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A Korean-American Girl’s Tale

Korean-born Soomi Kim is a firmly established actor and movement artist, whose past performance pieces have tackled some big subjects. “Dictee” was an adaptation of the seminal 1982 book about women throughout history struggling, at great personal cost, against long odds in their societies, written by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, who herself was raped and strangled to death in New York around the time of its publ Comments (2)
New York City

In Tragedy's Wake, Halloween Parade Carries On

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | On a beautifully crisp autumn day, the whimsical and faux-spooky spirit of Halloween was smashed by a horrifying terror attack on a Lower Manhattan bike bath that left eight people dead and at least 11 injured. In a city capable of almost unimaginable resilience, New York straightened its shoulders and let the show go on at the 44th annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade up Sixth Avenue from Houston Street, barely a mile from the real-world carnage. Comments (2)
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US Judge Smacks Down Trump Transgender Military Ban

In a blunt rebuke to President Donald Trump, US District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, finding no factual basis for Trump’s July 26 tweet decreeing a ban on military service by transgender people or Comments (5)
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Kevin Spacey’s Career-Ending Abuse Started 30 Years Ago

Kevin Spacey is finished. No one will be able to look at him again without thinking about the fact that when he was 26, he cornered a 14-year-old boy on his bed and tried to force himself on the boy sexually. While Spacey said that he had no recollection of the attack on actor Anthony Rapp in 1986 and said that he must have been drunk if it happened and he was sorry, neither that excuse nor Comments (17)
Guest Perspective

Why Tenants Should Vote No on a Constitutional Convention

Every 20 years, the New York State Constitution mandates a statewide vote on whether to convene a convention to consider amending it. On November 7, New Yorkers will vote yes or no. This measure, on the back of the ballot, is more important than anything on the front. Comments (3)
Nathan Riley

No New Money, No New Ideas in Trump’s Opioid Response

Donald Trump’s declaration of a public health emergency to end the epidemic of opioid overdose deaths wraps itself in virtue, but avoids the burning question about the nation’s drug policy: What works? Comments (2)

La Dulcet Musto

There may have been more powerful columnists in the history of American journalism than Michael Musto, but none was ever more adored, for he radiates a personality and humor as great as — and often greater than — the celebrities he covers. For nearly 30 year Comments (1)

Love on the High Seas

The documentary “Dream Boat,” by out director Tristan Ferland Milew-ski, depicts experiences a handful of men have on a week-long gay cruise in the Mediterranean. This terrific film chronicles several parties, from a fun drag event to a neon-themed one, as well as plenty of skin and sex, including a brief scene of fellati Comment

Step by Daunting Step to the Altar

The road to same-sex marriage was fraught with obstacles, but the setbacks faced by Victor Manuel Aguirre and Fernando Urias, a couple in Baja California, Mexico, were beyond the pale. Same-sex marriage was legal in some states in Mexico when this long-term couple wanted to wed. However, in Mexicali, where Aguirre and Urias lived, the local government prev Comment

Return to Vietnam in a New War

When Richard Linklater’s “Last Flag Flying” got its world premiere at the New York Film Festival, the collective response from critics seemed to be “meh,” although it has a 71 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes right now. Comments (11)

Immortal But Not Untouchable

Japanese director Takashi Miike has a reputation for ultra-violence. It’s not always deserved. His latest film, “Blade of the Immortal,” is the 100th entry in a filmography that includes movies made for children. One of his best films, “The Bird People in China,” came out straight to video in the US and was neve Comment

The Evolution of a Brooklyn Progressive

“I support marriage equality. I will fight to protect marriage equality,” Brooklyn City Councilmember Jumaane Williams told Gay City News at the start of a 30-minute sit-down on October 19 that his office requested. Williams, a 41-year-old son of immigrants from Grenada, represents a broad swath of the city’s Caribbean Comments (3)

Once Ex-Gay, Now Advocating for Christian Inclusivity

If you tell Alex Haiken that he can’t be gay and Christian, you had better have done your homework. Comments (16)

Weinstein, Trump Scandals Earn Vance a Write-In Foe

When Gay City New sat down with District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., in early September for an interview currently airing on Manhattan Neighborhood Network ( 0r bottom of this story), the two-term incumbent seemed headed toward an unopposed and decidedly non-controversial reelection. Comment

Citywide GOP Candidates Now Softer on Gays

At the end of a brief video posted on Michel Faulkner’s campaign website, the candidate for New York City comptroller says that he is the one who will unite the city. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

#UsToo: Reclaiming “Lesbian” in Vienna

I recently went to a march in New York organized by Voices 4 Chechnya and RUSA LGBT demanding that the US welcome queer Chechen refugees who are being tortured and murdered by the brutal regime of Putin faithful Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov. Comments (3)

Discovering Our Nature

“God’s Own Country” is a raw and powerful romantic drama focused on Johnny (Josh O’Connor), a closeted young man living on his ailing father’s (Ian Hart) failing Yorkshire farm. Comments (1)

Julien Baker’s Assuredness

For an artist who has only released two albums, out lesbian singer/ songwriter Julien Baker has an astonishingly assured vision. She wrote all the songs on her second album, “Turn Out the Lights,” produced it, and plays the main instruments on it. Her production and the album’s arrangements sound relatively spare even when they venture into adding strings; Comment

Ludlam Celebrated By Those He Loved

The late, great Charles Ludlam wrote dozens of plays, but they are rarely revived right here in the very city in which he pioneered the alternative theater scene. To remedy that, La MaMa is reviving his “Conquest of the Universe or When Queens Collide,” commemorating both the playwright’ Comment

Friends in Crisis

Steven Dietz’s “Lonely Planet” is a terrific play from Keen Theater, laced with humor and piercing little jabs of melancholy, about two friends Jody (Arnie Burton) and Carl (Matt McGrath) in a fraught time, namely the plague years of AIDS. I once had a friend, since deceased, who, alt Comment

Women Getting Political

Swiss director Petra Volpe’s “The Divine Order” arrives in American theaters at an opportune time. The extent of sexism in our film industry and culture finally seems to be coming to light, although it’s obvious there must be dozens of men who act as badly as Harvey Weinstein did, if not on the same scale. Comments (1)
Nathan Riley

Drug Reformers Declare Solutions Must Be Sweeping

Activists from across the globe gathered in Atlanta October 11-14 to plot strategy for defanging drug prohibition in the United States. The conference, called by the Drug Policy Alliance, scrambled to balance recognition of the limited possibility for gains and the conviction that justice demands sweeping reforms. Comment
Guest Perspective

Constitutional Convention Will Expand Voter Participation

When looking at the extremely low voter turnout for New York City’s recent primary election, one wouldn’t know that city residents were deciding who would run for mayor this year. It is clear that New York needs to do more to encourage voter participation and competitive elections. Comments (1)

Bernstein’s Centennial & Local Gems

The year 2018 will mark Leonard Bernstein’s centenary, so expect multiple unveilings of his music theater pieces. The Philadelphia Orchestra’s welcomely out Canadian maestro Yannick Nézet-Séguin, in pec-flaunting casual clothes, led off the celebration October 12 with a concert s Comment


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