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Blind Eyes Toward Enemies Inside & Out

Nothing captures the imagination like two rich homos betraying their own community. Sarah Maslin Nir got the ball rolling in the New York Times: “They are throwing a $5 million fund-raiser for President […] Comments (1)

Rake America Great Again!

This week on Facebook, a friend asked whether there was a way to block any post that referred in any way to the ignoramus who currently occupies the White House. The poor guy just can’t take any more of the incessant insanity. Comment

Caravan Conjuring Amidst the Cacophony

My deadline for this column preceded the election by a day, limiting the number of snarky things I can say about it. But the fact that it isn’t over yet at the time I’m writing this is scarcely enough to stop me from being bilious. Comments (3)

The Terrifying Stupidity of Erasing People

What must it be like to wake up one morning and find that you have been vaporized? It must be odd, to say the least. You’re there; you can’t help but be there. You’re still you, after all. But somehow you’re not there anymore. You’re not anywhere. You no longer exist. Comment

Randy Rainbow Rules


Randy Rainbow Rules

Only Randy Rainbow got me through the soul-crushing absurdity of last week. Mr. Rainbow’s hilarious reimagining of the title song from “Camelot” made more sense than anything Congress did — or did not do — regarding now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a title that makes about as much sense as Justice Clarence Thomas. I encourage you to see it at Comments (5)

This Is Not News

A writer for “Sesame Street” created a buzz last week by voicing what anyone who ever watched the show already knew: Bert and Ernie are a gay couple. I know — stop the presses, right? […] Comment

This Is Not Your Joe Klein’s Anonymous

Like most of you, I’m sure, I greeted the recent unsigned Times op-ed piece by a senior member of the Rump administration with unadulterated glee. It painted a gratifyingly ugly portrait of dysfunction, […] Comment

It’s Just Acting — But Mostly Outraged

“ATLANTA — Saying it would violate his deeply held religious beliefs, area pornographer Chet Kirkendall, a 57-year-old Christian who frequently films explicit amateur videos for his clients, […] Comment
From the Colorado Springs Gazette comes this heartwarming story, and no, I’m not being snarky for a change: “Air Force football player Bradley Kim comes out as gay in a first for military academies.” Penned by Brent Briggeman, the story is fascinating for several reasons, not the least of which is that Colorado Springs, which is where the Air Force Academy is located, is notable as one of the most right-wing places imaginable, and yet the Gazette’s coverage is pretty much celebratory. Comment

Bad News in Indonesia; Potential Good News in India

Here’s a lovely story out of Aceh, Indonesia: “Fifteen people, including five women, were punished with public caning Friday for violating Sharia law in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province. Two men accused of being gay received 87 lashes each for gay sex, while nine others were sentenced up to 26 lashes for adultery. Four people were caned for being drunk, including one woman who received 27 lashes.” Comment

Fewer Problems with Same-Sex Parents; Fewer Worries from Josh Barro

Children are not fussed if their parents are gay, lesbian, or straight according to a new study, and those with same-sex parents are actually more emotionally stable,” write Ben Geldblum and Laura Sharman of The London Economic. “Researchers found a child’s well-being to be linked to how well the family functions rather than parents’ sexuality. Youngsters with same-sex parents reported less family difficulties and proved to be more emotionally stable than those with different-sex parents, according to the study published in The Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Paediatrics.” Comment

Reclaim, Re-Read, Refresh & Regress

From, a handy place for writers to reach readers without having to go through such pesky, interfering people as editors (pace, Mr. Schindler, sir): “ACTIVISTS FROM RECLAIM PRIDE COALITION DELIVER DEMANDS REGARDING THE NYC PRIDE MARCH TO CITY OFFICIALS, HERITAGE OF PRIDE.” Comment

Gay US Ambassador to Germany is a Dummkopf

Donald J. Trump’s naming of an openly gay ambassador to Germany might be cause for celebration were it not for the fact that the new ambassador’s first tweet in his new job managed to insult the Germans. As reported by the Washington Post as well as LGBTQ Nation, Richard Grenell, who worked briefly for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign before he was forced to resign after being attacked by anti-gay turds like Tony Perkins and Gary Bauer, made history as the first openly gay ambassador named by a Republican, only to humiliate himself and the nation he represents by issuing a command on Twitter that many Germans found rude. Comments (2)

Pope Breaks With Other Old Guys

Dateline Rome: “A Chilean survivor of clerical sex abuse has said that Pope Francis told him in a private meeting this month that God had made him gay and that both God and the pontiff loved him that way, a remarkable expression of inclusion for the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. ‘He said to me, “Juan Carlos that’s not a problem,”’ said Juan Carlos Cruz, the Chilean abuse survivor, describing having told the pope he was gay in a long meeting in the Vatican. ‘You have to be happy with who you are. God made you this way and loves you this way, and the pope loves you this way.’” Comments (6)

White Christianist Hatred of Marriage Becoming Iconic

“Opposition to same-sex marriage has decreased across a broad swath of religious groups in the United States, with white evangelical Christians one of the few movements for which a majority remains […] Comments (5)

Barbara Bush, AIDS Activist? Oh, Gimme a Break

“When the administration censored images of the flag-draped coffins of the young men and women being killed in Iraq — purportedly to respect ‘the privacy of the families’ and not to minimize and cover up the true nature and consequences of the war — the family matriarch expressed her support for what was ultimately her son’s decision by saying on ‘Good Morning America’ on March 18, 2003, ‘Why should we hear about body bags and deaths? I mean it’s not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?’ Mrs. Bush is not getting any younger. Comments (3)

Fake Gay News

"Mike Pence Being Accused of Having Sexual Relationship with Gay Pornstar Is Fake News” is the attention-grabbing headline of a piece in an online rag called ̶ Comments (4)

Guess What? Rump Lied Again

Rump’s nonexistent relationship to the truth is no longer news and hasn’t been for a very long time. But I’m still compelled to point out proof of it simply because it’s what journalists do. During his lie-filled campaign for the presidency, Rump stated, among other things, that the LGBTQ community would find him to be our best friend, our buddy, our pal. Since his presidency began, however, he has done nothing but put forth bigoted policies and nominate bigoted people to implement them. Comment

Indonesia Regresses; Country Music Association Reverses

Fear and horror among Indonesia’s LGBT community as gay sex ban looms” is the disturbing headline of a piece by Ben Westcott on Westcott begins his reporting with the story of a young gay man whose life could be drastically upended if the bigots have their way. Comments (2)

Bob Mueller’s Leaks Versus Mike Pence’s

Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for allegedly meddling in the 2016 presidential election,” Stephen Colbert announced the other night, “charging them with conspiracy to defraud the United States. First of all, no one saw this coming. There were no leaks. Mueller’s of Comments (1)

Bigotry and Bullshit

Speaking of bigotry and bullshit — we’re always speaking of bigotry and bullshit here at Media Circus — we can thank Erik Wemple and the Washington Post for catching Fox News in the act. Comments (3)

Rump’s Words, Kadyrov’s Images, Gennarini’s Bile

“Look, having nuclear — my uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump at MIT; good genes, very good genes, OK, very smart, the Wharton School of Finance, […] Comments (1)

That Word — Over and Over and Over Again

I have never seen or heard the word “shithole” more in my life than I have since January 11. Not only was that the day I turned 61, but it was also the day that Rump — in a marvelous […] Comments (1)

Starting the Year Back on Crackpot Alley

We haven’t taken a stroll down Crackpot Alley in quite a while. So let’s go for a walk! Comments (1)


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