on hand to present the Comments (3)
News Briefs

Healing Hearts, Helping Hands

The American Red Cross in Greater New York, at its annual Heroes Among Us gala last week, honored three employees of Orlando’s LGBT Pulse Nightclub who “demonstrated extraordi Comments (6)
News Briefs

Walk Right in at GMHC

Gay Men’s Health Crisis is offering free testing for hepatitis C, by appointment or via simple walk-in service. Testing, carried out in Chelsea at the David Geffen Center for HIV Prevention and Health Education on the ground floor at 224 West 29th Street, is also available for HIV and other STDs. Comments (5)


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