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Rainbow Flag Dedicated at Stonewall Monument October 11

Gilbert Baker’s Rainbow Flag will be formally dedicated for permanent display at the Stonewall National Monument at Christopher Park in the West Village on Wednesday, October 11 at a noon ceremony. Comments (15)

“Johnny and Barry” Radio at September’s Original LGBT Expo

Batting first in their lineup of guests is Ross Levi, the state’s executive director of tourism and the coordinator of I LOVE NEW YORK LGBT. Ross, who is a regular travel contributor at Gay City News, talks about the many sweet places to visit in New York State as well as the LGBT initiative he has overseen for the past three years. See what New Comments (1)
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Mississippi’s Anti-LGBTQ Law Headed to Supreme Court?

In one of two significant legal developments regarding challenges to Mississippi’s notorious HB 1523, which enshrines in state law a special privilege for people claiming religious and moral objections to LGBTQ people to discriminate against them, Lambda Legal has announced it will petition the Supreme Court on whether the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals erred in dismissing the case on the ground that the plaintiffs lacked stand Comment

Auteur for the Underclass

A PSA used to air on New York cable stations showing a child witnessing domestic violence and ending with the words, “If this were a movie, you wouldn’t let them watch it.” This came back to mind while seeing Sean Baker’s “The Florida Project,” a film essentially to Comments (2)

Frankness Without Exploitation

Dan Sickles and Antonio Santini’s “Dina” shows a rare attention to form for a documentary about a couple with Asperger’s Syndrome that could easily have become a pity party. For a 10-minute stretch, it never leaves a bench, although the camera is placed in different set-ups, the time of day Comments (3)
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In Las Vegas’ Wake, Gun Violence Activists Mass in Manhattan

Gays Against Guns was formed in June 2016 in the wake of what was then the most lethal mass shooting in modern American history — the murder that month of 49 people and wounding of another 58 in an Orlando gay nightclub holding its weekly Latinx night Comments (1)

Stonewall-Set “Street Theater” Galvanizes Us for Future Struggles

If there’s one lesson to be drawn from events of the last several months, it’s that nothing is to be taken for granted. Hard-won rights may be taken away tomorrow as though they’d never been attained in the first place. Comments (3)

Trump Loses, But Roy Moore Is the Booby Prize

In a stunning repudiation of the Republican establishment in Washington and President Donald Trump personally, GOP voters in Alabama on Tuesday chose disgraced former Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore over Luther Strange, appointed earlier this year to take the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as their candidate in a special election scheduled for Decembe Comments (2)

Trump Texas Judicial Pick Sparks Outrage

LGBTQ advocates and other progressive groups reacted with alarm last week to news that President Donald Trump has nominated a Texas assistant attorney general with a documented record of inflammatory statements about gay and transgender people to a US district court seat. If confirmed by the Senate, Jeff Mateer, who prior to working in the Texas attorney general’s office served Comments (4)

Bigoted Wedding Videographers Lose in Federal Court

For the first time, a federal judge has ruled that for-profit businesses do not enjoy a constitutional right to refuse to provide services to same-sex weddings on the same basis they provide them for different-sex weddings. The September 20 ruling from Chief Judge John R. Tunheim of the Comments (6)

Texas’ Ex-Chief Justice Rebukes Court on Houston Benefits

On June 30, the Texas Supreme Court issued a ruling claiming the US Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell marriage equality decision did not necessarily require state and local governments to treat same-sex and different-sex marriages the same for government employee benefits purposes. Comments (4)

LGBTQ Crowd Rallies to Faso Challenger

One member of New York’s Republican congressional delegation with a big target on his back is John Faso, who provided a key vote when the House of Representatives, in May, on a 217-213, passed its version of a “repeal and replace” alternative to President Barack Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act. Comments (1)

Democrats in Hell’s Kitchen? Believe.

Donald Trump’s election provoked waves of revulsion all over New York City. In Hell’s Kitchen, a full-time drag performer, realizing his rights would be under attack, sought advice from a politically connected friend — City Councilmember Corey Johnson, who suggested he join a political club. Comments (3)
Media Circus

With Puerto Rico on Its Knees, Who Is Rump Worried About?

“Hot, isolated, and running out of supplies, parts of Puerto Rico near desperation,” reads a headline in the Washington Post. “Postcards from an island of ruin,” the Los Angeles Times calls out, complete with color photos of the destruction. “Dev Comments (1)

Performance Provocateur and Rooted Married Man

With stops along the way at the Department of Homeland Security, amidst the queer history of hurting hearts, and at the DNA roots that lead him to Central New York and an ‘80s power rock epiphany on a farm road in Yates County, “Rooted” Comments (2)

Rock Bottom

Queer playwright Andy Halliday has a sincere quibble with the gay community. In its decades-long crusade for equality and respect, the public image of gay men has been somewhat sanitized. Certain honest, warts-and-all portrayals onstage are not only seen as politically incorrect, but as a tacit betrayal. Drug abuse, for example Comment

Histrionics Halliday Style

Everything just happens to me. I never have had to go after anything,” Andy Halliday told me. Comments (1)

Hollywood MIA at Lincoln Center

There’s something new about the 55th edition of the New York Film Festival that may not be apparent at first glance. There’s basically no participation from conventional Hollywood studios. The festival has not given up on showing mainstream cinema, such as the opening night film (Richard Linklater’s “Last Flag Flying”; Sep. 28, 6 & 6:15 p.m.) and the closi Comment

The Mouse that Roared

Coinciding with the publication of “Logical Family,” a memoir by the San Francisco-based author best known for “Tales of the City,” is Jennifer M. Kroot’s adulatory documentary “The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin.” The film offers extended interviews with the author as well as his celebrity frie Comments (4)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Mixed State of the Queer World

I went for a check-up last week, and when the doc asked, “What’s new?” I blurted out, “It’s the End of Days. That’s what’s new.” Then I grinned so he wouldn’t haul me off to Bellevue. I hadn’t seen him since before the election when he told me there was no way Trump would win. Comments (8)

NEA Honors Teacher’s LGBTQ Advocacy

Robt Seda-Schreiber, an art teacher in the Kreps Middle School in East Windsor, New Jersey, runs that school’s Gay-Straight Alliance. Named in June as the National Education Association’s Social Justice Activist of the Year, he is the first recipient of that honor recognized for his work in LGBTQ advocacy. A straight married father and Brooklyn native, Se Comments (2)

Arizona High Court Recognizes Co-Mom’s Rights

Resolving a split between two intermediate appeals court panels, the Arizona Supreme Court, on September 19, ruled that the wife of a woman who bears a child using anonymous donor insemination, with that wife’s consent, is the child’s legal parent. The state’s high court relied on statutes providing that a woman’s husband, under similar circumstances, is the child’s legal parent. Comment

Women on a Mission

Two key factors have had a serious impact on Broadway ticket prices in the past 10 years. Dynamic pricing, a standard practice in sports and airlines, has allowed producers to vary prices by the performance. Ticket reselling, legal in New York since 2007, means that you Comment

18th Century Joys to Cure Today’s Blues

The mood of the country over the last year has been one of disaffection, discord, disunity, and disgust. The music of Mozart, Beethoven, and Handel is a balm to the ears and the soul, assuring us that there are immutable beauties of the mind and soul that historical aberrati Comments (1)

Divas and Tough Guys

I don’t think I am alone in regretting that I was not in New York in 1962 to catch Judy Garland’s much-lauded Carnegie Hall concert. I am able to say, however, that I was at the Nederlander Theatre this past Sunday, Septemb Comments (1)


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