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Lambda Seeks Supreme Court Ruling on Sexual Orientation Discrimination

In what could prove a pivotal step in the long road toward full equality under the law, Lambda Legal has announced it will petition the Supreme Court to decide whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bans employment discrimination because of sex, also bans discrimination that is based on sexual orientation. Comments (3)

A Very Early Desert Bloom

Donna Deitch’s “Desert Hearts” became an instant classic of lesbian cinema when it was released in 1985. The film, set in 1959 Reno, respectfully depicted the love that develops between Vivian (Helen Shaver), an English professor waiting out a divorce, and Cay (Patricia Charbonneau, in a remarkable debut) who works at a casino and lives on the ranch where V Comments (9)

Walking Through the Injury

Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson are two ex-soldiers who have been suffering from “moral injury,” a form of PTSD where soldiers suffer a “wound to the soul” because they have done things in battle at odds with their moral beliefs. These men, who served in Iraq, are grappling with actions that may have been justified, but they seek forgiveness for their re Comments (6)

Sexually Frank, On Her Own Terms

A few weeks ago, Sofia Coppola’s “The Beguiled” became the subject of a huge controversy over racism, not for any stereotypical treatment of African Americans within the film itself but because it omits the subject of slavery despite its Civil War setting. A lot of live Comment

Parade Disruptors’ Support in Wider Community Uncertain

As 12 members of Hoods- 4Justice were marched off Christopher Street in handcuffs after blockading the street during the June 25 Pride Parade, the crow Comment
From the Editor

Whose Resistance Is It?

The issue was emotionally fraught — with charges of anti-Semitism and of genocide traded back and forth. But the Center’s solution at the time was one I criticized — placing an indefinite moratorium on any discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in its space. What should stand as a model refuge for open discussion across New York’s large and diverse LGBTQ community instead became someplace where important issues of the day wer Comments (28)
Media Circus

The Root of Chump’s Lies

During the grotesque period between Chump’s election and inauguration, one of the things with which those of us with our minds still intact consoled ourselves was the conviction that we would be able to stop the “normalization” of Chumpism — the idea that somehow we could, through sheer force of will, keep the whole thing seeming aberrant for four solid years. Comments (4)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Abandoning Outrage

I’ve been thinking about outrage lately, and how inadequate it is when it comes to Americans and Trump. Maybe the problem is that outrage requires some level of surprise, and, at this point, surprise seems false, even bizarre, in the face of a president who revealed himself clearly in all his pre-election conspiracy tweets and unsavory deeds: from boasts about grabbing pussy to KKK-filled rallies to asking why we couldn’t just nuke undesirable people or countries. Comments (27)
Guest Perspective

Why I Chose To Be Gay

Yes, you read that right. Comments (4)

Voices of Angels, Sinful Songs of the Flesh

Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America” diptych, as I noted in a preview last month , was operatic in scale and theatrical voice to begin with. For their 2004 operatic adaptation, composer Péte Comment

Cuomo LGBT Memorial Pick Draws Praise, Fire

Monuments to cataclysm — from the Vietnam War Memorial wall in Washington bearing the names of tens of thousands of American soldiers killed in that divisive US “police action” to the 9/11 Memorial waterfalls marking the site of the oblitera Comments (4)

A Strong Slate of Strained Relations

Bullets fly and swords are wielded in plenty of the crowd-pleasing, kinetic selections at 2017’s New York Asian Film Festival — but its deepest cuts come from the sharp tongues of those who know us best. Uneasy questions and murky answers about what makes, breaks, and heals a family are fr Comment

More Hot Pies

There are some shows I can never get tired of because they reveal more with each successive viewing — and they’re simply that good. That’s certainly the case for Shakespeare and, very often, for Sondheim. By last count, I’ve now seen “Sweeney Todd” 18 times in various different productions from Broadway to major ope Comments (1)

A Privileged Character

It’s hard to draw a dividing line where the media starts to exploit people, especially in an age where people are willing to objectify themselves for a shot at fame. I was startled to see a recent documentary about the Syrian civil war include ISIS snuff videos in their entirety, a step no other American film or n Comment

Jersey Trans Teen Wins Name Change Case

In what the court characterized as a matter of “first impression in this state,” New Jersey Superior Court Judge Marcia Silva has granted a transgender teenager a change of name from Veronica to Trevor. Comment

Tennessee’s More Challenging Terrain

Austin Pendleton is a man of many reputations: renowned actor of stage and screen, theater director, teacher, and artistic director of the now-defunct Circle Repertory Company. Comment

Buck Wild and Witty

It would be hard to find a more diverting summer read this year than Joan Juliet Buck’s memoir, “The Price of Illusion.” Buck, blazingly intelligent, witty, and strikingly attractive with volumes of personal style, has led a mesmerizingly kaleidoscopic life, the hippest female Zelig one can imagine, forever finding herself in the right surroundings and crowds, many deserving the appellation “legendary.” Her writing has a febrile, irresistible rhyth Comment


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