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Playing Tricks

The new musical “Amélie” would be perf Comments (1)
Breaking News

“Please Keep Going,” Hillary Clinton Tells LGBT Center Crowd

“I know the election hit a lot of us hard,” Hillary Rodham Clinton told the crowd at this week’s Center Dinner in a drolly delivered bit of understatement. Comments (2)

Foxy Ladies

Lillian Hellman’s “The Little Foxe Comment

A Failed Meditation on Acting

Sometimes films turn out to be something completely different from what they promise. French director Bruno Dumont’s “Slack Bay” purports to be a comedy/ mystery about a series of disappearances in 1910 Calais. In reality, it’s about the nature of acting. Dumont has long used non-professional actors, casting them with a Comments (8)

Alarm Raised Over Anti-LGBTQ Army Secretary Pick

LGBTQ rights advocates are mobilizing in response to President Donald Trump’s nomination of Tennessee State Senator Mark Green as the next secretary of the Army. Comments (2)

La Ross Returns

Diana Ross — that diva of divas, from a day when the real thing existed (acclaimed as such by critics and public, not presumptuously describing themselves as such, like Demi Lovato did recently on James Corden’s show) — is coming to town! Comments (4)

Sex Ed, AIDS, Anti-Bullying Mandates Dodged

Requirements from the city and state that the public schools address bullying, teach about AIDS and sex, and integrate LGBTQ issues into that curriculum have been passed with great fanfare over the years, but implementing these mandates has fallen well short, according to a recent survey of students by youth activists from the New Yor Comments (5)

No Wrong Way In New Orleans

Whether you’re a New Orleans first-timer or a deep fan who can’t get enough, this city seems ever ready to charm you anew. Yes, it’s a historic place — one of America’s oldest cities, in fact — and its heritage is a huge point of pride for locals. But part of its legacy is welcoming travelers and inducting them into the Comments (6)

Dreaming of Summer

It’s hard to believe, with snow a not so distant memory, but it’s only a matter of weeks until the unofficial start of summer. A great way to get there quicker — in your mind, at least Comments (8)

GOP, Rogue Senate Dems Nix Pulse Memorial Funds

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s state budget allocated a million dollars for his proposed memorial to the victims of the 2016 Orla Comments (2)

Living History

When it comes to queer theater, no one is more talented — or eminently influential — than Harvey Fierstein. “Torch Song Trilo Comment
Guest Perspective

Obamacare Works — Just Ask Mike Pence

As governor of Indiana, Mike Pence slashed state health spending, eliminating Scott County Planned Parenthood — the only place for residents of that rural area to get tested for HIV. Comments (3)

Judges Hail Gavin Grimm as Civil Rights Hero

Even as the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals granted the Gloucester County (Virginia) School District’s motion to vacate a district court’s 2016 preliminary injunction ordering it to allow Gavin Grimm to use the boys’ Comments (1)

Joined at the Heart

“Heal the Living,” about a handful of lives that are changed as a result of a car accident, could have been maudlin and soapy. However, in the careful hands of director Katell Quillévéré, this is truly a life-affirming drama. Comment

Nebraska High Court Ends Gay Adoption Ban

The seven-member Nebraska Supreme Court has unanimously affirmed a lower court decision that the state’s 1995 published policy banning adoptions and foster placements into any household with a “homosexual” in residence was unconstitutional. The ruling also nixed an informal policy adopted more recently by the state’s Department of Health and Human Services under which “exceptions” could be made in particular cases. Comment

Animating the Mythology of High School

Cartoonist, writer, and director Dash Shaw’s “My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea” is a complete delight, but it works almost entirely on the level of style. A takeoff on ‘80s teen movies, it dramatizes Dash’s own adolescence in an Comments (2)

“Unique” Family Wins Federal Housing Bias Suit

A federal district judge in Colorado granted summary judgment on April 5 under the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) to a couple – two women, one of them transgender – turned down for renting either of two available rental residences by a landlord who cited their “unique relationship.” Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Don’t Mention Gender or Race

For the next four years our only strategy on the national level can be to persistently say, “No!” And, “No!” And, “No!” No! to every single thing Trump does or that the Republicans propose — from Supreme Court candidates to financial reform and next season’s wars. Odds are we’ll still lose. But as bad as things seem, they’ll be worse if we sit at home with our mouths closed. Comments (1)

A Search for Transcendence Falls Short

James Gray’s films have always pleased a cult following, particularly in France, but they’ve never really connected with a wide audience despite his talent. While he began making gangster films set in Brooklyn’s Jewish community, he became a major Comments (2)
Media Circus

A Fortnight’s Raucous Roundup

It’s been a slow news cycle here at Media Circus, where we count news cycles as the two-week periods between issues of Gay City News, not the usual overly speedy 24-hour time frame favored by the mainstream media. So we’re going to do a roundup of all the snippets that caught our eye lately rather than focus on one or two major news stories. We’re calling the first one. Comment

Girls On Fire

Given its original decade on Broadway and the passion its fans have for “Miss Saigon,” criticism is as pointless as it is effete. Rather, the revival of the 1989 b Comment

Romantic Triangles and Mislaid Letters

In late March, LoftOpera upped its game with a vital, musically ambitious revival of Rossini’s 1816 version of “Otello” presented at the LightSpace Studios in Bushwick. Often with LoftO Comment

The Bronx’s Real King of Comedy

You won’t see a funnier film this year than “Robert Klein Still Can’t Stop His Leg,” the hilarious and heartwarming documentary about the veteran comedian. One of the very few who I can always, always count on to make me laugh, he also proved a dream of an interview, to Comments (6)

Peter Shaffer’s Coming Out Celebration

Playwright Peter Shaffer (“Equus,” “Amadeus”), who died at 90 last June, got a star-studded memorial service at the American Airlines Theatre on April 3 hosted by Alec Baldwin, […] Comment

Raising Funds for Scholars, Point Honors Champions

The Point Foundation, the nation’s largest scholarship group supporting LGBTQ highe Comments (4)


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