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Marriage Matters In December

December brought a burst of activity on the marriage equality front, adding some new countries to the list of those that either now or soon will provide full rights to same-sex couples, but also possibly removing one nation from the list. Comments (1)

Intended Parents Win Custody in Surrogacy Dispute

A unanimous three-judge appeals panel in Britain issued a decision on November 17 affirming a ruling by Lucy Theis, a family court judge, that a gay male couple should have residential custody of a child born as a result of an unenforceable gestational surrogacy agreement they had entered into with a married woman who sought to keep the child. Comments (1)
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Catholic Church Anti-LGBTQ Guns Still Firing on All Cylinders

It has been quite a week for anti-LGBTQ assaults from the international Catholic hierarchy. We’ll start the round-up of recent events right here in New York. Comments (4)
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Edie Windsor, Equality’s Champion, Dies at 88

Edie Windsor, a tireless advocate for LGBTQ rights who became a worldwide icon at age 84 when her lawsuit against the US government led the Supreme Court, in 2013, to strike down the key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act, has died at the age of 88. Comments (1)

Some Moderate Their Hate in Response to Trump

No, a lesbian can’t be pope, it’s still tough to be gay and out in the military (and now well-nigh impossible to be transgender), and the GOP-led Congress isn’t passing the federal LGBTQ rights bill. But while Donald Trump’s election and right-wing vict Comments (2)

Rally Calls on UN to Fully Embrace LGBTQ Rights, Challenge Homophobia Worldwide

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | In a rally at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza near the United Nations headquarters on Sunday afternoon, September 10, activists from Rise and Resist were joined by international advocates to draw the General Assembly’s attention to the persecution of LGBTQ people worldwide. Comments (33)
New York City

NGLCC Celebrates 15 Years of Supporting LGBTQ Enterprises

The historically unparalleled accelerated advancement in LGBTQ cultural acceptance and civil equality has been successful and strengthened in large part due to the engagement of the business community, which has often served as an effective advocate for fair treatment and evenhanded opportunity. Comments (1)
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Stepping Up War on Transgender Americans, Trump Opposes Military Service

In a rapid-fire series of three tweets this morning, President Donald Trump announced his intention to bar transgender Americans from serving openly in the military. Comments (3)

Scott Lively Avoids US Jurisdiction in Uganda Hate Campaign

Even while describing pastor and attorney Scott Lively as “an American citizen who has aided and abetted a vicious and frightening campaign of repression against LGBTI persons in Uganda,” US District Judge Michael A. Ponsor, in Springfield, Massachusetts, h Comments (3)

Russian Anti-Gay Laws Slammed by Euro Court

A seven-member chamber of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, in a June 20 ruling, held that local and federal laws in Russia barring actions to “promote homosexuality among minors” or “non-traditional sexual relations” violate the free speech and equality provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights. Comments (10)
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New Yorkers Rally to Gay Chechen Cause

Fifty demonstrators drawn from the ranks of Rise and Resist – a group largely focused on protesting right-wing assaults by the Trump administration on American democratic institutions and ideals – and their allies took to the sunny streets of Greenwich Village and Chelsea on June 11 to call attention to the plight of gay people in Chechnya who are be Comments (9)

Activists Rally Against Indonesian Gay Crackdown

Stepped up official government attacks on gay men in Indonesia — including the arrest and public humiliation of 141 men at a gay spa in Jakarta on May 22 — were met by pickets at that country’s consulates in New York and San Francisco in the past week. Comments (35)
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On Chechnya: Why England (and America) Sleeps

You may be wondering what the problem is with assisting Chechen gay men at risk of being killed. It seems as though saving the lives of people who are in imminent danger of being murdered would be a universal obligation of every civilized country. Comments (12)
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March for Chechnya on June 11 in West Village

Branden Hayward of Rise and Resist is organizing a Solidarity March for Chechnya, a Muslim majority part of Russia, where gay men are being rounded up by government forces and killed. The march on Sunday, June 11 starts at noon on the Christopher Street pier and ends in Union Square. Hayward said the group aims to draw attention to the persecution there and help the Rai Comments (5)

LGBTQ Russians, Allies Liberate Brighton Beach

The first Brighton Beach Pride, led by RUSA LGBT, a group for Russian LGBTQ émigrés, drew 300 marchers to the uncharted territory — for gay demonstrators — of the boardwalk in a Brooklyn enclave of Russians and other Eastern Europeans on Saturday, May 20. The overcast skies greatly diminished the number of regulars on the boardwalk and beach, but the marchers shone with elation at every step. Comments (3)

