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Solidarity with Imprisoned Gay Chechens

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | A crowd of well over 100 demonstrators gathered at Washington Square Park on the evening of May 18 to bring attention to the plight of LGBTQ Chechens, roughly 100 of whom have been reported kidnapped by officials and tortured in secret prisons in the Russian republic. Comments (4)

Pride Speaks Russian in Brighton Beach

They’re making history in Brighton Beach — and they’re proud! Comments (3)

Ron Gold, Pioneer in Challenging Sickness Label, Dies

Ron Gold, who told a committee of shrinks, “Stop it, you’re making me sick!,” in a 1973 speech as part of the successful campaign to get the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to remove homosexuality from their Index of Mental Disorders, died at his East Village home May 1 at the age of 87. Comments (8)

Settling a Score

For the past 10 years or so, Filipino director Lav Diaz has been a fixture on the international film festival circuit, although his films have been difficult to see in New York until fairly recently. There’s one major reason for this: their length. Diaz has even made an 11-hour film. Comments (1)
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With Anger and Determination, Chelsea Vigil Remembers Mx Bostick

Eight days after the May 4 death of Mx Bostick, a transgender Chelsea resident who suffered a blow to the head on April 25, more than 100 transgender New Yorkers and their allies gathered at the site of the crime to honor Bostick’s memory and demand action on issues from police responsiveness to jobs, housing, and media portrayals. Comments (21)
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Trans Victim Killed in Chelsea Misgendered

When a transgender victim of a head blow succumbed to their injuries on May 4, the NYPD identified them as a “female” and later gave their name as “Brenda Bostick.” Comments (2)

Torpedo Obamacare, Then Grab a Rose Garden Beer

Even as Republican members of the House of Representatives jumped on a bus headed for a Rose Garden celebration of their Obamacare repeal vote — an event where President Donald Trump smirked before the cameras and then treated the GOP faithful to brewskies — LGBTQ health care and civil rights advocates joined other progr Comments (2)

Putin Agrees with Stoli’s Gay Defenders

Activists who defended Stolichnaya vodka during a 2013 boycott of Russian businesses and products called after that nation enacted its infamous anti-gay propaganda law may be dismayed to learn that Vladimir Putin agrees with them that the Stolichnaya vodka that is sold in the US i Comment

Roy Moore Now Running For US Senate

The Alabama Supreme Court normally consists of seven justices elected by the state’s voters, but when Roy Moore, who was suspended as chief justice by order of the state’s Court of the Judiciary on September 30, 2016, sought to exercise his right to appeal to the state’s Supreme Court, all of the other justices recused themselves. Comments (1)

Transgender Man's Case Against Abusive Jailers Revived

The New Jersey Appellate Division has rejected Jersey City’s contention that the relatively high standard for determining a hostile environment for employment discrimination purposes should be applied to hostile environment claims regarding public accommodations, particularly when that public accommodation is the county jail and the alleged harassers are police officers dealing with a transgender arrestee. Comments (1)

Second Circuit Rejects Gay Brazilian Refugee Bid

Opening up a gulf in reasoning with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which has insisted on a distinction between a government’s official policies and the facts on the ground when evaluating whether gay people would suffer persecution or worse in a particular country, a panel of the New York-based Second Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a ruling by an Immigration Judge and the Board of Immigration Appeals that a gay man from Brazil could not win refugee status in the US, despite the documented high rate of murders of gay men there and his claim the government is unable to do anything about it. Comment
New York City

Bill Hoffman’s Mark on Artistic, Gay, and Jewish life

William M. Hoffman, who died at age 78 on April 29, was an important and beloved figure in at least three communities: artistic, gay, and Jewish. In each, he left an indelible mark. Comments (7)
Media Circus

Denying Chechen Gay Torture — In Grozny, Moscow, and DC

Chechnya wants to eliminate gay community by end of May,” the British-based’s headline states. Now how exactly does one deal with threats of imminent extermination? Stay away from Chechnya, for starters. Not that the wretched place has much to offer, although according to Trivago, you can get a hot Comments (8)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

