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Chelsea Angry Over New Pride Parade Route

Not a single marcher has set foot on any street or avenue to join New York City’s Pride Parade, but at least one Chelsea resident is threatening to sue the group that produces the annual event if it again attempts to stage the start of the parade in that neighborhood. Comments (2)

Scott Long Brutally Beaten In Oakland

Violence is always badly timed, but this was oddly unfortunate, coming during a celebratory weekend. Scott Long had just marked his birthday, and his roommate, Samir Taha, would soon be doing the same. Comments (2)

Tish James Honors Pride

Tish James with RUSA LGBT's Yelena Goltsman, Nina Zaretsky, and Lyosha Gorshkov. | DONNA ACETO Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum (right) with her wife, Randi Weingarten, who heads the America […] Comment

Book Expo America Storms NYC

There’s no book city like New York City as two major publishing industry events — Book Expo America and its sister gathering, BookCon, both at the Javits Convention Center — demonstrated again. Held May 30 to June 3, they represented the largest gathering of book industry experts and Comment
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Masterpiece Cakeshop Ruling Not As Limited As Some Think

The United States Supreme Court offered dangerous encouragement this month to those scheming to undermine marriage equality and otherwise deny civil rights to LGBTQ people. Comment

Pride in the Theater

One of the great things about the current theater market is that if you want to see a show, you probably can. The total sold-out doesn’t exist, if you have the time or, more likely, the money. If you’ Comments (2)

Born Free

The opening scene of “Gabriel and the Mountain,” has two African villagers finding the corpse of Gabriel Buchmann (João Pedro Zappa) on the side of Mount Mulanje in Malawi. This touching character study then flashes back 70 days to recount the experiences Gabriel had, the people who knew him in Africa, and, eventually, his de Comment
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Sessions’ New Asylum Posture & LGBTQ Refugees

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has issued an opinion toughening the standards for granting asylum to persons seeking to live in the US based on the claim they fled their home country because of persecution. Comments (2)
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In Final Budget, City Ups Its Youth Shelter Commitment

Advocates for homeless youth are praising a surprise breakthrough that came as Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council reached final agreement June 11 on an $89.2 billion budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1 — an increase in a new city commitment to fund she Comments (2)

When Empathy Falls Short

The intrepid Playwrights Horizons has ventured into uncharted territory with “Log Cabin,” a visionary, caustic drama that raises prickly issues about gender, race, friendship, and plenty more. Comments (1)

Remember These Three Barihunks

“Remember,” a CD project of Roven Records, had a fun launch party at Carnegie/ Weill Hall on May 22. The stars of the fine CD and the concert are three veritable barihunks launched on fine careers — Tobias Greenhalgh, Steven LaBrie, and Jarrett Ott. LaBrie and Ott are that rare thing: out classical singers who are not count Comment
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Pride Soars in Park Slope

Talk about a proud day for Brooklynites! Comment

Musical Mash-Ups and Magic

In May, MasterVoices presented two performances of “Orphic Moments,” a musical conflation of Gluck’s “Orfeo ed Euridice” with Matthew Aucoin’s cantata “Orphic Moments” at the Rose Theater at Jazz at Lincoln Center. “Orphic Moments” is a 16-minute internal monologue for Orpheus spotlighting th Comment
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Citing Baker’s “Win,” Arizona Court Rejects Stationary Store’s Opt-Out Claim

The precedent established by a Supreme Court decision can often depend on how lower courts interpret it. The quick takeaway from last week’s Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling was that it was a “win” for baker Jack Phillips, since the court reversed the discrimination rulings against him by the Colorado Court of Appeals and that state’s Civil Rights Commission. Comments (2)
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Suzy Solidor’s 1930s Paris Nightclub Brought Back to Life

This Pride Month, transport yourself back in time to 1930s Paris and become a guest at Suzy Solidor’s nightclub, La Vie Parisienne, at Jessica Walker’s play with songs, “All I Want is One Night” at 59E59 Theaters. Read more…

This Lady Sings No Blues

Beginning her Café Carlyle residency this weekend is a favorite among most everybody — whether you’re a dyke and loved her in “Bound,” or gay and dug her jiggy, toxic Margo Channing turn in the immortal “Showgirls.” Comments (1)

New Homeless Youth Beds, But Concerns Too

In a highly choreographed event in City Hall’s Blue Room on May 30, First Lady Chirlane McCray and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson announced a three-year, $9.5 million investment in the de Blasio administration’s ongoing NYC Unity Project focused on the needs of LGBTQ youth. Comment
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Heritage of Pride Takes Heat Over Parade Route Change

The organization that produces New York City’s annual Pride Parade and related events first considered a controversial new route for this year̵ Comments (22)

Nixon Outflanks Guv on Safer Consumption Spaces

While Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio dance around harm reduction measures to reduce the record-high number of overdose deaths, Cynthia Nixon is embracing Safer Consumption Spaces at events in the city and upstate. Comment

