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What He Did For Theater

Oh, if only he knew. If only Pintauro knew what depth of neurotic obsession he was revealing in his series of short plays that make up an evening called What I Did For Love. It’s apparent that Pintauro thinks he is exposing a lot of things: the vicissitudes of love, the pain that doesn’t go away with fame and success, the insatiable desire of a lover or an actor for love and adoration, and the creative yearning of “artists” to create something true. Comment

Image, Reality, and Rehearsal

Jean Genet is no stranger to God. Throughout his plays he consistently explores the ways man creates God and worships him to give meaning to his existence. At the same time Genet draws attention to man’s creation of God as an ironic cry against the state of nothingness that he believes is intrinsically feared above everything else. In Elle, a little known play—never before produced in English—Genet takes his construction deconstruction of God to new heights, or at least his earthly representation, the Pope. Comment

Festival High Notes


The Object of Appreciation

By GARY M. KRAMER“I am basically a very shy person, and that is why I write. What I like most about writing is the observations I get to make,” said Stephen McCauley, the boyish author of […] Comments (2)

Musical Mystery

Attention opera lovers and those who are trying to figure out why certain queens go absolutely nuts over their favorite singers, memorizing their best repertoire, performances and recordings: the new CD, Opera Obsession! may answer your questions. The beauty of some of the selections on this generous 19-track, specially priced disc of excerpts from complete live opera recordings is so great that you may finally understand opera’s intense appeal. You may even want to add it to your collection. Comment

Foxy Lady


Deep Impact

When President Clinton was asked whether he had “sex of any kind, in any manner, shape or form” with Monica Lewinsky he answered: “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” Comment

Crystal Meth(o.d.) Acting

By SVEND MEJDAL Comments (1)

Blues Over Troubled Waters

What is most alarming about the new musical Thunder Knocking at the Door, is how soundly and easily many members of the audience seemed to sleep through the performance I attended, particularly the woman next to me who even snored...prodigiously. All of this even though the score for this new musical could only be called “rollicking,” mixing blues and rock and roll, and yet the show is still amazingly soporific. Comments (1)


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