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Released on Bail, Abel Cedeno Speaks to Gay City News

Abel Cedeno, the bullied Bronx gay teen charged with manslaughter in the death of classmate Matthew McCree, had his bail cut in half by Judge William Mogulescu on November 29 and that bail was made by an odd combination of gay men Comments (1)

Boys and The Band

I think everyone in their roster of friends knows someone like Gerry. (I can tick off at least three.) Gerry is the kind of oversized neurotic who blows into a room like a tornado and promptly sucks all the air out of it. Every sentence feels like a performance, and it’s virtually impossible to believe he̵ Comment

PrEP’s Impact Seen in City Prevention Push

As he was discussing New York’s Plan to End AIDS, an ambitious undertaking that aims to reduce new HIV infections in the state from the estimated 2,481 in 2014 to 750 annually by 2020, the relentlessly upbeat Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, New York City’s deputy commissioner for disease control, was blu Comments (1)

HIV Data for 2016 Show Continued Decline

New HIV infections among New York City men who have sex with men continued declining in 2016 over 2015, according to an annual report from the city’s health department that details HIV infections last year. Comment

December 1 Is World AIDS Day

Worldwide, an estimated 38 million people are living HIV, with more than 17 million still receiving no treatment to halt the progression of AIDS-related illnesses, according to data from UNAIDS. In 2016, approximately 1.8 million people became newly infected, with 160,000 of those under the age of 18, amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research reports. Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 7 Comment

ACT UP Reminds Us: It Ain't Over

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | On the evening of November 29, two days ahead of World AIDS Day, a crowd of nearly 100 ACT UP members and their allies converged on the Duffy Square section of Times Square to remind New Yorkers that the battle against the epidemic continues. Michael Kerr held a sign that best conveyed their message: AIDS Isn’t Over for Anybody Until It Is Over for Everybody! Comments (1)

HIV Disclosure Law Upheld By Ohio High Court

The seven-member Ohio Supreme Court unanimously rejected a free speech and equal protection challenge to the state’s law making it a felony assault for a person who knows he is HIV-positive to engage in “sexual conduct” with another person without disclosing their HIV-positive status. Comments (1)
Nathan Riley

Murder Prosecutions of Low-Level Sellers Stymie Public Health

Drug law reformers are pushing back against a new wave of counterproductive cruelty from prohibition-minded law enforcement seeking to prevent drug use with harsh sentences. Comment

That’s So Gothic

The 30-film series “Goth(ic)” at the Metrograph in December showcases many gothic films by, for, or about the queer community. From James Whale’s “The Bride of Frankenstein,” to Ken Russell’s “Gothic,” these horror shows share a heady combination of eroticism and chills that unfold in an atmosphere of Comments (1)

All About Andy

“I liked Andy immediately because I felt he was very accessible,” Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni recently said as she was promoting her new book “After Andy: Adventures in Warhol Land,” according to a profile in Vanity Fair. “Andy had an extraordinary magnetism. He was kind of an amoeba or Zelig-like. When people say he was negative, I totally disagree, it’s what you brought.” Comments (1)

Classic D.H. Lawrence Film Adaptation Revived

“Women in Love,” Ken Russell’s ecstatic and erotic adaptation of D.H. Lawrence’s novel, is getting a weeklong re-release in a digitally re-mastered version at the Metrograph. The film, writ Comment

A Finn Has the Immigrant Speak

It’s often proclaimed today that every minority group should be the first in line to make films about themselves — and straight, white, Christian, cisgender men should be the last to make films about people other than themselves. There’s some justification for this perspective that goes beyond Comment
Guest Perspective

On World AIDS Day, Legendary R.E.D. Ball is a Celebration of Life

“Tens across the board!,” the emcee screams into the microphone as three young, queer New Yorkers of color walk the runway of the R.E.D. Ball with giant angel wings that they designed and assembled just for this night. Comments (2)

LGBTQ Life and Detroit’s Changed Face

Tim Retzloff teaches history and LGBTQ studies at Michigan State University in East Lansing. He earned his Ph.D. in history in 2014 from Yale, where he studied under George Chauncey, Comment

Another Fed Court Win for Trans Students

A federal court judge in Pennsylvania has denied a school district’s motion to dismiss Title IX and equal protection claims by an elementary school transgender student denied the right to use the girls’ bathroom consistent with her gender identity. Comment

Intended Parents Win Custody in Surrogacy Dispute

A unanimous three-judge appeals panel in Britain issued a decision on November 17 affirming a ruling by Lucy Theis, a family court judge, that a gay male couple should have residential custody of a child born as a result of an unenforceable gestational surrogacy agreement they had entered into with a married woman who sought to keep the child. Comments (1)

Anime NYC Revives a Lost Niche

New York has a major Comic Con but, in years past there was also a con just for Japanese comics and cartoons. The old New York Anime Festival was absorbed into the New York Comic Con (NYCC) five years ago, leaving the city’s nerdy Japanophiles without a major con they could claim as their own. Comments (2)

A Christmas Carajo at the Bronx's BAAD!

