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A new bill proposed in New Jersey’s state legislature would direct the State Board of Education to implement teachings on the political, economic, and social contributions of the LGBTQ community as well as people with disabilities. Comments (2)

Wrist Slap for Transphobic School Official Draws Fire

A high school in West Virginia is facing pressure to take further action after an assistant principal was suspended for only four days after telling a transgender student “you freak me out” during a disturbing sequence of events in a school bathroom. Comments (1)
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Are We Supposed to Feel Sorry for Kevin Hart?

Unless you’ve been living on Uranus — sadly, I never get tired of Uranus humor — you’ve probably heard more about Kevin Hart over the last two weeks than you heard the rest of your life. That’s because Hart got booted from his role as Oscars host after some of his anti-gay tweets and Instagram posts surfaced. Comments (5)
When out gay State Assemblymember Daniel O’Donnell — who has served a Manhattan district stretching from the Upper West Side to West Harlem since 2003 — opened a campaign office on Broadway this week to support his run for public advocate, he was feeling the love of family. His LGBTQ Manhattan Assembly colleague Deborah Glick was on hand. So too were Cathy Nolan, a Queens assemblymember, and a former member of the Assembly, Keith Wright of Harlem, who now chairs the county Democratic Committee. Lesbian and longtime AIDS activist Ann Northrop also turned out. Comment
When you see barefoot surfers carry their boards through downtown streets, you know you’re in a cool spot. They flock to the ocean waves every morning and evening. Meanwhile, all around them are the gleaming high rises, the international tourists snapping pictures, the open-air restaurants lining the avenues. Welcome to Waikiki, the bustling beachfront neighborhood of Honolulu. Comment

Cher Bests Howard Beale and the Ape


Cher Bests Howard Beale and the Ape

By the time the monkey shows up, the show is pretty much over. That’s because the new musical “King Kong” has very little going for it other than the enormous puppet, which, when at its full height, nearly reaches the top of the proscenium of the Broadway Theatre. It’s an impressive bit of engineering, design, and rigging brought to life by a team of about 10 puppeteers. The animatronic face and the voice are run by a team of technicians at the back of the theater. But, like most attractions from Barnum to Disney, once seen and marveled at, there’s not really much more to it. Feast your eyes, and head to the exits. Comments (1)


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