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Courting Controversy

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North Carolina HB2 Repeal Fails

Amidst an overheated war between North Carolina’s Republican Legislature and its new Democratic governor-elect, the Legislature has cratered a deal to which it had agreed under which it would repeal its notorious HB 2 – known nationally (and mockingly) as the “bathroom bill” – in return for the Charlotte City Council re Comments (2)

Representing Is Important; Content Matters, Too

"Moonlight” director Barry Jenkins has said that if people don’t have images of themselves, they’ll start to feel like they don’t exist. Jenkins’ film has given an unprecedented amount of visibility Comments (16)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

When Facts Don't Matter

During the presidential debates, every time Republican candidate Donald Trump opened his mouth he lied, and Democrats had a field day presenting the screen-captures of a tweet he’d claimed never to have written, videos of him saying things he’d denied, photos of him chatting with shady characters he said he didn’t know. Comments (1)
Media Circus

May You Live in Predictable Times

“During his election campaign, Donald Trump claimed he was ‘better for the gay community’ than Hillary Clinton. He even stated in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in August that he would protect ‘our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.’ Comment

A Good Year in Queer

The year in queer film 2016 had both notable achievements — Barry Jenkins’ “Moonlight,” about three stages in the life of an African-American man, chief among them — and some dubious ones. “Sea Comments (7)
Guest Perspective

Two Sides of Fear’s Coin

On November 10, over breakfast, I was surprised and delighted when my partner of 34 years looked up from his cereal and said, “Let’s get married !” Comments (2)

College Wrestler’s HIV Conviction Thrown Out

The Missouri Eastern District Court of Appeals has reversed the jury conviction of Michael L. Johnson, an HIV-positive African-American man, on felony charges of recklessly infecting another man with HIV and exposing others to HIV, for which he was sentenced to 30 ye Comments (29)

San Antonio 4 Win Declaration of Innocence

Sometimes justice is severely delayed, but finally arrives. Comments (1)

When Activists Made a Difference

David France’s masterly new history of the battle against AIDS does double duty: chronicling the exciting but desperate mobilization against the fatal epidemic whil Comments (12)

False Faces for a Global Economy

Maren Ade’s “Toni Erdmann” is cinema, the real thing. A 162-minute German comedy might sound like a barrel of oxymorons to some spectators. However, Ade brings both visual and verbal wit to bear on a number of essentially serious subjects: the Comment

Funhouse for the Common Man

What a difference two months makes! When I first saw British director’s “I, Daniel Blake” in early October at the New York Film Festival, I found its tale of an unemployed man’s struggle extremely moving but a bit heavy-handed. After Comment

An Elector Showing Up for the Losing Team

December 19 was the day the Electoral College voted for the next president of the United States. Chosen as an elector in New York State, I spent the day in Albany as part of the Hillary Clinton team. Comments (1)

Musical Conflicts in the Middle East

As far back as Biblical times, the Middle East region has been a cauldron of tribal warfare and power struggles. These conflicts also figured in the historical background behind the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays we celebrate this month. Comment

Things to Celebrate from 2016

And so, 2016 ends with both a bang (of the most unsettling proportion with the incoming POTUS’ myriad threats) and a whimper (all of us, in reaction), yet the Agnes Moorehead Awards for the 10 Best Live Performances – the Aggies, if you will – still need to be bestowed upon the worthy. Comment

Using Tax-Exempt Financing, SAGE to Own Its Home

Demonstrating the extent to which the community has broadly integrated itself into the civic life of New York City, the leading organization serving LGBTQ seniors in New York City will purchase its Manhattan headquarters using financing made possible by the city’s Ec Comments (3)
Guest Perspective

Bringing Back Those Loyalty Oaths

The biggest reason I supported Hillary Clinton in the election was her commitment to LGBT rights across the globe. President Barack Obama and his first secretary of state created the first administration to support our rights to simply be in the world. Obama and Clinton never wavered on that. Comments (1)

Songs of Myself

"Dear Evan Hansen” is the story of a boy whose lie spins out of control, explodes across social media, and takes on a life of its own, at which point truth becomes irrelevant. If there were ever Comments (1)

Louisiana Governor’s LGBT Anti-Bias Order Nixed

A trial judge in Louisiana ruled on December 14 that an Executive Order by Governor John Bel Edwards forbidding anti-LGBT discrimination in the executive branch of the state government and by state contractors violates the Louisiana Constitution and its laws. Comments (1)


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