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US Judge Says SCOTUS Marriage Equality Ruling Does Not Apply to Puerto Rico

BY ARTHUR S. LEONARD | In an astonishing departure from established precedents, US District Judge Juan M. Pérez-Giménez of the Puerto Rico District Court, who had dismissed a marriage equality lawsuit in October 2014, has issued a new decision asserting that the Supreme Court̵ Comments (3)


Me Him Her,” written and directed by Max Landis, aims to do something different, if not radical, with sexual politics. In this broad comedy, Brendan (Luke Bracey) is a successful Hollywood TV actor anxious to come out. His handlers, however, are less than pleased with his Comments (1)

Don’t Rock the Boat, Baby

BY DAVID KEN Comments (2)

Audre Lorde's Memory Honored During Black History Month

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | In honor of Black History Month and what would have been Audre Lorde’s 82nd birthday, Hunter College’s Kaye Playhouse was the venue for a book launch party for Comments (1)

SCOTUS Orders Alabama to Recognize Georgia Lesbian Co-Parent Adoption

BY ARTHUR LEONARD | The US Supreme Court unanimously reversed a decision by the Alabama Supreme Court and ordered that Alabama courts accord “full faith and credit” to a lesbian co-parent adoption approved by a Georgia trial court. Comments (1)

2016 Gay City News Impact Award Honorees


PrEP Screenings Seen as Tool to Combat STD Surge    

With just three minutes on the mic at the 2016 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (C Comments (19)

Punching Down

Though much of the news media has rightly taken note of Donald Trump’s ability to surge to the top of the Republican presidential field without filling in more than a bumper sticker’s worth of detail about his many far-flung policy pronouncements, there is a grudging — though, to me, disturbing — respect growing among at least some pundits for what they believe he is doing right in this campaign. Comments (1)

Will Rare Seroconversion by PrEP User Slow Uptake?  

Activist Peter Staley warned the news that a PrEP user who was adhering to his treatment regimen became infected with HIV could contribute to the misconception that the anti-HIV approach is less reliab […] Comment

Victory in 25-Year Push to Open Up St. Pat's Parade Announced

Speaking at the Irish Consulate on Park Avenue, Mayor Bill de Blasio is joined by Barbara Jones, the consul general to New York (to mayor's right in picture) and Brendan Fay, far right. | GAY CITY […] Comments (10)

First Woman President Nukes Iran

BY SUSIE DAY | WASHINGTON — President Hillary Clinton, making good on her 2008 threat to “totally obliterate” Iran, celebrated her first week in office by ordering a nuclear strike on Iran’s capital city of Tehran. As a squadron of F-35s streaked through the sky toward the Mideast metropolis of over seven million, President Clinton outlined her foreign policy to a bevy of reporters at a White House press conference. Comments (1)

Lesbian Co-Parent Victory in Kentucky    

BY ARTHUR S. LEONARD | In a unanimous February 18 ruling, the Kentucky Supreme Court found that the lesbian co-parent of a child has the right to intervene in an adoption proceeding initiated by her former same-sex partner’s new husband. Comment

Blindness and Insight

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away — America in the 1950’s — “homosexuality” was “the unspeakable.” Oh sure, everyone “gossiped” about “who was” and “who wasn’t,” but such talk wasn’t considered part of “polite conversation.” Comments (2)

New Offerings from France

This year’s Rendezvous with French Cinema program — the festival’s 21st — opens March 3 with the premiere of Guillaume Nicloux’s “Valley of Love,” starring French icons Isabelle Huppert and Gérard Dep Comments (12)

The Terror of Terroir

BY KELLY COGSWELL | While Americans duke it out over the White House, the French are lining up to get into the annual Agricultural Fair in Paris, where you can see in the flesh how tough it is to maintain symbols of tradition in a society grappling with how to integrate immigrants and prod the recalcitrant economy to produce more jobs. Comments (2)

Dick Gottfried Aims for Fixes in Med Marijuana Program

BY NATHAN RILEY | The New York medical marijuana system is rigged and getting walloped by a backlash for imposing hardships on sick people. Comments (2)

Sean Maloney Raises Questions About Rentboy Prosecution

Interjecting himself into a federal law enforcement action that has stirred considerable controversy in the LGBT community, US Representative Sean Patrick Maloney, an out gay upstate Democrat, has written to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Attorney General Loretta Lynch questioning the motivation Comment

A Boisterous Reunion for WOW  

BY KATHLEEN WARNOCK | Tickets for the book launch party for “Memories of the Revolution: The Fi Comments (2)

GMHC Ponders a Post-Epidemic Future

In the 20 months since Kelsey Louie took the reins at Gay Men’s Health Crisis in June 2014, he has consolidated operations from two floors to one in the West 33rd Street building where the AIDS agency is headquartered, cutting its annual rent by 25 percent. GMHC is looking for new space as its current lease ends in 2018. Comments (51)

Football, Brewskies, and Brojobs

BY DAVID KENNERLEY | When I first got wind of “Straight,” the new drama about a guy who has a serious girlfriend yet who also hooks up with a guy, I was hopeful. Finally, I thought, a play about the escalating visibility of sexual fluidity and blurrin Comments (2)

Cavalli Soars as Puccini Sours

Juilliard made a fantastic contribution to the opera season with Zack Winokur’s i Comments (6)

Mark Carson’s Accused Killer Claims Self-Defense

The accused killer of Mark Carson testified that he shot t Comment

Henrietta Hudson V-Day Bash Benefits SAGE

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | Minnie Rivera and Lisa Cannistraci opened up their Henrietta Hudson bar in the West Village to a Valentine’s Day Benefit for SAGE, Services and Advocacy f Comment

The True King of Tap

BY DAVID NOH| There was no show more entertaining than “Tappin’ Thru Life,” starring the phenomenal triple threat talent Maurice Hines, who, at 72, just blew me away with his inexhaustible energy, showmanship, and ele Comments (2)

Family Values

If you want to see deconstructive absurdity done right — and believe me, you do — get down to the Lortel to catch Noah Haidle’s existentialist comedy, “Smokefall.” Echoin Comments (3)

If You Don’t Listen, You Can’t Hear

BY ED SIKOV | When I was covering the media’s shameful response to the AIDS crisis in the 1980s, if you had told me that one day I’d be citing the New York Times as a model of fairness and forward thinking, I’d have said you were on crack. Comment

Mark Carson’s Accused Killer Helps the Prosecution

BY DUNCAN OSBORNE | Proving the danger of a criminal defendant representing himself at trial, the accused killer of Mark Carson put a witness who was present during Carson’s shooting on the stand and the prosecuti Comment

An Outsider Look at Outsiders

Low-cost video technology has always carried the promise of democratizing and demystifying filmmaking. The people who have benefited from it, however, are generally the kind o Comment


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