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Boardwalk Boys

Frankie (Harris Dickinson), the main character in writer/ director Eliza Hittman’s phenomenal drama “Beach Rats,” doesn’t think of himself as gay but regularly cruises Brooklyn gay chat rooms. He cloaks himself in darkness on his webcam but is often persuaded to show more of his fac Comments (4)
From the Editor

Trump’s Craven Cowardice Is America’s Shame

It hardly seems possible that after two years in national politics and a half-dozen years since he pulled his Obama birther outrage that Donald Trump can still shock us. Comments (70)

Fire and Fury Aimed at Trump Homecoming

President Donald Trump returned home late in the evening on Monday — his first visit since being inaugurated — to a not so warm welcome. Comments (2)

LGBTQ Legal Groups On the Offensive

LGBTQ legal groups last week went on the offensive, filing important new lawsuits seeking injunctions against government discrimin Comment

Court Must Decide If Gavin Grimm’s Case Is Moot

In what could signal a disappointing end to a remarkable battle for transgender equality, the Richmond-based Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has announced that instead of holding oral argument in Gavin Grimm’s lawsuit challenging the Gloucester County, Virginia, School Board’s bathroom access policy, it is sending the case back to the district court to determi Comments (44)

Drawing Fire

Among the draws at this year’s queer comics festival Flame Con, happening at the Bro Comments (16)
Media Circus

Of Racists, Rump, and Tiki Torches

The hits, as they say, just keep on coming. Since the last Media Circus, Mad King Rump has ratcheted up his already inflammatory statements about a potential nuclear war with North Korea, which is of course led by the equally demented Kim Jong-un. Just think — the two men with the most ridiculous haircuts on Planet Earth will be responsible for its destruction. Comments (1)
Nathan Riley

The Worst Elements Trump Just Can’t Quit

In raising the alarm about the threat of Islamist terrorism, President Donald Trump had perhaps no more potent symbol of its randomness than images of vehicles plowing into unsuspecting innocent crowds in Western European cities. Comments (1)

Eroticism and Shame in a Male Ritual

Out director/ co-writer John Trengove’s remarkable feature debut, “The Wound,” opens with Xolani (openly gay musician Nakhane Touré, in an astonishing performance) leaving his Johannesburg factory job to head out to the mountains in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. There, he will be a caregiver for Kwanda (Niza Jay Ncoyini), a “soft” (read queer) ini Comments (2)

An Assignment Secured, A Life Transformed

In April 1976, when I was 41 years old, my life was in the tempestuous and exhilarating stages of becoming a composer. Still, I was anxiously riddled about what to do next. Comments (3)
New York City

Changing Times, But the Pier Remains

During discussions over the past several years about the possibility that the West Village Church of St. Luke in the Fields might build a new “mission center” for an LGBTQ youth drop-in center at Hudson and Christopher Streets, one prominent critic of the idea — David Poster, head of the Christopher Street Patrol volunteer anti-crime group — said the facility really wasn’t ne Comments (1)

Play Dead

George Orwell’s “1984” has been read as a dark satire by at least three generations of high school students, and, like the best of this genre, it affords each reader the chance to find harrowing parallels to his or her own time. Comment

Anonymity Accorded for Legal Name, Gender Changes

Concluding that enforcing a statute requiring that transgender name changes be published would result in a dangerous “outing” of the applicants, a three-judge panel of the Indiana Court of Appeals unanimously reversed two rulings by the Tippecanoe Circuit Court. The panel, on August 10, ruled that the publication requirement should be waived. Comments (2)

Summer of Opera Sequels

The Bard Summerscape 2017 Festival presented Antonín Dvorák’s “Dimitrij,” the plot of which functions as an operatic sequel to Modest Mussorgsky’s “Boris Godunov.” Both operas are set during the early 17th century period of Russia’s “Time Comment

At 35th, GMHC Marches to West Village AIDS Memorial

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | On August 11, 1981, Nathan Fain, Larry Kramer, Larry Mass, Paul Popham, Paul Rapoport, and Edmund White gathered in Kramer’s apartment for an urgent discussion of how […] Comments (27)

Latex Ball Draws Thousands

Several thousand party enthusiasts gathered on the evening of July 29 at Terminal Five on West 56th Street for the 27th annual Latex Ball, the world’s largest celebration of the House and Ball community. Comments (6)


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