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In Late Night Reversal, de Blasio Campaign Backs Off Confirmation Mayor Endorsed Fernando Cabrera

In an extraordinary turnabout, the de Blasio campaign, late in the evening on September 8, disavowed its confirmation made more than eight hours earlier that Mayor Bill de Blasio had endorsed Bronx City Councilmember Fernando Cabrera, a divisively anti-gay Democrat, for reelection in his District 14 primary race. The disavowal came five hours after Gay City News reported online about the campaign’s confirmation of the endorsement. Comments (1)

LGBTQ, Progressive Groups Take the Battle to Three Bronx Council Districts

Contested City Council Democratic primary races in three Bronx districts pose strongly pro-LGBTQ candidates against opponents who either have long anti-gay and anti-choice records or have aligned themselves with such politicians. Comments (1)

Alone in the Crowd

A poignant, compelling, character study, “Nobody’s Watching” is focused on Nico (Guillermo Pfening), a gay Argentine actor adrift in New York City, practically invisible. Caring for his friend Andrea’s (Elena Roger) baby, Theo, Nico sits with other nannies in the park. They think he doesn’t speak Spanish and that he resembles a less handsome vers Comments (2)

Retaining a Gay Council Voice for Brooklyn

“The reform movement is not only alive and well but I represent it as an independent and a progressive,” he told Gay City News in an interview this month. “Hence, the multiple challenges from the old guard.” Comments (1)

A Doctor’s Conscience

With their third film, “La Promesse,” Belgian directors Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne essentially reinvented neo-realism and made it relevant in European cinema again. Most Americans at the time probably thought they were brand-new filmmakers when “La Promesse” was released in 1997. I know that I did myself, but they ha Comments (3)

Ripped from the Headlines

While the director and writer of “Beach Rats,” a critically acclaimed film, has said her story was inspired by her experience of attending high school with kids from South Brooklyn and spending time in that area, the plot is based entirely on the 2006 killing of a black gay man by four South Broo Comments (6)

The Object of Her Affection

If the Flea Theater’s artistic mission is to create “a joyful hell in a small space,” then with their latest production, consider it mission accomplished. Comment

Pentagon’s Discretion in Trump Trans Military Directive

Under the cover of a Category 4 hurricane bearing down on Texas — or as Donald Trump would characterize it, taking advantage of all the eyes glued to TV because of it — the president on August 25 issued a formal “memorandum” to the secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security spelling out his objective of barring t Comments (2)

Pride Parade Sit-In Arrestees Offered Community Service

While five of the 12 activists who were arrested for blockading New York City’s Pride Parade on June 25 are facing misdemeanor counts of trespassing, obstructing governmental administration, and disorderly conduct, they were offered community service sentences in exchange for guilty pleas to disorderly conduct, which is a violation, not a crime. Comment

New Supreme Court Term Could Be Blockbuster

The Supreme Court’s term beginning on October 2 and extending through the end of June may become a blockbuster term for LGBTQ legal issues. The court has already agreed to review the Colorado Court of Appeals’ decision that the First Amendment’s free speech and religious freedom protections do not shield a baker from penalties under that state Comments (3)
Media Circus

Unfit King Questions Trans Troops’ Fitness

After initially issuing a major military policy shift by tweet, Mad King Rump made it official the other day, albeit in a modified form. Transgender people will no longer be permitted to join the armed services, but those already serving may or may not be allowed to continue their service, to be determined perhaps on a case-by-case basis. Comments (6)

Cosplay and Drag Blend at Flame Con

The stereotypes of nerds and gays often appear at odds with each other, but, for the third year in a row, geek culture and the LGBTQ community have enthusiastically teamed up at Flame Con. The weekend convention, held this year August 19-20 at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott, gathers the artists and writers who create queer comic books, movies, games, and TV shows t Comments (3)

Sadistic Brilliance Cut Down Young

Director Stephen Frears’ film “Prick Up Your Ears” — that last word an anagram for “arse” — is getting a 30th anniversary re-release in a restored edition. The weeklong run provides a rare opportunity to Comments (1)

Overnight Love and a DIY Wedding Just Like Home

For Chris Vasquez and Lawrence Neuhauser, a late night OkCupid date produced love at first sight. Comments (4)

Appeals Court Sides With Lesbian Mom In Hasidic Feud

The New York Appellate Division court in Brooklyn has unanimously reversed a trial judge’s decision to take away a formerly Hasidic lesbian mother’s custody of her three children, finding, among other things, that the settlement agreement drafted by her ex-husband’s father at the time of their divorce imposed an unconstitutional requirement that she continue to observe the tenets of a Hasidic lifestyle as a condition of custody. Comment

Songs of Myself

Giving Michael Moore the benefit of every conceivable doubt, his Broadway foray “The Terms of My Surrender” has an ostensibly noble intent: to encourage people to believe that even one person’s actions can have an impact on society. That’s a serious premise. The problem is that in presenting it, Moore is not serious. Rather, he uses stories about Comment

Poetic Painter

nce upon a time, on the magical island of Manhattan, there lived three princesses named Stettheimer. Born to a wealthy, elite German Jewish family, their father, a banker, deserted them in childhood, but their mother, Rosetta, had enough money of her own to enable he Comments (1)

Autumn in New York

BY ROSS D. LEVI| It’s hard not to feel a bit of a letdown over the end of summer, the season traditionally associated with vacationing and relaxation. In New York State, we are fortunate to have one of the most beautiful seasons of the year as a kind of coda to summer. Painters, poets, and songwriters have all tried to capture the magic of autumn in New York, and the cooling temperatures beckon travelers to experience the wo Comments (2)
Guest Perspective

Malliotakis’ Dog Whistle to Anti-LGBTQ Voters

Since last November, we’ve seen Trump-emboldened Republicans try to roll back many of the hard-fought rights of our city’s LGBTQ communities. Comments (3)

Celebrating Editta Sherman, Jeanne Moreau

At the New-York Historical Society right now, you can meet the best unknown portrait photographer of the last century, Editta Sherman. Although she died four years ago, her presence is very much alive here in the huge, vintage 8x10 camera with which she plied her trade (the same one the great George Hurrell used to glorify Golden Age Hollywood stars), the flamboyant hats and garments Comments (2)

Macho Takes It On the Chin

Hazlo Como Hombre” (“Do It Like a Man”) comically satirizes Mexican machismo by depicting the gay and straight identities of three buddies. Santi (Alfonso Dosal), Eduardo (Humberto Busto), and Raúl (Mauricio Ochmann) are best friends. However, the dynamic among the guys changes when Santi comes out  Comment

Desert Arts

Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Golden Cockerel” has re-emerged in the last two years at Sarasota, at New Opera NYC, and now at Santa Fe. On August 3, Emmanuel Villaume led his orchestra thrillingly through the composer’s superb, challenging orchestration. Paul Curran’s spectacular production — witty and visually invent Comments (1)

LGBT For BdB Reconvenes at the Cutting Room

In August 2013, as Bill de Blasio was just starting what turned into a meteoric rise from the back of the pack to a smashing victory in that year’s Democratic mayoral primary, an energized crowd of LGBTQ supporters turned out for a fundraiser at the Cutting Room on East 32nd Street headlined by many queer community marquee names. This past Monday, m Comment

For Honeymoons, Wedding Celebrations, Think Costa Rica

ANdAZ’s action won the praise of the Asociación Empresarial para el Desarrollo (Business Association for Develop Comments (4)


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