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Bubble Boys & Girls

In the early 1990s, Manhattan’s Chinatown had three movie theaters showing Hong Kong films. Now they’re all gone, and there’s not even a DVD store left in the neighborhood. It’s fitting that Hong Kong director Johnnie To’s “Office” is g Comments (4)
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Ending AIDS Advocates Ratchet Up Pressure on Cuomo

AIDS activists are pressing the Cuomo administration to commit to spending $70 million Comment

At Least 250 Strong, Lavender and Green Takes Fifth Ave on St. Pat’s

At least 250 marched with Lavender and Green, including here City Council Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer, former Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the group's leader Brendan Fay, Mayor Bill de Blasio, […] Comments (3)
From the Editor

How Did Hillary Make That Mistake?

The weird thing is this: She was there. Comments (11)
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At '95 Confirmation, Merrick Garland Disclosed Democratic Ties

Records from Merrick Garland’s nomination hearing for the federal circuit court in the District of Columbia show that he volunteered for a string of Democratic candidates beginning in the late 1970s, though his most s Comment

Farm to Sandwich

I got debauched with a piece of scrambled egg today. I didn’t expect to, but it was there, in between some ricotta and focaccia at Saltie. Some oozed out on my face ultra-creamily, and I didn’t feel disgusted, I f Comments (5)

“Desire,” “Seduction” Get Perry Brass Booted from Facebook 

After first banning one of his books, Facebook has now banned a leading gay author and a longtime activist from the social media site. Comments (6)
Media Circus

Getting Stoned and Eating Pancakes

Maureen Dowd’s recent column “The Sultan and the Salad” made me want to puke, but that’s not news. Her common cynicism, her busted moral compass… I usually skip her column rather than read it and wind up feeling vaguely embarrassed. Casting herself in the role of the seen-it-all skeptic, Mo asks us to read her as an independent voice unafraid to speak truth to power. In practice, though, she schmoozes to power. She’s a consummate Washington insider and a mainstay at the Times. How much more institutional can a journalist be? Comments (1)

Talking the Talk

"Take Me to the River” is writer/ director Matt Sobel’s auspicious debut feature about California teen Ryder’s (Logan Miller) awkward f Comments (1)

Imperial Court at 30


Only Straight Students Protected from Homophobic Harassment!

A US district judge has ruled that the estate of a public school student who committed suicide after allegedly suffering severe harassment from fellow students can amend its complaint to add a federal Title IX cause of action for sex discrimination by an educational institution, based on the homophobic nature of slurs aimed at the dead young man. Comments (2)

At the Crossroads

What is the power of gender identity in our lives? That’s a provocative question given the fight for transgender rights, current debates about “gender fluidity,” and the fevered push for so-called religious Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Queers in Alphabet City

What a mess. Already in March somebody suggested that trans people take their T and exit from the LGBT movement. And I eavesdropped on an all too typical election year conversation in which a young gay man long mentored by a dyke called her something along the lines of idiot cunt, indicating just how much the G’s despise the L’s, and not just when they vote for Clinton. The invisibility of B’s continues, though these days duck and cover seems a sensible life hack. Comments (2)

A Positively Defining Mensch

Ed Asner recently drew a sell-out crowd to the Metropolitan Room for his new one-man show, “A Man and His Prostate.” You heard right. I went in, expecting it to be a joke title that would maybe address his recent medical travails lightly, while taking us o Comment

Manhattan Federal Court Dismisses Anti-Gay Job Claim  

In 2000, the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals, which has jurisdiction over the federal trial Comments (1)

Victorian Delights

“I heard a terrific performance at the New York Philharmonic.” Comment

St. Pat’s For All Parade Steps Off Into a New Era

Each year, the festivities surrounding the annual St. Pat’s For All parade in Queens seem to expand a bit more. The parade steps off the Comments (2)
Guest Perspective

This Year We March

This Thursday, Irish Queers will break with 25 years of protest against the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade and march up Fifth Avenue in the actual parade. Believe that we are overjoyed that we don’t have to protest anymore. As per the rules of the parade, we’ll be in “business casual attire” and will be stripped of any message besides “we’re Irish, homosexual, and finally in this @#$%^ parade.” Comments (1)


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