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Second Chance For Ex-Partner’s Parenting Claim

In just the latest in a series of cases dating back more than a quarter century grappling with questions about parental standing within unmarried same-sex couples, a New York State appellate court has revived a lawsuit by Kelly Gunn, who is seeking joint custody of a child adopted by her former partner, Circe Hamilton. Comment

Defying Gravity

In 2015 Joshua Harmon charmed audiences with “Significant Other,” a comic appraisal of a covetous gay man being stuck and single while his straight pals couple off and move forward. The Roundabout Theatre production resonated so forcefully that it made the leap to Broadway. Comments (2)
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Quarter Century Later, Conviction in James Hawkins’ Murder

Nearly six years after he was arrested in the case, a Manhattan jury convicted Gordon Francis on a single count of second-degree murder in the 1993 killing of James Hawkins. Comments (1)
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Anthony Kennedy: The LGBTQ Community’s Accidental Gift

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who has served on the Supreme Court longer than any of his colleagues and authored the majority opinion in all four major gay rights victories there, was a third-choice pick by President Ronald Reagan in late 1987. In that sense, he was something of an accidental gift to the LGBTQ community. Comments (1)

Love’s Ingredients

In out gay director Ofir Raul Graizer’s heartfelt drama, “The Cakemaker,” Tomas (Tim Kalkhof) is a German baker whose affair with married Israeli businessman Oren (Roy Miller) ends abruptly when Oren dies offscreen. Grieving, Tomas travels to Jerusalem where he takes a job working in the kosher café owned by Oren’s widow, A Comment

When that Child Truly is a Surprise

"Ideal Home” is a diverting comedy by out gay writer/ director Andrew Fleming. Erasmus (Steve Coogan) is the egocentric host of a cable TV food show produced by his partner Paul (Paul Rudd). The bickering couple must figure out how to be good parents when Erasmus’ grandson Bill (Jack Gore) unexpectedly turns up on their doorstep. Comments (1)

A Life of Genius and Jealousies

Lisa Immordino Vreeland’s “Love, Cecil” is an affectionate documentary portrait about the famous gay British author, designer, painter, and photographer Cecil Beaton (1904-1980). The film is a magnificent showcase for Beaton’s work as well as his thoughts about style and his impressions of people — he candidly refers to Katharine Hepburn as “a dried-up boot.” Through his copious diary ent Comment

Dykes Say Resistance Not Enough

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | As thousands of lesbians and allied women gathered on Saturday afternoon, June 23, there message was clear: resistance is not sufficient to meet the demands of the perilous political climate. According to many of the participants at the 26th annual Dyke March, people should be revolting. Comments (1)

Despite New Route, Parade Topped Nine Hours Again

A controversial Pride Parade route that was intended to reduce the time the annual event takes to complete shaved just 24 minutes off the march compared to last year’s march and it was still longer than the 2016 and 2015 parades. Comments (4)
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SCOTUS Sends Florist Case Back to Washington State Court

On June 25, the Supreme Court finally acted on a petition by an anti-gay litigation group that sought review of a unanimous Washington State Supreme Court decision affirming a lower court ruling that found a florist had Comment

No-Wristbanders Resist Pride Regimentation

The theme of this year’s LGBTQ Pride Parade was “Defiantly Different,” but when activists from Reclaim Pride, a group I’ve participated in, organized Wristband Resisters to challenge the requirement from the parade organizers, Heritage of Pride (HOP), that all marchers register and obtain wristbands from them, the organizers pushed back, sought the aid of the NYPD in keeping bandless people out, a Comments (2)

A Day of Pride, Defiance, and Pageantry on Friday

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | Friday, June 22 saw three major events on the eve of Pride Weekend in Manhattan. In the afternoon, transgender and gender non-conforming New Yorkers and their allies gathered at the Hudson River piers for Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justice. Later, the annual Pride Rally took place at Christopher Park, site of the Stonewall National Monument, and as dusk appeared the Drag March reached Sheridan Square from the East Village. Comment
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Dick Leitsch, Pre-Stonewall Gay Activist, Has Died

Dick Leitsch, who was president of the gay rights Mattachine Society of New York at the time of the Stonewall Rebellion in 1969 and provided an essential on-the-scene report for Mattachine’s newsletter, died on June 22. His death followed a year-long battle with multiple melanoma that was first diagnosed in his eye and spread to his liver and kidneys. Leitsch, a longtime resident of the Upper West Side, was 83 and died in Comment

