Kelly Jean Cogswell

State of the Queer Nation 2018: Choosing Hope

I’ve found them — out and proud young lesbians on Twitter. They’re influenced by queer theory, denounce transphobia, but embrace the word lesbian, too, no matter what their pronouns are. One posts a series of lesbian laments along the lines of, “Over a week into Pride Month and I still don’t have a girlfriend. Why?” Another jokes about going full lesbian in the morning as she walks down the street remembering a kiss. Comments (3)

Men, Women, Dykes, and the Language of Hate

A couple weeks ago a man jumped in a van, drove down a sidewalk in Toronto, and killed as many women as he could. Pretty soon the news media was full of how this man was one of those men who goes online to rant with other men about how horrible women are and how they should pay with their lives for rejecting men like them. Comments (1)

Baby Dykes in Danger: The School to Prison Pipeline

I’m trying to remember what school was like. Having to beg permission to pee. Grades that seemed almost arbitrary. Hallways where boys regularly grabbed or pinched my ass. I didn’t know if they did that to all the girls, or just me, because I never to Comments (5)

Dykes to the Front: In Brazil, Ukraine, US

Lesbians have always been part of every social change movement, and in 2018 we are finally out of the shadows. For better and for worse. People hate women so much. Add a touch of dykeness and our bodies/ our lives are red flags to the patriarchal bull that likes to leave us gored and bleeding in the sand. Comments (3)

Lezzie at Large: Revolting Lesbian Jo Macellaro

A young Special Ed teacher, Jo Macellaro, knew she had to do something when Donald Trump was elected and her students came to class in tears, afraid Trump would deport or even kill them. So she joined the mostly queer Rise and Resist, kicking off her trouble-making career with a direct action focused on immigration, & Comments (5)

Ten Ways I Resist that Sniveling Bastard Trump & His Evil GOP Minions

try not to think about Trump. He’s there in the White House, of course, but he’s like the golden retriever with its head stuck out the car window grinning and drooling while the humanoids in charge careen down the highway scattering ink-stained bills from their latest heist. Comments (4)

Lezzies at Large: The Innocence Project’s Karen Thompson

Last week I spoke with Karen Thompson about her work as a lawyer and lesbian advocate. (The quotes used in this article have been edited for clarity and length; watch the interview below or at I first met her more than two decades ago when she was a street activist and Lesbian Avenger. It was only several years ago, w Comments (1)

Lezzies at Large: The Innocence Project’s Karen Thompson

Here is the video transcript of my conversation with lesbian lawyer and advocate Karen Thompson from the Innocence Project. Comments (1)


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