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Sleepers Wake

I’m wondering if it isn’t time for another revolution in the theater. That was my thought as I left “Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi, Sci-Fi,” a dazzling quintet of short plays by Robert Patrick having a brief run at La MaMa. The plays, all but on Comments (2)
Guest Perspective

Strengthening the City’s Sexual Health Clinics

Sexual health clinics in New York City hold a puzzling place in the public imagination. Are they places to get free condoms? Pregnancy exams? Blood tests? Comments (9)
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Thousands Rally at Stonewall Against Trump Immigration Ban

LGBTQ people have protested and celebrated outside the Stonewall since the Rebellion in 1969. But on Saturday, February 4, in sub-fre Comments (5)

On the Town

“Kedi” purports to be a documentary about the feral cats that roam around Istanbul, many of them taken care of by people who haven’t fully adopted them as pets. I suppose it’s not surprising that in the end, it says more abou Comments (4)

Church of the Safe to Say It

It wasn’t that kind of Inaugural Ball. Comments (5)

Dazzling and Theatrical

The first Broadway production of August Wilson’s “Jitney,” from Manhattan Theatre Club, delivers the kind of moving and magnificent experience o Comment

Outing the Atonal Music of Mr. Copland

At a recent concert featuring the serial music of Aaron Copland (1900-1990), Adam Tendler played “Piano Fantasy” — a piece I first heard 60 years ago. William Masselos was the p Comments (39)

Winter Voices at Lincoln Center

In principle it was a good idea for the reconstituted NYCO to revive “Candide”: the Bernstein centennial approaches, and there’s life in Comments (1)
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Gorsuch Pushes Court Balance to the Right

When Justice Antonin Scalia died last February, then-candidate Donald Trump said that if he were elected he would appoint somebody in the mold of Scalia to take his place. Comments (2)
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Obama LGBTQ Protections Safe, Or a Trump Head Fake?

Amidst all the confusion created by White House senior advisor Steve Bannon’s “shock and awe” campa Comments (2)
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Gay Ex-Prosecutor Wants to Be Brooklyn DA

Marc Fliedner wasted little time when he announced he is running to be the Kings County district attorney. Comments (1)
Guest Perspective

You, Me, And Everyone We Know

Trump has thrown us all into chaos after his first full week of executive orders and the “shock and awe” campaign engineered by Steve Bannon, who was flagrantly appointed with powers never seen in previous administrations. However, they haven’t come out the victors in all of this. We all rushed to JFK to protest and the superhero lawyers flexed their mind-muscle Comments (10)

Trump Immigration Order Mobilizes Thousands

President Donald Trump’s draconian – though ineptly crafted and implemented – executive order on immigration and refugee entry into the US created a spontaneous eruption of protests nationwide and brought thousands of New Yorkers into the streets and to the airport nearly every day since January 26. Comments (6)
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Trump Goes With Scalia Acolyte for High Court

In a brief White House event that was nationally televised, Donald Trump nominated a conservative federal circuit court judge often compared to Justice Antonin Scalia to fill the US Supr Comments (2)

The Fire This Time

The extraordinary documentary “I Am Not Your Negro” uses text from James Baldwin’s unfinished work “Remember This House,” along with archival footage ranging from the author speaking at Cambridge University to his appearance on “The Dick Cavett Show,” as the co Comments (4)

A Timely Celebration of Diversity

Out filmmaker Draper Shreeve set out to capture the “spirit of queer life” in his fabulous documentary “Queer City,” now available on Flix Premiere as well as other streaming services. The film profiles a diverse range of LGBTQ New Yorkers, from Kris and Sarah, two lesbian parents in Brooklyn, to former State Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Lessons from Egypt on Organizing the Resistance

Six years ago last week, on January 25, 2011, mass demonstrations began in Egypt that would topple the corrupt, brutal regime of Hosni Mubarak. Following the lead of Tunisia, demos were at first just inspired by, and reported on, social media. After a couple days, they became so big even Egypt’s official radio and TV were forced to acknowledge them. Comments (1)

They Know How to Love Her

She was quite literally a goddess of song. Amazonian, too, standing six feet tall with a luscious face that bespoke the beauties in canvases by Gauguin and Burne-Jones. And when she opened that succulent mouth, waves of dulcet Comments (1)
Media Circus

Lie with Dogs, Wake up with Fleas

It certainly has been a brisk few weeks in the media. Rarely have so many column inches been devoted to whether the word “lie” can or should be used to describe the steady stream of bullshit coming out of a politician’s mouth. But since the politician in question is the president of the United States, and that president happens to be the popular-vote-loser Donald J. Trump, the question answers itself. There is simply no other word in English that captures the perfidy that issues forth daily from the fat man’s spewing maw. Comment
Nathan Riley

How Resistance Can Take Hold, Make Change

Several million marchers have already vented their revulsion and damned Donald Trump, revealing an enthusiasm for resistance that could sustain a left backlash, while Trumpites are accusing the protesters of dividing the nation. Comments (2)
Susie Day

Visiting Herman In The Age Of Trump

This past year was good for prison activists. Those who advocated for high-profile political prisoners in the federal system celebrated when President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of Chelsea Manning and Oscar Lopez, both now scheduled for release on May 17. Activists who supported less-known “social” prisoners, most serving inordinate time for what the media like to call “nonviolent drug offenses,” rejoiced at Obama’s unprecedented 1,715 commutations by the end of his presidency. Comments (11)


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