Alt-Right Site Denies Harassing Gay Catholic

A radical right news site that calls itself the “Christian militia” is pushing back against allegations by a former administrator of a Catholic church in San Diego after he blamed that site and others for harassing him until he was forced to resign, marking the latest twist in the ongoing targeting of the gay community’s presence in the Church. Comments (1)

Menchaca Cans Three Staffers Right Before Christmas

Brooklyn City Councilmember Carlos Menchaca fired three staffers just days before Christmas, according to the New York Daily News. Comment

Conversion Therapy App Fuels Outrage

An app promoting so-called “conversion therapy” has been booted from Apple — and later from Amazon — amid public outcry, but Google is under fire for continuing to host the app. Comment
A Republican senator is crusading against the re-confirmation of a lesbian commissioner on the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) in a move that could temporarily force the federal agency to shelve civil rights cases in the next year. Comment


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