Javier Muñoz's Proud Night at Gracie Mansion

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | Even with Mayor Bill de Blasio a no-show at his annual Pride Celebration at Gracie Mansion — the crisis precipitated by President Donald Trump at the southern border took him to Texas — the June 21 event remained festive, with First Lady Chirlane McCray stepping up to host. Comment

The Face of Pride is the Future

Ja’asriel Bishop is a 22-year-old who came to New York from Guyana in 2016. Describing himself as “gender non-conforming or fluid,” he explained he saw no future for himself in his homeland. Comments (5)
From the Editor

This Coming Pride Sunday & Fourth of July

On Pride Sunday & Fourth of July, remember. Comments (4)

A Not So Gay Passage to India

India had always been a distant dream of mine, starting decades ago when I met George Michell, an authority on Indian temples who encouraged me to make the trip. I never did. Not only was it far away, but hazardous, with everything from “Delhi belly” to malaria lurking there. Finally, at 70, I decided to do it. My husband Hugh Young admitted that the Taj Mahal was on his own bucket list. George offered to write an itinerary — 12 days in In Comment
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Abel Cedeno Denied Protection Order

Abel Cedeno, the bullied Bronx gay teen charged with manslaughter in last September’s fatal stabbing of classmate Matthew McCree, is back in court on June 25. Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark is vigorously prosecuting him, but she is also responsible for prosecuting Kevon Dennis, McCree’s brother, who with co-defendant Jonathan Espinal is charged with armed robbe Comments (1)

The LGBTQ Community’s Betsy Ross

June is the season of the rainbow, and now there’s a new book helpichildren better understand how this symbol became part of the LGBTQ civil rights movement. “Sewing the Rainbow,” written by Gayle Pitman, PhD, and illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown, honors iconic Rainbow Flag creator Gilbert Baker who died early last year. The book takes readers from Gilbert’s Kansas childhood through his time in the army to his career as an artist and activist in Sa Comment

AIDS’ Political Lessons

It has been 33 years since the initial release of “Buddies,” the first feature film to depict AIDS. On June 22, the Quad Cinema is giving moviegoers a week-long opportunity to see a new 2K restoration of this classic of independent queer cinema. The film was written and directed by Arthur J. Bressan, Jr., who himself died of AIDS in 1987, less than two years after “B Comment

HOP Hosts Its Debut Human Rights Conference

Heritage of Pride, the organization behind New York’s annual LGBTQ Pride Parade, hosted its first ever human rights conference on June 14. According to Eboni Munn, HOP’s communications manager, somew Comment
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Reclaim, Re-Read, Refresh & Regress

From, a handy place for writers to reach readers without having to go through such pesky, interfering people as editors (pace, Mr. Schindler, sir): “ACTIVISTS FROM RECLAIM PRIDE COALITION DELIVER DEMANDS REGARDING THE NYC PRIDE MARCH TO CITY OFFICIALS, HERITAGE OF PRIDE.” Comment

Remembering How Gay Lawyers Became Legal

The panelists in the ornate rotunda of the New York County Supreme Court were out gay and lesbian legal scholars, advocates, and judges at the highest echelons of the courts. But at the June 19 forum sponsored by th Comments (1)

The Green-Eyed Monster is Loose

It’s purely speculative, but it wouldn’t be remotely surprising if the Public Theater’s decision to stage “Othello” on a set of Gothic arches with actors in full Elizabethan drag is intended as a subtle, thumbed-nose response to the reactionary protesters of last season’s modern-dress “Julius Caesar” that provoke Comments (1)

Four Approaches to “Marlina the Murderer”

Reviewing director Mouly Surya’s “Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts,” critic Peter Bradshaw very bluntly summed it up as “Leone meets Tarantino in Indonesia.” Put that simply, it sounds like a screenwriter’s pitch from Robert Altman’s “The Player,” though I can actually imagine the director approaching Comments (1)
Susie Day

The Other Side Of Outrage: Mohammad Hamad And Hope

I wanted to talk to Mohammad Hamad because, in the midst celebrating our Pride, it may be time to look at some of our prejudices. Mohammad, a 30-year-old Palestinian American, has been on the board of directors of Brooklyn Pride for the last three years. He founded Brooklyn Pride’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and teaches sociology at York College in Queens. He’s also part of an anti-“pinkwashing” campaign and works with the Boyc Comments (1)
Guest Perspective

