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Sublime Shakespeare History Plays from the RSC

Let’s get this out of the way first: if you have tickets for any of the four Shakespeare history plays at BAM’s Harvey Theater through May 1, count yourselves among the happy few. At 62, I’ve seen most Comment
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Critics of North Carolina, Mississippi Anti-Gay Laws Funded Their Authors

Some leading companies that are currently blasting state governments in Mississippi and North Carolina for enacting laws that promote discrimination against LGBT people made substantial campaign contributions to the two Republican go Comments (2)

District Court Finally Resolves Puerto Rico Marriage Equality Challenge

In something of a judicial anti-climax, US District Judge Gustavo A. Gelpi, on April 7, declared the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s statutory ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Comments (3)

Rent Boy

This is the season of the gay dad play in New York. First was “Dada Woof Papa Hot&# Comment

James Dixon Pleads Guilty on Top Count in Islan Nettles Slaying

In a surprise move, James Dixon pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the first degree in the 2013 killing of Islan Nettles, a homicide that prompted protests over the police and district attorney’s handling of the investigation. Comments (1)

Modern Estrangement

The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s “Art of the Real” series is one of three major documentary festivals in New York. Where “Doc-NYC,” Comments (1)

Ridden Hard  

The striking film “Neon Bull” is set in the Sertão region of northeastern Brazil, which is home to Iremar (Juliano Cazarré), a vaquero, or cowboy. Iremar works with Galega (Maeve Jinkings) and Zé (Carlos Pessoa) doing rodeo shows. Iremar and Zé prepare bulls for a sport where cowboy Comments (1)

Police Display Skepticism in Videotaped Confession by Islan Nettles’ Accused Killer

In what may be a further complication in the effort to prosecute James Dixon for striking the blows that led to Islan Nettles’ death, Dixon’s videot Comment

Islan Nettles' Accused Killer Faces Burdens of Admitting He Attacked Her

The accused killer of Islan Nettles may have to contend with as many as a half-dozen statements in which he admitted to striking the blows that led to the death of the 21-year-old transgender woman on a Harlem street in 2013. Comment

CBST Is Coming Out and Coming Home 

On Sunday, April 3, Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, the city’s LGBTQS (the S is for “straight”!) synagogue and the world’s largest such body, will march at noon from its longtime space in Westbeth in Greenwich Village to its rented Friday worship space at Holy Apostles Episcopal Churc Comments (14)

Trans People Remain Largely Invisible in Health Data  

The annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportun Comments (12)

North Carolina Law Draws Immediate ACLU/ Lambda Lawsuit    

Within days of North Carolina GOP Governor Pat McCrory signing into law H.B. 2, an “emergency measure” Comments (1)

AIDS Activists’ Capitol Occupation Ends With Blast at Cuomo  

Ending a protest at the State Capitol in Albany that extended across two days, AIDS activists, in a written statement, blasted Governor Andrew Cuomo for not adequat Comment

US Court in Connecticut Allows Trans Plaintiff’s Title VII Suit  

US District Judge Stefan R. Underhill has ruled that a transgender doctor could go forward with her sex discrimination claim against a Connecticut hospital under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Comments (3)

Kathy LUVS Her LBGTAQ12345Caitlyns

Though the ostensible reason for our being in touch was to discuss her “Boroughing Through Brooklyn and Queens” mini-tour in April, Kathy Griffin started our chat with two satisfying tidbits. Comments (10)

GMHC Fêtes Dustin Lance Black, Mary Fisher, Louis Bradbury

Louis Bradbury, board co-chair Michael Harwood, Larry Kramer’s husband David Webster, Larry Kramer, Mary Fisher, emcee Judy Gold, board co-chair Robbie Kaplan, CEO Kelsey Louis, and board […] Comment
Media Circus

Of Rats and Asses

Since the last Media Circus — the one where I lambasted Maureen Dowd and her nudnik pal Max Mutchnick — news coverage of the presidential primaries has reached either the nadir or the zenith, depending on your taste for sick amusement. Mine’s pretty damn high, so I’ve been in a very merry mood since Ted Cruz responded to the National Enquirer’s cover story about his alleged serial adultery by blaming Donald Trump and uttering what may well be the greatest line in the history of American politics: “Donald Trump may be a rat, but I have no desire to copulate with him.” Comment

Death Invites an Audience

Belgian lesbian director Chantal Akerman’s “No Home Movie,” which depicts her mother’s final days, would be an extremely sad film under any circumstances. However, it Comments (3)

Seasons of Love  

With themes ranging from the search for love to the conflict between passion and rationality, infidelity, and the crushing of romantic ideals, “ Comments (6)
Nathan Riley

On Drugs, Harm Reduction’s Time Has Come

Harm reduction counseling empowers drug users to take control of their health and provides support to individuals who are told that only losers use meth. Comments (32)

Using Her Celebrity Powers For Good  

You may have heard of Bob the Drag Queen. You may have seen her strutting around at one of her many gigs around town. And you may have seen her on the eighth season of .” Comments (1)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Identity, Politics, and “Authenticity” Post-St. Pat’s

Two weeks ago, Irish queers marched behind their own banner in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade for the first time ever in New York. In the photos they look so happy. More importantly, the crowd did, too. Most of them didn’t even know it was a landmark year, assumed that battle was long over if they knew about it at all. Comments (15)

Roaming Operagoer  

Victor DeRenzi has put Sarasota Oper Comment

Veterans Kicking Strong

If she doesn’t already, Bette Midler, soon to be the new Dolly on Broadway, should know what a deep influence she has had on her fellow entertainers. In three inter Comment
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NYPD Releases Suspect Photos, Video in Stonewall Rape

Police have released photos and surveillance video of the suspect wanted in the March 26 rape of a 25-year-old transgender woman at the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street. Comments (14)

De Blasio, Cuomo Ban Public Employee Travel to North Carolina

North Carolina –– in a hurriedly-called special session March 23 –– passed an omnibus law attacking transgender rights, taking away, for the most part, the right of municipalities to legislate on employment an Comments (5)
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Six AIDS Activists Arrested in State Capitol Occupation

Late in the day on March 28, six activists who were part of a protest in a suite near Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office in Albany were arrested, VOCAL-NY Comments (1)
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AIDS Advocates Seize Suite Near Cuomo's Capitol Office

Continuing their pressure on Governor Andrew Cuomo to add $70 million in AIDS spending to the budget for the state fiscal year that begins on April 1, roughly 30 AI Comments (3)


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