Fresh on a report in The New York Times that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI may be provocatively challenging the moral authority of his successor, Pope Francis — especially on issues of sexuality — comes news that Francis met with a British comedian and made what one advocate for queer Catholics is calling “groundbreaking pro-LGBT statements.” Comment
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of New Mexico and the National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC) are taking legal action against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for continuing to detain a transgender woman from Honduras six months after she successfully won asylum in the United States. Comments (1)
An international lesbian conference in Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev April 12-14 was met with a barrage of religious and far-right protestors who held up homophobic signs, tried blocking the venue’s entrance, and even launched tear gas canisters. Comment
Former Pope Benedict XVI broke his years-long silence on April 10 with a 6,000-word letter in which he blamed child sex abuse in the Catholic Church on the sexual revolution of the 1960s and said “homosexual cliques” were responsible for changing the climate in seminaries, prompting strong criticism from LGBTQ Catholic groups, leaders, and abuse victims. Comment
The office of the New Mexico Medical Examiner (NM OMI) has released a third autopsy on a migrant Honduran transgender woman whose death in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody sparked controversy over allegations of abuse, but the new report is being met with skepticism among advocates who are still demanding more answers. Comment

Saying No to Brunei


Saying No to Brunei

Roughly 250 activists and other LGBTQ community members and allies turned up in Washington Square Park on April 7 to protest the Sultanate of Brunei’s imposition of a stoning death penalty for sodomy between men, along with 40 lashes imposed for lesbian sex and a variety of other draconian sentences announced as part of its Sharia law doctrine. Comments (1)
LGBTQ leaders and human rights lawyers from around the world met privately with the Vatican’s secretary of state on April 5 to present research on criminalization of homosexuality and to push Pope Francis toward opposing anti-gay laws internationally, but the immediate reaction from attendees and queer Catholics is a mixture of encouragement and disappointment. Comment
Kenya’s Court of Appeals in Nairobi on March 22 upheld a High Court ruling declaring that an LGBTQ organization must be recognized, giving the community there a major victory in its quest to gain respect from a government that has held back queer rights based on laws put in place during British colonial rule. Comment
With elections looming, Poland’s ruling nationalist party is campaigning on a platform of homophobia amid an international wave of anti-gay nationalism in Eastern Europe. Comment
President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil stood alongside President Donald Trump in the Rose Garden at the White House on March 19 and said the two nations are aligned in promoting straight relationships and rejecting political correctness. Comments (1)
Ireland’s out gay prime minister didn’t waste any time getting right to the gay stuff when he met Vice President Mike Pence at the Naval Observatory last week. Comment
Far right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, who once described himself as “homophobic — and very proud of it,” tweeted out a sexually explicit video featuring two men who were participating in Carnival festivities. Comment
The United Methodist Church is sending a message loud and clear to LGBTQ folks: You’re not welcome. Comment
A safe home. A prosperous work environment. Acceptance. Comment
The only out gay member of Brazil’s parliament has resigned and fled the country after he was bombarded by threats throughout the last year amid a rocky political climate in the South American nation. Comment

Pakistan’s Trans Community Demands Protections

Pakistan’s transgender community is calling on that nation’s government to implement a sweeping gender identity nondiscrimination bill that passed the National Assembly last May. Comment
The transgender community in India is rejecting a civil rights bill that advocates say does not go far enough in securing their rights and, in some ways, worsens the conditions for them moving forward. Comment
In a video posted recently by the Transgender Law Center (TLC), three trans women seeking asylum in the United States discussed the adversity they have faced in their journeys from their home countries. Comments (1)
A new report from an intergovernmental international group reveals that human rights abuses — particularly against the LGBTQ community, including intersex people — are continuing in Chechnya nearly two years after the sovereign region of Russia became notorious for its horrifying treatment of queer people. Comments (6)
The government of Cuba has scrapped plans to implement same-sex marriage in the nation’s new constitution, but the issue is likely heading for a referendum — and LGBTQ activists are stressing that the issue is not yet settled. Comments (1)
The LGBTQ community in Singapore is aiming to follow in the footsteps of India after that nation struck down a similar ban on gay sex. Comment


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