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The Other Side Of Outrage: Mohammad Hamad And Hope

I wanted to talk to Mohammad Hamad because, in the midst celebrating our Pride, it may be time to look at some of our prejudices. Mohammad, a 30-year-old Palestinian American, has been on the board of directors of Brooklyn Pride for the last three years. He founded Brooklyn Pride’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and teaches sociology at York College in Queens. He’s also part of an anti-“pinkwashing” campaign and works with the Boyc Comments (1)

Trump, Lynch, And Who We Call Animals: A Safety Alert

Did you hear Trump call undocumented immigrants animals? It’s stirring up — rightly — a lot of concern. Among humans, “animal” is the essential, go-to word to deprive people of their humanity. It’s the permission some people give themselves to ridicule, enslave, and commit genocide against other people. “Animal” is a term we read as a danger Comments (2)
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Herman Bell and the Future of NYS Parole

Only a couple of years ago, the New York State Parole Board was a draconian gimmick to keep people in prison — regardless of how they had grown and changed over their years inside — until they died of systemic abuse or neglect or, if they lived long enough, old age. This was especially true for people convicted of killing police officers: “offenders” who could expect never to leave prison alive, because of the unchanging Comments (3)

Herman Bell Gains Parole, as Cuomo, de Blasio Lose Ethics

Dear Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo, Comments (1)

Disrupt J20 and the Real Cost of Violence

Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on January 20 in Washington, DC, last year is something that most of us who read Gay City News try to forget. The arrest of more than 230 protesters at “Disrupt J20” that same day in DC, and the charging of 194 of them with felony rioting — allegedly for their part in setting fires, hurling rocks, and creating $100,000 in property damage — is something we need to remember. Comments (6)

Kettling Free Speech, Or Unicorn Riot Routs the New York Times

Does anybody have enough strength left to pop a cork in celebration that we’ve made it through Trump’s first year in office? I don’t. Comments (7)


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