France at the Authoritarian Crossroads

It’s almost a miracle how, in just one year, centrist Emmanuel Macron and his supporters launched the grassroots movement En Marche! (On the move!) that not only got him into the second round of the presidential vote, but helped him win. Comments (1)

‘80s Film of Forster Classic Returns

The elegant gay romantic drama “Maurice,” adapted for the screen by filmmaking and life partners James Ivory and Ismail Merchant, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year with a 4K restoration and a theatrical re-release. Based on E. M. Forster’s posthumously pu Comments (1)

Mother, Mania, Murder, Manilow

You’re in candid, charming, and proudly perverse company when watching a John Waters film with John Waters. Comments (7)

Sex and Death: Read All About It!

For someone who can’t be pigeonholed — humorist? playwright? poet? clown? comedian? performance artist? horror writer? LGBTQ icon? — the phenomenon of nature known to the public as Dandy Darkly is totally distinctive. Comments (3)

Theater for Grownups

Satire typically does not age well. Particularly in the theater, as times, society, and fashions change, new targets emerge and once-pointed plays become arcane curiosities. Happily, that is not the case with the still-trenchant and thoroughly engaging revival of “Six Degrees of Separation.” Twenty-seven years ago, John Guare’s Comments (1)

Dubious Recipe for Love

Although the York Theatre Company is famous for carefully nurturing brand new musicals (its boffo hit “Cagney” has been running Off-Broadway for over a year), its latest effort, “Marry Harry,” feels decades old. Comment

Orville Mendoza Is Magnificent

Forget all the hype about that certain former bathhouse diva turned megastar now returning in a warhorse vehicle to tumultuous ovations and lotsa ka-ching, the best show opening this spring is another revival — of Stephen Sondheim’s “Pacific Overtures,” presented by CSC and brilliantly directed by John Doyle. Comment

Stefan Zweig’s Anxious Fame

In a better world, everyone would be free to define their identity — whether it be gender, religious, or sexual — as they pleased and let a million gray areas and nuances bloom between the binaries of male and female, Christian and Jew, gay and straight. Obviously, this is not the one we live in. Comment

Italian Verismo with International Flavor

The reconstituted New York City Opera is a strange beast. Often their performances are co-productions with other theaters, utilizing their artistic and performing resources. The orchestra and chorus are pick-up groups, not a resident ensemble. So the company identity and artistic pr Comments (6)

Arthur S. Leonard Honored by New York Law School

Arthur S. Leonard, award-winning legal reporter for Gay City News and the editor and principal author of LGBT Law Notes online (, has been on the faculty of New York Law School since 1982. On April 26, he was honored Comments (27)

AIDS Walk 32 Set for May 21

On Sunday, May 21, tens of thousands of New Yorkers are expected to pour into Central Park for Gay Men’s Health Crisis’ 32nd annual AIDS Walk, which over the life of the event has raised more than $150 million to support GMHC, the world’s first HIV services organization, and more than 40 other groups in the metropolitan area working to end the epidemic. Comments (34)

Mini-Stroke Symptoms in Third of Adults

A new survey from the American Heart Association/ American Stroke Association reports that roughly one in three US adults say they have experienced a symptom consistent with a warning or “mini” stroke. Comments (2)
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Suspect in Trans Woman’s Killing in Custody

Prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office expect to charge a 26-year-old man, Joseph Griffin, in the April 25 killing of Brenda Bostick, a 59-year-old transgender woman who succumbed to injuries from a “blunt impact” blow to her head on May 4, Gay City News has learned. Comment
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Trans Woman's Death Ruled a Homicide

The New York City medical examiner has ruled that a transgender woman who died on May 4, nine days after being found unconscious and unresponsive in Chelsea, was the victim of a homicide. Comment
Gay City News Impact Awards ►VIDEO

The 2017 Gay City News Impact Awards

Gay City News hosted its second annual Impact Awards on March 30, 2017 at the Grand Prospect Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Comments (7)


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