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Rebirth and Renewal

Kir Jan Waage and Gwendolyn Warnock’s “Baby Universe: A Puppet Odyssey,” is both a sweet story and a cautionary tale. Set in the future, it tells of the efforts to save a dying Earth by creating and raising new universes that humans can then inhabit. However, the Sun, which has now become a Red Giant and is about to consume the current solar system before burning out, is not having it and seeks to stop the one thriving Baby Universe, number 7001, from getting away. Comment

Color Blind

Theater, like so many industries, has its fashions, which generally strut and fret for their hour until they exhaust themselves and the tide turns. One can almost hear producers say, for instance, “Musicals based on Shakespeare sell. Get me one of those.” And so we’ve been through AIDS plays, biblically-inspired musicals, and anything big and British. But for every major hit or artistic accomplishment, there are lesser works that audiences must simply endure. What starts as the breakthrough “Two Gentlemen of Verona” eventually devolves into the tepid “Your Own Thing.” Comment

Holidays — and the Aggies — Again

IN THE NOH: Time again for our annual Aggies, the Agnes Moorehead Awards for the ten best live performances of 2010. Comment

Off Key

Your enjoyment of “Three Pianos,” a frenetic ode to Franz Schubert, will largely hinge on two factors: your affinity for the 19th century Viennese composer, specifically his lugubrious “Winterreise” song cycle, and your tolerance for robust red wine, courtesy of Terra Fossil Wines (it’s imported from Argentina not Austria, but never mind). Comment

There's Something About Minnie

It is hard to fathom today, but there was a time when Puccini operas were new. Two of them had their world premieres at the Metropolitan Opera — “Il Trittico” and 100 years ago (on December 10, 1910), “La Fanciulla del West” (“The Girl of the Golden West”). Comment

No House of Mirth

Like Mike Leigh’s last film, 2008’s “Happy-Go-Lucky,” “Another Year” centers on a charismatic, critically acclaimed female performance. The similarities don’t end there. Comment

Baring Their Souls

What makes Canadian choreographer Aszure Barton’s work so appealing? Comment

Lorna and Adam

Judy Garland’s legacy is, of course, incalculable, and not only are there her films and music that keep her so resonantly alive, there are also her children. Comment


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