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Triple Play

Love is love is love! Comments (1)

High Infidelity

The Mint Theater Company is famous for unearthing old theatrical Comment
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How Texas Governor Hopes to Undo Marriage Equality

Conservatives eager to bring the marriage equality issue back to the US Supreme Court after President Donald Trump has the opportunity to appoint some right-leaning justices may have found a vehicle in an employee benefits dispute from Houston. Comments (14)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Women Rising?

I’m back in France, and about the time Donald Trump was taking the oath of office in the rain, I was trapped on a bus in the dark going around in circles. That’s what it felt like anyway, going round and round traffic roundabouts in the dark countryside after being bottlenecked for hours. Comments (1)

Huddled Mass of Humanity Jams DC at Women’s March

Women with their babies cradled in wraps, women with toddlers, pregnant women, mothers with their teen and adult daughters, women of color and of sexual diversity, females from a few months old to over 80, concerned gay and straight men — Comments (6)

Love in Real Time

“Paris 5:59: Théo & Hugo” by gay filmmakers Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau is a remarkable romance. The film Comment

From Gay Men to God

The title character of writer and director Justin Kelly's “I Am Michael” is Michael Glatze (James Franco), a gay activist and former managing editor of X/Y magazine, who in 2007, renounced his homosexuality, became an anti-gay poster child, and then went on to become a Christian pasto Comments (1)
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Throngs in Manhattan Offer Raspberries to Hometown Prez

In massive numbers, a diverse group of New Yorkers – women, men, children, many in families, of all ages and races – marched through Midtown Manhattan to express their concerns, anxieties, and anger about the tone and polices President Donald Trump brought to the White House with his inauguration on January 2 Comments (2)
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Tens of Thousands Gather in Resistance on Inauguration Eve

A star-studded rally outside Trump International Hotel aimed to ignite a 100-day resistance movement against the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. Comments (3)
From the Editor



Nationwide, Obamacare Supporters Rally

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | Just days after Republicans in Congress approved a parliamentary measure that would allow them to move forward with the repeal of the Affordable Care Act without the Democrats in the Senate having the ability to mount a filibuster that would require repeal advocates to secure 60 votes, Americans gathered in more than 70 cities nationwide on January15 to show their support for President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achiev Comments (2)

Prescription for a New Presidency: RESIST!

It’s difficult to adequately summarize the new president’s unfitness for office – his bigoted and inflammatory language about immig Comments (2)

Grabbing Trump’s Attention With Pink Pussyhats  

Uptown to Downtown, East Side to West, from art openings to religious services, in store windows and atop heads, “pussyhats” are popping up everywhere. Mostly women are wearing them, but some men, too. Comments (2)

Cooking Up Rebellion

In times of trouble, cooking makes me whole. I may be tired, irritable, I may have gotten home late, I may even be sick, but I stand at my fry pan tossing in onions, that base of almost every culture’s cooki Comments (15)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Trump Redux in France?

In France, we’re gearing up for a presidential election where the likely victor, François Fillon, is as friendly with Putin as Trump is and has policies as disastrously conservative as Pence. Comments (1)

Cuomo Tacks Left, But Picks Dolan for Interfaith Panel

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, up for re-election next year and among those mentioned as a possible Democratic nominee for president in 2020 despite his protestations to the contrary, opened 2017 by tacking left on some issues. He stood with Bernie Sanders announcing f Comment

When the Wolves Grab Center Stage

Observers as different as Edmund White and Gaspar Noé have noted that France seems to have little use for America’s style of identity politics. The characters of gay director Alain Guiraudie’s “The King of Escape” and his new film “Staying Ve Comments (12)

Sentencing Postponed Again for Taj Patterson Assailant    

The sentencing of a Brooklyn man who was convicted last year in a brutal 2013 attack in Williamsburg that left a gay black man blind in one eye was postponed a second time after his attorney said his client Comments (2)

Tackling Diverse Needs In NYC Health Care    

Dr. Mark Baehser has worked in pediatric medicine for eight years, first in his residency at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn and, since 2011, at NYC Health + Hospitals, which is the nation’s largest municipal healthcare system. Comments (12)

Wielding Words So as Not to Yield    

On November 9, 2016, I woke up numb. Then I wrote a poem. Social media exploded with rage and argument. My Texas poet buddy Justin Booth and I made a pact to post poems, lyrics, and quotes. Diane di Prima. Amiri Baraka. Bad Brains. I sought to c Comments (2)

LGBT Advocates Endorse Eviction-Prevention Subsidy  

The New York City LGBT Community Center is among the latest advocates to endorse a plan by Queens State Assemblymember Andrew Hevesi that would provide a rent subsidy for households on public assistance that are at risk for eviction. Comments (2)
Nathan Riley

To Bounce Back, Democrats Must Take on Income Inequality

Democrats should choose between the voters and its donors. Comments (9)

Willa Kim's Searing Signature

A multitude of adjectives could be used to describe designer Willa Kim, who passed away in late December at the age of 99 on Vashon Island, Washington, but, somehow, “redoubtable” springs first to mind. She and I were both full-on Cancers, with no Earth in our charts, according to her. We shared the same tastes in most things, sometimes uncannily so, as when she told me she had the matching skirt to the Gaul Comments (2)

When Prison May Be an Escape

The Iranian government likes to put up a façade of moral rectitude. As one might guess, this façade is paper-thin to actual Iranians, like the teenage girl prisoners profiled in Mehrdad Oskouei’s documentary “Starless Dreams.” I’ve never seen such a harsh and pitiless view of the Islamic Republic. Comment

What They Did for Love

Passionate women who go to extreme lengths for love eventually making the ultimate Comment

No Mrs. Lloyd Richards Here

Although Celeste Holm, in “All About Eve,” famously described herself as “the playwright’s wife, the lowest form of celebrity,” the same cannot be said of J. Smith-Cameron. She may be the wife of currently white-hot playwright/ film director Kenneth Lonergan, now gathering raves Comments (2)

Obama Okays Chelsea Manning’s Release in May

Chelsea Manning, the Army private convicted of leaking classified information on US military and diplomatic operations in 2010, had already served more time — almost seven years — than any whistleblower in American history. But President Barack Obama’s commutation of her sentence from 35 years to a release this May 17 was due in large part to the extra suffering Manning, now 29, had undergone as a transgender woman in a me Comments (4)

Daddy Issues

When I first read that Austin Pendleton was starring in a modest, Off-Off-Broadway production at the 99-seat TBG Theatre, I did a double take. Surely it wasn’t the Austin Pendleton — the legendary actor, playwright, Comments (3)


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