Hate Attack Follows Queens Pride

Thousands of spectators flooded the vibrant streets of Jackson Heights Sunday as dancers, musicians, advocates, and elected officials marched down 37th Avenue from 89th Street to 75th Street as part of the 26th annual Queens Pride Parade and Festival celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month. Comment
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In Masterpiece, Baker Wins the Battle but Loses the War

In the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled for a bakery that had refused to sell a wedding cake to a same-sex couple. It did so on grounds that are specific to this particular case and will have little to no applicability to future cases. The opinion is full of reaffirmations of our country’s longstanding rule that states can bar businesses that are open to the public from turning customers away because of who they are. Comment
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Gay US Ambassador to Germany is a Dummkopf

Donald J. Trump’s naming of an openly gay ambassador to Germany might be cause for celebration were it not for the fact that the new ambassador’s first tweet in his new job managed to insult the Germans. As reported by the Washington Post as well as LGBTQ Nation, Richard Grenell, who worked briefly for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign before he was forced to resign after being attacked by anti-gay turds like Tony Perkins and Gary Bauer, made history as the first openly gay ambassador named by a Republican, only to humiliate himself and the nation he represents by issuing a command on Twitter that many Germans found rude. Comments (2)

Two New Job Discrimination Petitions to SCOTUS

At the end of May, the US Supreme Court had received two new petitions asking it to address the question whether the 1964 Civil Rights Act’s Title VII ban on employment discrimination “because of sex” can be interpreted to apply to claims of sexual orientation discr Comment
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In Remembrance, Appreciation & Undiminished Determination

Gay New York has lost two giants. On May 12, longtime lesbian activist Adelaide Connaughton unexpectedly passed away. Adelaide worked to elect many LGBTQ people to office and also worked to elect our straight allies. She was the founding vice president of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club and remained in that post until her death. Comments (1)

Snail Mail’s Growth into a Trio

Snail Mail singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Lindsey Jordan has made a large splash while still a teenager, but she began playing classical guitar at age five while growing up in Baltimore. Essentially working as a one-woman band, she released an EP when she was 16 two years ago. It drew a great deal of attention, and last year she signed with Matador Records, deciding to pursue a career in music rat Comments (1)

Totally New

BY STEVE ERICKSON| When the singer who calls himself serpentwithfeet (his real name is Josiah White) released his 2016 debut EP “Blisters,” it was a genuine UFO. If you need a genre tag, one could call him an R&B singer, although he describes his music as “pagan gospel.” In any case, his vocals push a melodramatic impulse toward near-operatic tendencies, and he frequently sang ove Comment

Alice Austen’s Chronicle of the Larky Life

I first visited Alice Austen House — a 1690 Dutch farmhouse known as Clear Comfort that faces the Narrows between Staten Island and Brooklyn at the entrance to New York Harbor — more than 15 years ago. I have no recollection of the famed photographer’s partner, Gertrude Tate, being mentioned, so I am overjoyed to h Comments (1)

Bad Girls

If you weren’t there, then you probably don’t know. The influence of Donna Summer’s music was both liberating and profound in discos from New York to Los Angeles — and especially places like sleepy Wilmington, Delaware, whe Comment

Death at the Door

Director Ari Aster’s feature debut “Hereditary” is no ordinary horror film. Alas, it’s neither fish nor fowl: stumbling as successful genre fare while masquerading as the family drama it purports to be. Containing two funerals and opening with a title card announcing an elderly woman’s passing, it wears its fa Comment

A Trilogy at 30

The Quad Cinema is offering moviegoers a one-night-only opportunity on June 12 to see the 1988 film adaptation of Harvey Fierstein’s Tony Award-winning 1982 play. And with the recent success of the Off-Broadway production of Fierstein’s ̶ Comment

A Family Fierce, Passionate, and Talented

It was a fierce crowd — both in presentation and emotion — that gathered to celebrate the 30th annual Lambda Literary Awards on the day the Supreme Court handed down a decision supporting a bigoted baker. Comment
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Parade Route Reductions Began With Cost Concerns

While Heritage of Pride (HOP) is saying that community complaints prompted it to alter the route of New York City’s LGBTQ Pride Parade and move the events associated with the parade out of the West Village, the original impetus for shortening all parades in the city came from an NYPD effort to reduce the costs of policing those events. Comments (2)
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Anti-Gay Colorado Baker Prevails in Narrow Ruling

The US Supreme Court ruled on June 4 that overt hostility to religion tainted the decision process at the Colorado Civil Rights Commission when it ruled that baker Jack Phillips and his Masterpiece Cakeshop had unlawfully discriminated against Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins in 2012 by refusing to make them a wedding cake. Comment

Some Mountains Too High to Climb

Charles Wuorinen’s operatic “Brokeback Mountain,” with a libretto by Annie Proulx herself, originally presented in Madrid in 2014, finally made it to New York City Opera — and North America — as part of the company’s welcome June slot dedicated to operas with LBGTQ content. (NYCO also marches in the Pride Parade.) The spiky, 12- Comments (1)


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