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S/M Scene Gone Awry

The arrest also brought to light Van’s past criminal record. He had been an art teacher in Howells, Nebraska, but resigned that job in 1987 after being charged with “debauching” a minor, for which he served a year in jail. Comment

Promising Indicators Highlighted

“We are really at an enormous crisis,” said Ana Oliveira, GMHC’s executive director, who attended the conference in Barcelona earlier this month. “The number of human beings who are living with HIV and AIDS is staggering.” Comment

Equal Protection Victory

In a press release hailing the ruling, the Lesbian and Gay Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union claimed this was the first decision by a state appellate court recognizing the validity of a federal equal protection claim by a lesbian or gay employee of a state institution. Comment
New York State

United Kingdom Transgender Win

In a stunning victory for transsexual legal rights, a “grand chamber” of 18 judges at the European Court of Human Rights ruled on July 11 that the United Kingdom is in violation of two articles of the European Convention on Human Rights in its treatment of transsexuals. The Court ordered Britain to grant new birth certificates to transsexuals showing their “acquired” gender, and to allow them to marry. Comments (1)
New York State

Meat Market Sunset?

By PAUL SCHINDLER Comments (2)

Frank Talk

One of the developments coming out of last week’s International AIDS Conference in Barcelona that has attracted widespread attention, from Rex Wockner writing in this newspaper to reports in The New York Times, was the return of boisterous, late ‘80s style protests to the battle against the epidemic. Comments (13)
New York State

Don’t Blame Canada

By ARTHUR S . LEONARD Comments (1)


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