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The government of Bermuda has appealed to a British territories appellate court in an effort to uphold a ban on same-sex marriage after rulings by two courts struck down the ban as unconstitutional. Comment
Advocacy groups in Kenya are rushing to relocate LGBTQ refugees who are facing brutal retaliation from local communities and authorities after they protested a spike in homophobic attacks at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in the northwestern region of the East African nation. Comment
LGBTQ activists in Taiwan are regrouping just weeks after voters in the November midterm election overwhelmingly passed a referendum defining marriage as a union between one woman and one man. Comment
LGBTQ asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border are enduring sexual abuse, medical neglect, violence, and lack of shelter and legal representation in their quest to flee harsh conditions in their home countries. Comment
A revised version of the trade agreement among the US, Canada, and Mexico contains a new footnote exempting the American side from discrimination protections on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and more after strong pushback from Republican members of Congress. Comment
Mexico natives Daniel Berezowsky and Jaime Chávez Alor walked into New York’s Mexican consulate in May with the goal of obtaining a marriage license, but what followed was a rollercoaster ride of rejections, legalities, and finally, an historic kiss. Comment
Russia’s courts violated freedom of assembly rights of citizens when they rejected applications to hold gay rallies, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled on November 27. Comment
Bermuda’s Court of Appeals ruled in favor of same-sex marriage on November 23, marking the second time the British island territory has achieved full marriage equality. Comment

First Pride Since Gay Decriminalization in India

Thousands of people marched through the streets of Delhi on November 25 in the first Pride Parade there since India decriminalized homosexuality in September. Comment
The Transgender Law Center (TLC) is taking legal action after a transgender woman who died in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was found to have suffered physical abuse during the time leading up to her death in May. Comment
Voters in Taiwan on November 24 approved referenda defining marriage between a man and a woman and curtailing LGBTQ education in schools, marking a political setback for the LGBTQ community there one year after that nation’s constitutional court ruled that same-sex couples had a right to marry. Comment
The scene on the ground floor at the Stonewall Inn on Friday night was like that of any gay bar on a typical weekend, but upstairs a packed crowd of more than 100 people gathered to raise awareness and money ahead of a crucial election in Taiwan on November 24 that could determine whether that nation becomes the first in Asia to win marriage equality. Comment

The Right Answers in Helsinki

On July 15, the eve of the summit meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, the Human Rights Campaign projected giant images on the building’s façade demanding that the two leaders discuss the immediate end of the ongoing anti-LGBTQ crimes against humanity occurring in the Russian republic of Chechnya. The Trump administration has failed to publicly condemn a campaign of systematic torture, abuse, and murder of queer people in Chechnya that has led to as many as 20 murders and at least 100 being rounded up and tortured. Photos are courtesy of the Human Rights Campaign. Comment
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Bad News in Indonesia; Potential Good News in India

Here’s a lovely story out of Aceh, Indonesia: “Fifteen people, including five women, were punished with public caning Friday for violating Sharia law in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province. Two men accused of being gay received 87 lashes each for gay sex, while nine others were sentenced up to 26 lashes for adultery. Four people were caned for being drunk, including one woman who received 27 lashes.” Comment

HOP Hosts Its Debut Human Rights Conference

Heritage of Pride, the organization behind New York’s annual LGBTQ Pride Parade, hosted its first ever human rights conference on June 14. According to Eboni Munn, HOP’s communications manager, somew Comment

Scott Long Brutally Beaten In Oakland

Violence is always badly timed, but this was oddly unfortunate, coming during a celebratory weekend. Scott Long had just marked his birthday, and his roommate, Samir Taha, would soon be doing the same. Comments (2)
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Sessions’ New Asylum Posture & LGBTQ Refugees

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has issued an opinion toughening the standards for granting asylum to persons seeking to live in the US based on the claim they fled their home country because of persecution. Comments (2)

Irish Set to Vote on Abortion

Irish citizens will go to the polls on May 25 for a referendum on whether to “Repeal the 8th” Amendment to their Constitution, which bans abortion. Comments (3)

“Hero” of Irish, Australian Marriage in New York

Irish gay activist Tiernan Brady has the distinction of leading the first two successful national referenda on marriage equality, helming Yes Equality in Ireland in 2015 and the Equality Campaign in Australia last year. He may be needed in Taiwan soon for yet another popular vote on same-sex marriage, but he paused to share his insights at a forum in New York this month at the Irish Consul Comments (5)

The Einstein of Sex at 150

To speak about the modern LGBTQ movement is to use the intellectual and political tool kit created by the groundbreaking gay sexual researcher Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld. Comments (3)

Now, Parade Is For All Who Choose to Be Irish

The New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade has stepped off 257 times, its many marchers including New Yorkers great and small, groups from all over the US and the world, and pipers and drummers beyond counting. Comments (5)

Honoring King While Resisting Trump

Nearly a half-century after the assassination of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and on the holiday memorializing him, hundreds gathered together in the freezing cold of Times Square for a Rally Against Racism, held in response to President Donald Trump Comments (9)

Globally, A Burst of Pro-LGBTQ Rulings

Over just four days — January 8 through 11 — major courts on three continents issued rulings affecting the rights of tens of millions of LGBTQ people. On January 8, the Supreme Court of India ordered reconsideration of the 2014 decision that restored the country’s law against gay sex. The following day, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights advised Costa Rica — and thus another 15 Comments (1)
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On Volatile Day, Immigration Activists Descend on Varick Street ICE Office

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO, REPORTING BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Even as congressional leaders scrambled Thursday to forge an agreement on the fate of roughly 800,000 Dreamers, federal agents in Manhattan from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detained a leading immigration rights advocate, Ravi Ragbir, as he did a routine check-in with government officials. When he Comments (6)


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