Marriage Equality Triumphs in Taiwan

In Taiwan this week, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of China voted overwhelmingly that same-sex couples are entitled to marry and that anti-gay discrimination violates the Republic’s Constitution. Comments (1)

With Human Rights in Crisis, Courage Honored

At its annual Celebration of Courage, OutRight Action International, which defends the rights and dignity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer people worldwide, presented its Felipa De Sousa Award to Caleb Orozco, the man who last year successfully challenged the sodomy laws then still in place in Belize. The May 15 ev Comments (1)
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Solidarity with Imprisoned Gay Chechens

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | A crowd of well over 100 demonstrators gathered at Washington Square Park on the evening of May 18 to bring attention to the plight of LGBTQ Chechens, roughly 100 of whom have been reported kidnapped by officials and tortured in secret prisons in the Russian republic. Comments (4)

Putin Agrees with Stoli’s Gay Defenders

Activists who defended Stolichnaya vodka during a 2013 boycott of Russian businesses and products called after that nation enacted its infamous anti-gay propaganda law may be dismayed to learn that Vladimir Putin agrees with them that the Stolichnaya vodka that is sold in the US i Comment

Second Circuit Rejects Gay Brazilian Refugee Bid

Opening up a gulf in reasoning with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which has insisted on a distinction between a government’s official policies and the facts on the ground when evaluating whether gay people would suffer persecution or worse in a particular country, a panel of the New York-based Second Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a ruling by an Immigration Judge and the Board of Immigration Appeals that a gay man from Brazil could not win refugee status in the US, despite the documented high rate of murders of gay men there and his claim the government is unable to do anything about it. Comment
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Schumer Opposes Trump Army Secretary Pick

Characterizing President Donald Trump’s nomination of Tennessee State Senator Mark Green as a test of whether he is “serious about his pledge to be a president for all Americans,” Comment
Kelly Jean Cogswell

Voting for Hope in France

The first round of France’s presidential election is over, and it’s down to the centrist Emmanuel Macron and the candidate of the extreme right, Marine Le Pen. I think Macron will win. God, I hope so. Comment
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Gilbert Baker, Whose Rainbow Flag Sewed LGBTQ World Together, Dies Suddenly at 65

Gay pioneer and artist Gilbert Baker, who died in his sleep at age 65 on March 31 at his home in Manhattan, did not just create the iconic Rainbow Flag but he gave it away freely to the world where it was embrace Comments (16)
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BULLETIN –– Gilbert Baker, Rainbow Flag Creator, Has Died

Gilbert Baker, the gay man who created the Rainbow Flag that became the international symbol of the LGBTQ rights movement, died in his sleep on March 31 in his Hamilton Heights home in Manhattan at the age of 65. Comments (4)

Irish Stand Up to Trump    

While America was reeling from the election results, Aodhán Ó Ríordáin took the floor of the Irish Senate on November 11 and said with passion, “America has just elec Comment

HIV-Positive Gay Mexican's Asylum Bid Revived

Reviving an HIV-positive gay Mexican man’s claim for refugee status to remain in the US, an 11-judge panel of t Comments (1)

This Year International Women's Day Has Flavor of Resistance

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | In Manhattan on Wednesday, March 8, several gatherings of women, with the support of allied men, marked International Women's Day by calling for gender equality and an end to violence against women worldwide. With Donald Trump in the White House, the events also carried a strong message of resistan Comment

CBST Rabbis Arrested in Sit-In Protesting Immigration Ban

Among the most dramatic local demonstrations against President Donald Trump’s immigration and refuge curbs — now stalled by a federal appeals court Comments (9)
New York City

New York Gay, AIDS Pioneer Bernárd Lynch Weds

Billy M. Desmond and Dr. Bernárd J. Lynch were married before more than 180 guests on January 27 at the Armada Hotel, Spanish Point — the first gay male wedding to be registered in County Clare, Ireland. Comments (2)
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Thousands Rally at Stonewall Against Trump Immigration Ban

LGBTQ people have protested and celebrated outside the Stonewall since the Rebellion in 1969. But on Saturday, February 4, in sub-fre Comments (5)

Trump Immigration Order Mobilizes Thousands

President Donald Trump’s draconian – though ineptly crafted and implemented – executive order on immigration and refugee entry into the US created a spontaneous eruption of protests nationwide and brought thousands of New Yorkers into the streets and to the airport nearly every day since January 26. Comments (6)
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Throngs in Manhattan Offer Raspberries to Hometown Prez

In massive numbers, a diverse group of New Yorkers – women, men, children, many in families, of all ages and races – marched through Midtown Manhattan to express their concerns, anxieties, and anger about the tone and polices President Donald Trump brought to the White House with his inauguration on January 2 Comments (2)


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