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Trump Attack on Trans Youth Sparks Huge Protest at Stonewall

The Trump administration’s bashing of transgender students—rescinding President Barack Obama’s federal guidance that allowed them access to bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity — sparked a massive militant protest on the evening of February 23 at the birthplace Comments (1)
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Denouncing Trump's Transgender Reversal, Advocates Point to Progress on Other Fronts

LGBTQ rights advocates responded with outrage to the Trump administration’s reversal of an Obama era guidance that guaranteed transgender school students access to bathrooms consistent with their gender identity – but they also emphasized that the shift does not necessarily impact a pending Supreme Court case on that issue nor does it affect dramatic progress in the lower federal courts or in scho Comments (29)

New York’s Ballroom Scene in Profile

“Kiki” is an uplifting portrait of LGBTQ youth of color who participate in the New York ballroom scene. Director Sara Jordenö focuses on seven subjects, including Twiggy Pucci Garçon, who co-wrote the film; Chi Chi Mizrahi, a fast-talking Latino; Gia Marie Love and Izana “Zariya M Comments (4)
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AIDS Advocates Press Cuomo on City Health Clinic Cuts

Roughly a dozen AIDS services and advocacy groups protested outside Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Midtown Manhattan office demanding that he reverse a change in the state’s proposed budget that would reduce funding Comments (10)

Lost and Found

The illustrious John Kander has never been one to shy away from outré material. For “The Scottsboro Comment
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Trump Action on Transgender Students Carries Contradictions

The Trump administration, in line with statements that candidate Donald Trump made opining that the issue of restroom and locker room access by transgender students should be left up to state and local officials, issued a letter to all the nation̵ Comments (3)
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Washington Florist Loses Her Bid to Discriminate at State High Court

Continuing an unbroken string of appellate rulings finding that businesses cannot refuse to supply goods or s Comments (11)

The Perils of Normalization

As the reality of the Trump administration bent on rolling back Comments (1)
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City, Advocates Battle Albany Health Reimbursement Cuts

The city health department and leading AIDS advocacy groups are scrambling to convince Governor Andrew Cuomo to reverse a propos Comment

Sessions Quickly Begins Retreat on LGBTQ Rights

In a clear and disturbing sign that the Justice Department is in full retreat from the Obama administration’s advocacy for transgender stu Comments (2)

CBST Rabbis Arrested in Sit-In Protesting Immigration Ban

Among the most dramatic local demonstrations against President Donald Trump’s immigration and refuge curbs — now stalled by a federal appeals court Comments (9)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Baiting Trump

I was so happy when I saw the “SNL” skit for the first time with the brilliant Melissa McCarthy decked out as Sean Spicer, guzzling gum, throwing tantrums, blasting the press for questioning Trump’s Muslim ban, destroying language itself, and offering an imaginary narrative, while accusing journalists of spreading fake news. Comment
Media Circus

Fascism, Trumpolini, and “Gin Blossoms” Bannon

The amazing Jennifer Finney Boylan, a transgender woman on the Barnard College faculty who is also an opinion writer for the Times, got off to a rollicking start in a recent column about the trans Republican Caitlyn Jenner. Comment
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In Impassioned Tones –– and A Cappella, Too –– Streep Rebuts Trump

In the middle of a passionate and powerful rejoinder to President Donald Trump – with whom she’s been at war since her Golden Globes speech in early January – Meryl Streep did something remarkable even for a much-decorated actor who has repeatedly proven her musical chops. Comments (3)

A New Mexican Fantasist to the Fore

The 17th edition of “Film Comment Selects,” programmed by that magazine’s editors and writers, veers off in a new direction. Simultaneously, it looks toward the future (which seems to mean Eastern Europe, Latin America, and East A Comments (34)

Are You There, God?

In his brilliant and profoundly affecting and timely new play, “Man from Nebraska,” playwright Tracy Letts takes on one of the most classic literary forms: the quest. From Comments (2)
From the Editor

The Anti-LGBTQ Siege Begins in Earnest

The LGBTQ community never had any illusions about Donald Trump. Despite the billionaire TV celebrity having lived in Manhattan his entire adult life and mainstream media suggestions that he is the friendliest Republican president to date, we had his number from the start. That’s why only 14 percent of us gave him our vote on November 8 — an anemic showing even by GOP standards. Comments (32)
New York City

New York Gay, AIDS Pioneer Bernárd Lynch Weds

Billy M. Desmond and Dr. Bernárd J. Lynch were married before more than 180 guests on January 27 at the Armada Hotel, Spanish Point — the first gay male wedding to be registered in County Clare, Ireland. Comments (2)

Mermaids, Merimée, Housman, and Holofernes

The Met needed a new “Rusalka” to replace Otto Schenk’s antique Vienna-sourced fairy-tale version, which witnessed some extraordinary performances starring Gabriela Benacková and Renee Fleming. Given Mary Zimmerman’s catastrophic history at thi Comment

How To Cook a Trump

I have to say, it’s hard to write about how good food tastes when Trump is compiling weekly lists of “crimes” by immigrants. I wanted to describe for you the precise degree of crispness and umami of the chicken thigh/ fermented soybean/ potato chip appetizer at the hot new Williamsburg restaurant Llama Inn, but it’s hard to stop thinking about him turning Syrian children back to die from bombing and starvation. I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out what to do about this when a good idea suddenly occurred to me: it would probably be possible to roast Trump like a turkey, trussing him with a little cooking twine and rubbing him all over with European butter, salt, and pepper. Comments (25)

Co-Mom Loses Out Due to State’s Past Discrimination

A state appellate panel in Arizona has affirmed a lower court ruling there that found that the 2015 US Supreme Court marriage equality ruling does not require that state to retroactively deem a woman the legal parent of children adopted by her wife at a time when Arizona did not recognize their marriage or allow second-parent adoptions. Comments (1)

A Gem at Caffe Cino and La MaMa

I was there, in the madding crowd, and can attest that thousands of impressively fired up queer activists showed up for the Christopher Street rally on February 4. But there was another equally impressive gay gathering of fervent minds and hearts taking place at La MaMa, which I also attended. That was the 140th edition of its regular series, Coffeehouse Chronicles, reuniting in a sterling panel the Comment

Angelica Page’s Tribute to Mom

There was a time when Geraldine Page, who dazzled in defining works by Tennessee Williams like “Summer and Smoke” and “Sweet Bird of Youth” and went on to movie greatness in “Interiors” and her Oscar-winning “A Trip to Bountiful,” was considered the most exciting actress in America, but today, she, like her great contemporaries Kim Stanley and Julie Harris, is rarely Comments (2)

Dying Is Easy…

The Big Broadcast on East 53rd” belongs to a genre of theater that can only be described as Comments (1)


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