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Antonin Scalia, Determined Foe of Gay Rights Advances, Dies at 79

News of the sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at age 79 is sure to set off a huge political battle over President Barack Obama's constitutional duty to nominate a successor for him. With Senate Republicans likely to try to play out the clock on the president's final year in office, the issue wi Comments (5)
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Harlem Rallies in Support of Trans Woman Assaulted on D Train

As arctic air descended on New York the evening of February 12, a crowd numbering several dozen gathered at the corner of 125th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue to show support for Jennife Comments (10)

Not So Black & White

Tessa Thompson, Joshua Jackson, Mahershala Ali, and Anne Son in Lydia R. Diamond's "Smart People," through March 6. | MATTHEW MURPHY […] Comments (3)
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Not Guilt Plea from Owner

The chief executive of pleaded not guilty to one count of violating the federal Travel Act and two counts of violating a federal money laundering statute during a February 10 court appearance. Comments (10)

Our Future in China

The freedom of the road and the joys of wanderlust have been celebrated in American literature and music, even influencing European culture like Wim Wenders’ ‘70s films and Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn.” I Comment

Sending a Message to the Hate Pastor of Harlem

Sometimes, justice can be poetic on many levels. An LGBT-affirmative organization has expressed interest in acquiring a notoriously homophobic Harlem church that is currently over $1 million in debt, and the commu Comments (2)
Media Circus

The Unsinkable Bobby Rivers!

I met Bobby Rivers in the 1980s when he was one of VH1’s first veejays. He was extremely funny and preternaturally good-natured, qualities he still retains. (I couldn’t even get him to say something mean about Charlotte Rampling.) He’s been a radio host, a Food Network host, and even turned up on “The Sopranos.” We lost touch w Comments (3)

Tried & True & Twisted

Jessica Frey, Andrus Nichols, Kate Hamill, Samantha Steinmetz in Hamill's adap […] Comments (1)

Meth Kills — And Evidence Points to Its Upswing in NYC

Deaths from methamphetamine overdoses increased 160 percent from 2013 to 2014 in New York City, according to data from the city health department. Comments (10)

How Meth Kills — And How Often

Asked if a 160 percent increase in “methamphetamine-involved overdose deaths” reported by the city health department in 2014 over 2013 and a substantial increase in methamphetamine seizures by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) support Comments (3)

City Schools Finally Get Coordinator on LGBT Issues  

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) has just appointed Jared Fox, an out gay educator, as LGBT community liaison, a position for which LGBT education activists have been agitating for more than three decades. Comments (22)

Military Soap, Not Standard Issue

STEVE ERICKSON | Benjamin Crotty is an American director working in France, although he plans to make his next film back home. He took most of the dialogue for his debut feature, “Fort Buchanan,” from Am Comment

Clinton Gains Early Lead on LGBT Endorsements    

Before even a single vote was cast in the 2016 presidential race, leading LGBT organizations and political clubs were making their bets — with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton well out ahead of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, despite the fact that both broadly embrace the community’s agenda. Comment

Newest Out Gay City Councilmember Hopes to "Contribute"

With a full 26 characters to spare, veteran Bronx City Councilmember Jimmy Vacca took to Twitter with something of a major status update: “After talking w/ my friends & family I’ve decided to come out publicly as a gay man. Now back to the Golden Girls!,” read the Comment
From the Editor

Hate Doesn’t Pay

For years, the Blood of Jesus Atlah World Missionary Church at 123rd Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem has been a beacon of hate. For a congregation led by an African-American minister, James David Manning, the Comments (9)

Sicko, Psycho, Sissy, Sage

Capering about the stage dressed in cowboy/ disco chic, with pursed red lips and a face caked in corpse-meets-Kabuki makeup, Dandy Darkly is a mincing, lilting, alliteration-spouting avenger whose signature look screams horror. Oddly, the effect is both disturbing and reas Comment

“Society’s Child” Returns to Manhattan

If for no other reason than the poignantly empathic song “At 17,” prolific singer-songwriter Janis Ian is assured a place in music immortality. The troubled youthful reminiscence, released in 1975 Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Queer Ally, Defender of Justice, Resigns in France

I love Christiane Taubira. If she appeared before me like Yemaya or the Virgin Mary, I’d fall at her feet. The French Republic has rarely had such a staunch and principled defender. As an elected deputy of the French parliame Comments (9)
Nathan Riley

HRC Is Wrong; Bernie Sanders Is the Better Bet for Change

So the Washington gay lobby, the Human Rights Campaign, endorsed Hillary Clinton. The middle-of-the-road LGBT rights organization endorsed the middle-of-the-road candidate. Comment

Comic Relief

The show is a send-up of the traditional farce and is a Comment

Medical Marijuana Users Do Not Enjoy Employment Discharge Protections  

A New Mexico federal court has found that legal use of medical marijuana does not protect a patient from discharge under their employer’s drug use policy. US District Court Judge William P. Johnson, on January 7, ruled that Tractor Supply Company, a national employer doing business in 49 states, is not required to accommodate the disability of Rojerio Garcia — who is using medical marijuana under New Mexico’s Compassionate Use Act to deal with the effects of his HIV infection — by waiving its requirement that its workers refrain from pot use. Comments (3)

Rare Women’s Suffrage Artifacts at Hunter Public Policy Institute  

[caption id="attachment_23526" align="alignright" width="450"] The 1912 “Mother Goose as a Suffragette” includes a stinging little poem about how voting rights were reserved for “My […] Comment

Remembrance of Opera Companies Past

New York’s surprisingly strong snow storm on January 23 forced cancellation of two of the six performances of “Tosca” scheduled for Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater by the newly formed NYCO Renaissance c Comments (6)

He’s In Bizness

Jason Robert Brown knows what he is talking about when he sings “I’m in bizness” — a line from the opening number at his packed SubCulture concert on January 25, where he is currently the artist-in-residence. Back by popular demand, it is clear that Comments (3)

Thwarted Dreams

A sensitive, absorbing drama about a family in crisis, “Bad Hurt” is based on a play by writer/ director Mark Kemble. Set during Christmas week 1999, the film explores the difficult lives of Comments (1)

A Foot Doctor Who Learned at a Renaissance Man’s Knee

Successful professionals, when asked what inspired their interest and passion for their field of endeavor, will often recall a favorite professor or an older practitioner whose work they admire. Comments (49)


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