“Los Nutcrackers: A Christmas Carajo,” written by playwright Charles Rice- González (also acclaimed for his debut novel “Chulito”), has long been a holiday tradition at BAAD! The Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, but this December marks the third year that the award-winning director of Off-Broadway hi Comments (1)
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Trump’s Ban on Military Trans Reassignment Surgery Blocked

A second federal district judge has issued a preliminary injunction against implementation of President Donald Trump’s August 25 memorandum implementing his July 26 tweet that announced a ban on all military service by transgender individuals. Comments (2)
Breaking News

Transgender Prof Wins $1.2 Million Bias Verdict

Less than a month after a federal district court judge refused to dismiss a transgender woman’s job discrimination case against Southeastern Oklahoma State University, a jury has found in favor of the plaintiff, Dr. Rachel Tudor, in the amount of $1.165 million. Comment

Trans Day of Remembrance Downtown

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | As Transgender Awareness Week came to a close on Monday, November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance was solemnly marked in several locations in Lower Manhattan. Comments (4)

Anti-Gay Wedding Venue’s First Amendment Claims Advance

A federal judge in Michigan has refused to dismiss a farmer’s lawsuit claiming he was unconstitutionally excluded from participating in a farmer’s market because of his policy against allowi Comment

Kate Millett, Feminist and Bi Pioneer, Celebrated

Kate Millett, author of the 1970 “Sexual Politics” that became the bible of Second Wave Feminism, was celebrated and sorely missed by hundreds at her New York memorial service on November 9. Comment

For this Southern Evangelical Gay Man, the “Fix” Failed

Every summer at church camp, Sheldon Rogers asked God to fix him. Comments (2)

Accepting Your Age and the Youth Among You

Several years ago, a gay man, at that time a neighbor of mine, walked into my living room and stopped in front of the coffee table. Comments (2)

Love Stirred Slowly

In the opening scenes of “Call Me By Your Name,” gay filmmaker Luca Guadagnino’s exquisite adaptation of André Aciman’s exquisite novel, set in 1983, Oliver (Armie Hammer) arrives at Dr. Perlman’s (Michael Stuhlbarg) villa in northern Italy. A summer intern for the professor, Oliver is handsome, confident, intelligent, perhaps arrogant, and quite charming. He is also one tall drink of water that Perlman’s’ 17-year-old son, Elio ( Comments (3)

Michelangelo’s Process Revealed

; drawing, red chalk; 10 11/16 in. x 16 5/8 in. | ROYAL COLLECTION TRUST / © HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II 2017, WWW.ROYALCOLLECTION.ORG.UK Comment

Gay Memoir of Coming of Age in Africa and America

“Lives of Great Men: Living And Loving As An African Gay Man” is a new memoir by Chiké Frankie Edozien, detailing a life lived between America and Africa. Edozien grew up in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria, learning to read from newspapers his father brought home daily. Comments (3)
Media Circus

Long Live the King! Celebrating Diane Torr

Sunday afternoon, I gussied myself up and was at the door putting on my red shoes when I realized I was still wearing puffy white athletic socks. I was going to a memorial at Dixon Place for Diane Torr, a remarkable artist, extraordinary human, and king of all drag kings everywhere, who died in May. So of course I stopped and changed. Comment
Media Circus

Rump, Rose, Moore, Tambor & a Monstrous “Frankenstien”

“Trump Risks Hypocrisy Charges with Franken Attack,” The Hill informs us. No shit, Sherlock. In fact, given Rump’s history with women accusing him of sexual predation, the Comments (1)

Chloë Sevigny Fears Him

Definitely one of the Bright Young Things of Los Angeles, hilarious Drew Droege was discovered on the Internet, impersonating, of all people, Chloë Sevigny. Sharing a slightly similar equine mien with that long-lipped, terminally hip downtown muse, Droege has her glacial been-everything, done-everything blasé manner nailed. Even when nattering incomprehensibly and dropping a multitude of arcane designer names —because you are definitely not fierce Comment

Match Play

Julia Cho’s complex and engrossing new play “Office Hour,” now at the Public, is a boldly theatrical examination of a harrowing, contemporary issue: random violence, or more to the point, the fear of random violence and its impact on our culture. Comment
Guest Perspective

Addressing Trans Health Respectfully, Holistically

Imagine surviving childhood trauma, sexual assault, homelessness, an HIV-positive diagnosis, and multiple suicide attempts. That’s a snapshot of the life of one Amida Care member, a transgender woman of color living in Brooklyn. Comments (5)

Boston, Houston, Manhattan Transfer

Lincoln Center’s annual White Light Festival kicked off with a pleasing program November 1 at the Rose Theater, focused on a reprise of the Pergolesi “Stabat Mater,” some of the most inspiriting — and certainly influential — music of the 18th century, directed and choreographed by Jessica Lang. Comment

Kauai’s Mix of Nature and Adventure

If you think about it, Hawaiian culture is one of the most easily identified, even for those who’ve never set foot on its lush lands. How quickly we conjure up hula skirts, floral prints, tiki torches, and the soft strum of ukuleles at just the thought of the Aloha State. They’re so pervasive that visitors here might have oversimplified expectations. Comments (2)


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