Dozens of LGBTQ candidates running for positions ranging from mayor to state legislator to school board member won their races on November 5 during an off-year election night that notably featured victories for six out trans women, including Virginia Delegate Danica Roem. Comment
Out gay Bronx City Councilmember Ritchie Torres remains confident that his bill authorizing the city to certify LGBTQ small business owners will get a hearing by next year, despite concerns raised about possible misinformation regarding the measure and separate questions raised by out gay Speaker Corey Johnson about what authority the city has, under state law, to do anything to help such businesses beyond simply certifying them. Comment
Drawing immediate and widespread condemnation, the Trump administration on November 1 proposed a new rule giving recipients of Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) funding — including adoption and foster care agencies — the ability to discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religion. Comment
Attorneys representing an out gay man on death row in South Dakota are turning to the Supreme Court yet again in a last-ditch effort to block his execution in the midst of recent evidence suggesting he may have been sentenced to death because of his sexual orientation. Comment
After the president of the National Organization for Women told city lawmakers in Washington, DC, that “all chapters” of the group are opposed to the full decriminalization of sex work, the organization’s DC-based chapter — which supports full decriminalization — fired back saying the national group does not speak for them, exposing a major divide over the issue. Comment
From books to booze to pop-up tents to toiletries, tell Amazon what you want and they’ll deliver almost anything — except a straight answer about their outreach to the LGBTQ community through advertising, marketing, and communication. Comment
Justice Marcy Kahn, the first out lesbian appointed to the New York City Criminal Court, in 1987, and later elected to the State Supreme Court, in 1994, has retired from the State Appellate Division’s First Department bench in Manhattan. Comment
Less than half of the estimated 152,000 transgender Americans who are enrolled in Medicaid live in states that provide clear access to comprehensive gender-affirming care, according to a new report published by the Williams Institute at UCLA. Comment
The Ali Forney Center, which provides housing and other services to homeless LGBTQ youth, is working on a new development in East Harlem that will offer shared housing for up to 36 people. Comment
With chants like “Union busting is disgusting” and “Fix Housing Works now,” more than 100 fed up employees of Housing Works packed together on the steps of Brooklyn’s Borough Hall October 29 to speak out about poor working conditions and demand that management respect their efforts to unionize. Comment
Although a vote to expel Bronx City Councilmember Andy King failed, the Council overwhelmingly opted to suspend, fine, and further penalize him following an explosive investigative report concluded he retaliated against his staff, harassed them with homophobic remarks, and blew city cash on personal trips to the Virgin Islands. Comment
A federal trial judge has issued his final ruling in a case challenging protections for transgender people under the Affordable Care Act, finding that a regulation guaranteeing that patients would be free from discrimination based on gender identity — as well as “termination of pregnancy” — was based on an incorrect interpretation of existing federal nondiscrimination law. Comment
In a Supreme Court session with several consequential LGBTQ cases pending, we learned on October 7 of two lawsuits that will not being going in front of the nation’s high court. Comment
Police have arrested one of two men allegedly responsible for the shooting death of a gay man who was hit by a stray bullet in Manhattan in June, but the victim’s surviving spouse is not celebrating. Comment
Sixteen LGBTQ people in Uganda were arrested October 21 on “suspicion of homosexuality” charges and numerous others have been beaten and murdered amid talk that lawmakers there might revive legislative efforts to impose the death penalty on those who engage in same-sex conduct. Comment
Continuing litigation efforts dating back a quarter of a century, a group of “gentlemen’s cabarets” — which the court alternatively describes as “strip clubs” — and adult bookstores located in Manhattan are challenging the constitutionality of Rudy Giuliani’s zoning restrictions as they apply to “adult establishments.” Comment
Sparks flew during a Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City endorsement meeting on October 23, but the night culminated with members expectedly backing out gay City Councilmember Ritchie Torres in next year’s congressional race to replace José Serrano in the Bronx. Comment
The attorneys representing the founder of the #WalkAway movement and two of his colleagues in a discrimination and defamation lawsuit against the LGBT Community Center appear to be advancing a legal theory that refusing to rent space to LGBTQ people because they do not embrace left-leaning political beliefs is the same as refusing to rent to them because they are LGBTQ. Comment
The City Council’s Committee on Standards and Ethics has slapped Bronx Councilmember Andy King with findings that he harassed his aides and retaliated against them, compared LGBTQ Pride celebrations to pedophilia, and inappropriately blurred the lines between work and personal life. Comment
Accepting an award Monday evening from God’s Love Deliver at a gala in Lower Manhattan, Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg, the out gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana, likened his current mission to that of the 34-year-old nonprofit he was addressing. Comment


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