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Bucking One’s Fate

For all its Comment

Life Relaunched

Thanks to the gods of timing, New Yorkers have the opportunity to see two of French actress Isabelle Huppert’s best performances simultaneously, in Paul Verhoeven’s “Elle” and Mia Hansen-Løve̵ Comments (4)

With Trump in Power, de Blasio Wins A Big Supporter: Edie Windsor

Edie Windsor, whose 2013 victory over the Defense of Marriage Act at the US Supreme Court set in motion a rush of federal court rulings that within two years led to marriage equality nationwide, is now ardently supporting the reelection of Mayor Bill de Blasio. Comment

De Blasio Has Chosen His 2017 Opponent: Trump  

As State Assemblymember Deborah Glick and Senator Brad Hoylman look on at a November 20 town hall, Mayor Bill de Blasio pledges the city’s cooperation in resisting Trump administration moves against […] Comment

Democratic Electeds Say They Are Anti-Trump Bulwark  

As New York City’s LGBT community grapples with how to respond to Donald Trump winning the White House and Republicans maintaining control of Congress, Democrats have dominated the response at community meetings and argued that the community should rely on congressional members of their party to halt the worst Rep Comments (1)

Despite Death Threats, Van Bramer Leads Anti-Trump March

Despite an anonymous death threat against out gay City Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer, the Sunnyside, Queens, Democrat, the Council’s majority leader, went ahead with a November 18 march across the Queensboro Bridge to Trump Tower to rally against the president-elect. Comment

Why the Marriage Equality Ruling Is Likely Secure 

Some gay and lesbian Americans, panicked by the election of Donald Trump, have been calling LGBT advocacy groups asking whether they should accelerate their wedding plans to marry before he takes office in January, many expressing concern that the marriage equality victory, won in the Supreme Court in June 2015 after so much hard work and heartache, is now in danger of being reversed. Some who are married have worried that their unions mi Comments (2)

EEOC Win Shows What Trump Era Might Undo  

A November 4 ruling in a sexual orientation discrimination case brought by Comment

On World AIDS Day, Village Memorial Dedicated 

A solemn ceremony bringing together leading AIDS organizations and advocates as well as public officials will mark World AIDS Day 2016, with the dedication of the New York City AIDS Memorial at the St. Vincent’s Triangle Park. Comments (1)

Pussy Grabs Back

What was in the bowl slid down my throat. It entered my mouth feeling exactly as though I was being fucked. I’m not making this up: this was a rare occasion on which it was hard to tell which set of lips something was entering. Moist, small Comments (2)
From the Editor

Trump Tower’s Troubling Shadow

Not that it should surprise anyone, but President-elect Donald Trump is off to a disquieting start, one that offers little comfort — other than a few cheap words, “And I mean everyone,” in his YouTube infomercial this week — that he truly aims to unite the entire country. Comments (8)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Resisting Trump

I take good news where I can find it in Trump’s woman-hating, neo-Nazi, gay-bashing, Muslim-registering, anti-Semitic America. Last week, it arrived from a climate change conference in Marrakesh, Morocco, where delegates from 197 countries united to approve a statement urging immediate action in the face of Donald Trump’s promise to pull out of the Paris Agreement and defund international efforts. Comments (3)

Iconic Fashion Illustrator Gets His Due

By almost any reckoning, Antonio Lopez is considered the greatest of all fashion illustrators. Although his life was brief, cut down by AIDS at age 44 in 1987, he packed a whole lotta living into those years — as well as art, which in his case embodied a singularly irresistible blend of flamboyance, n Comments (12)
Media Circus

Poorly Educated Columbia Prof Throws Us Under the Bus

Don’t worry — this column is not about Donald Trump. Not exactly. Yes, he is the worst thing to happen to the world since anthrax. But all of the material I’d been carefully collecting about him for use in this column has been scooped up by other writers: the Mencken quote about Americans finally achieving their dream of a White House “occupied by a downright fool and a complete narcissistic moron.” Tom Freem Comments (9)

Torn from the Headlines

Maryann Plunkett, Roberta Maxwell, Amy Warren, and Jay O. Sanders in “Women of a Certain Age,” the third in Richard Nelson’s trilogy “The Gabriels: Election Year in the Life of […] Comment

Roles of a Lifetime

Sophia Takal’s intense, mesmerizing drama “Always Shine” features two friends, Anna (Mackenzie Davis) and Beth (Caitlin FitzGerald), who spend a weekend together in Big Sur. Both women are actresses, and while Beth is ge Comments (1)

Presenting the Dysfunctional Family Singers

ELI JACOBSON | Opera depends upon — thrives on — heightened emotions and conflicts. Tragic love affairs are great sources for oversized emotional conflicts. But dysfunctional family conflicts are another great source for melodrama, as th Comments (5)
Guest Perspective

Those Rural Areas

I was one of many in New York State who were disillusioned and shocked when the Empire State Pride Agenda decided to declare “mission accomplished” and close its doors. There is so much work to be done, so many issues to be resolved now and in response to what might come in the future. In fact, the idea of any lobbying group saying its work is over is ludicrous on its face. Comments (2)


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