Centering Trans Women in Our Fight for Health Equity

I’ve been medically transitioning over the past two and a half years and have been a patient at four different clinics in New York City that specifically offer transgender health care. Before finding Planned Parenthood of New York City (PPNYC), my experience navigating all of these clinics had been one of antagonism. Comments (1)

Passing It On

A man spends a decade of his life toiling from one dead-end job to another, getting treated like crap by his employers, gradually realizing that this is what being working-class in Brazil (or anywhere) means, and turns his life’s struggles into something that can be transmitted to another person by keeping his diary. But it’s Comment

Protecting Trans People Without Saying So

Talk about hiding the ball! On June 6, a unanimous four-judge panel of the New York Appellate Division’s Second Department, based in Brooklyn, confirmed a State Division of Human Rights (SDHR) order that had adopted a decision by an administrative law judge ruling that a Port Jervis employer violated the law when it discharged a transgender employee. Comment

Garden Party Opens Pride Week

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | If it’s the Monday prior to the last Sunday in June, that means the LGBT Community Center is hosting its annual Garden Party kick-off to Pride Week. Comment

Another DOJ Loss on Transgender Military Ban

US Senior District Judge Marsha J. Pechman in Seattle, on June 15, rejected another attempt by the Trump administration to get her to lift her preliminary injunction against its proposed ban on military service by transgender individuals while officials appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Pechman’s opinion emphatically rejects arguments the Justice Department has made all along. Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

State of the Queer Nation 2018: Choosing Hope

I’ve found them — out and proud young lesbians on Twitter. They’re influenced by queer theory, denounce transphobia, but embrace the word lesbian, too, no matter what their pronouns are. One posts a series of lesbian laments along the lines of, “Over a week into Pride Month and I still don’t have a girlfriend. Why?” Another jokes about going full lesbian in the morning as she walks down the street remembering a kiss. Comments (3)

New Prevention Drive at the Village Apothecary

The Village Apothecary, a proudly independent pharmacy, has been a West Village fixture since opening 35 years ago. Which means it came of age just at the height of the city’s HIV crisis. Comment

City Council Celebrates Pride

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | On June 12, the City Council’s five-member LGBT Caucus held its annual Pride Celebration, this year honoring Enny Pichardo, an Emmy-nominated correspondent and producer at Univision, painter Mickalene Thomas and her partner, art collector and consultant Racquel Chevremont, and Peppermint Moore, a trans activist who was a runner-up on the ninth season of Comment

Longtime Gay Death Row Inmate’s Appeal Denied

The Supreme Court has denied a petition from South Dakota gay death row inmate Charles Russell Rhines, who challenges the fairness of his death sentence in light of evidence that some jurors took anti-gay stereotypes into account while determining his sentence. In line with normal practice, the Supreme Court merely listed the case as “certiorari denied” on June 18 without explanation. Comment

Comptroller Recognizes "Queer Eye," GMHC, Macy's, Adelaide Connaughton

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | At a June 19 Pride celebration at Macy’s in Herald Square, City Comptroller Scott Stringer honored the cast Comment

Beit Simchat Torah Honors Connie Kurtz

Veteran lesbian activist Connie Kurtz, who died May 27 at age 81, got to speak at her own Comments (1)

Defendant Points to Third Man in 1993 Gay Murder

Taking the stand in his own defense, the man who is accused of the brutal 1993 murder of James Hawkins testified that a third man armed with a knife entered Hawkins’ Chelsea home while he and Hawkins were partying there and that Hawkins was alive and uninjured when he fled the apartment. Comment

LGBTQ Democratic Clubs Celebrate Pride

In May and June, the city’s queer Democratic clubs held award galas to honor individuals who have made contributions to the LGBTQ community and to kick off the Pride Season. Comment

A Heritage of Disagreement

Moments before Charlie Cochrane, an NYPD sergeant, spoke at a 1981 City Council hearing in support of legislation that would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, he had to listen to a Comments (2)

Butches and Femmes After Dark in the ‘50s

Merril Mushroom’s “Bar Dykes,” written in the 1980s, concerns a lesbian bar in the 1950s. It has a cast of 11, butches and femmes, who gather each night at the bar, cruising, dancing, and drinking, with the threat of Lily Law always imminent. Comments (2)


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