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What the Seventh Circuit Said About Sexual Orientation Discrimination

The full bench of the US Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Chicago, substantially advanced the cause of gay rights on April 4, finding that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits employment discrimination based on Comments (21)
Gay City News Impact Awards

An Evening of Recognition and Community-Building

“Silence really does equal death,” said Paul Schindler, Gay City News’ editor-in-chief, to several hundred people gathered to build community under the rosy pink, yellow, and blue lights and romantic cherub paintings of Brooklyn’s Grand Prospect Hall on March 30. Comments (3)
Gay City News Impact Awards

2017 Gay City News Impact Awards

The 33 individuals profiled in this commemorative special section come from many walks of life — government, healthcare, business, labor, law, the arts, advocacy, and activism. What all of them, in their unique ways, have in common is their engagement in the project of building community. And building community is a vital task as we face a future none of us likely expected a mere six months ago. Comments (3)
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Gilbert Baker, Whose Rainbow Flag Sewed LGBTQ World Together, Dies Suddenly at 65

Gay pioneer and artist Gilbert Baker, who died in his sleep at age 65 on March 31 at his home in Manhattan, did not just create the iconic Rainbow Flag but he gave it away freely to the world where it was embrace Comments (16)
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BULLETIN –– Gilbert Baker, Rainbow Flag Creator, Has Died

Gilbert Baker, the gay man who created the Rainbow Flag that became the international symbol of the LGBTQ rights movement, died in his sleep on March 31 in his Hamilton Heights home in Manhattan at the age of 65. Comments (4)
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How Is the North Carolina HB2 Repeal a Compromise?

The state of North Carolina today, March 30, repealed HB2, the law enacted a little over a year ago that aroused heated protests and boycotts, generated several lawsuits, and sparked a national conversation about gender identity and sex-specific public bathrooms and locker rooms. Comment

Ex-Prosecutor: Release “Merits Enhanced Scrutiny”

Even as they conceded that DNA evidence “is a very powerful, and very valuable, law enforcement tool,” the attorneys who won Mayer Herskovic’s release from custody less than three hours after his sentencin Comment

Martin Duberman Asks What History Is

Early in her discussion with Martin Duberman, the author of “Jews Queers Germans,” a “novel/ history, Alisa Solomon, a professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, asked Duberman, “You’ve written in every genre there is… You chose to write it as fiction. Why?” Comments (1)

Irish Stand Up to Trump    

While America was reeling from the election results, Aodhán Ó Ríordáin took the floor of the Irish Senate on November 11 and said with passion, “America has just elec Comment

Psychotherapist Who Coined “Homophobia” Fought It All His Life

Psychotherapist George Weinberg, who coined the word “homophobia” in 1966 — turning the tables on anti-gay people by branding them as the sick ones — died in New York on March 21 at age 87. He had just completed an article for Gay City News on the origins of his famous word. Comments (1)

Childhood’s End

“All This Panic” artfully documents a handful of teenage girls in New York on the cusp of adulthood. Shot over a three-year period, the film is a mix of observational footage along with interviews and intimate moments of the subjects with their friends and families. Comments (2)

Watching a French Icon Pass from the Stage

In cinema, death usually means a gunshot and a dime-sized spot of blood or a photogenic elderly person lying in bed and giving one final sigh. Some horror movies have delved further into the weaknesses of the body, especially the possibility of becoming a victim Comment

Jimmy Breslin, New York’s Greatest Columnist, Dies  

Jimmy Breslin, who died March 19 at 88, was the greatest newspaper columnist in New York at a time when as top columnist for the Daily News, he could command half a million dollars a year and the tabloids he wrote for had immense power. Comments (3)
Nathan Riley

Is Pentagon Gay Panic Aiming to Deflect from Probe of Women’s Harassment?

In the wake of the junior senator from New York humiliating takedown of the commandant of the Marine Corp for failing to protect females from harassment and intimidation, the Pentagon has opened a homophobic investigation replete with images of soldiers in gay porn and being victimized on gay sites in Tumblr. Comments (1)

Daydreaming On Riviera Maya

Kicked back in a lounge chair on the shore of the Yucatán Peninsula, cocktail in hand as a Caribbean breeze fills the shade beneath my beach umbrella, I’m reminded that daydreams can come true. Comment
Media Circus

Trans 101… and Beyond

“Recently a few strangers have reached out to me on social media to disclose that they are or might be transgender. They’ve asked for advice. Awash in my own struggles with identity, these requests for guidance have challenged me. How can I help? How can I disentangle my own struggles from theirs in order to be objective? I haven’t even read any Judith Butler yet.” Comments (1)
Susie Day

Cuomo, Cuts and Why Laura Likes Her Petition More than Me

By the time you read this, the New York State legislature will have probably passed its 2017-18 budget. The budget is about $152 billion, but there’s a relatively tiny $2.6 million cut Governor Andrew Cuomo quietly buried inside that’s worth noticing. Cuomo’s cut would eliminate 39 jobs at New York’s 17 maximum-security prisons. But 39 is a small number, compared to the nearly 22,000 men and women held inside these prisons, serving long, often life sentences. These thousands of incarcerated people have families, friends, and children. Cuomo’s proposal would cut their prison visiting days, from seven to three a week. Comments (18)
Kelly Jean Cogswell

More Radical Than Hate

A couple of decades ago, the Lesbian Avengers did a Valentine’s Day action at Bryant Park reuniting the statue of Gertrude Stein with a papier-mâché Alice B. Toklas. Veteran activist Maxine Wolfe launched the proceedings with a speech explaining that the purpose of the action was to make “visible the fact of lesbian existence and lesbian love in all its forms and expressions including… the love we have for ourselves and each other when we organize and take direct action together on our own behalf.” Comment

Second Circuit Bounces Sexual Orientation Bias Claim

A three-judge panel of the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Manhattan, has issued a mixed ruling concerning a gay man’s claim he was sexually harassed in his workplace in violation […] Comment

GMHC Honors Bill Clinton, Staley Brothers

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | At its 35th anniversary Spring Gala, Gay Men’s Health Crisis honored longtime activist Peter Staley, his brother Jes Staley, CEO of Barclays Bank, and President Bill Clinton for his global AIDS work at the Clinton Foundation. The former president was unable to attend, but was represented by his daughter, Chelsea. Comment

Jim Eigo Honored by ACT UP at 30

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | Marking 30 years of AIDS activism, ACT UP held a March 22 event to recognize the work of Jim Eigo, a founding member of the group’s Treatment and Data Committee, upon his retirement. Longtime ACT UP members Eric Sawyer, Andy Velez, Peter Staley, Jay Blot Comment

Highs and Lows

For all of us despairing about the indifference, blatant self-serving, and divisive hatred that define the current political regime, there is a welcome balm on the N Comment

A Met Trio

On March 16, the Met revived “Fidelio” in Juergen Flimm’s visually unappetizing, dramatically fussy, and often just wrong-headed production, full of upstaging and misdirected focus (like the final scene’ Comment

Great Left Coast Actor Arrives

Jason Odell Williams’ anti-gun play “Church and State” is that rare work that combines a stark message, sadly all too pertinen Comment
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Heritage of Pride Accedes to Resistance Groups’ Demand

The organization that produces New York City’s pride parade, rally, and related events has agreed to allow groups eager to confront the Republican PartyR Comments (11)


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